Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog for 2010!

2010 is a very fruitful year to me! This is the year wherein more blessings poured, more opportunities came, and mark a great growth in my career. What more, this is also the year wherein this blog site was born!

To be exact, it was May 2010 when I decided to create a blog site that would features billboards and magazine covers. Yeah, since I really love arts, fashions, and photography, I then decided to come up with a blog site like this. And I a so glad that it eventually becomes successful and popular as months passed by!

Until one day, I found a writing project! This is THE TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOG! Since I know that my blog site is very much qualified to the writing project, I decided to join! Therefore I have now this special writing for the said contest! Actually the mechanics is so simple. Every blogger will nominate blogs of their choice by describing those blogs why they include them in their list!

So, are you ready to know my nominees?! Well, here they are:

  1. BOARDS AND MAGS - Of course, the no. 1 on my list is my own blog. Why? It's because if you want to influence people, be the first to influence yourself. If your not comfortable with you own work, them how can you be comfortable to influence others and nominate other's works?! It's just like saying, "how can you give something if you don't have that something?"! And I know in my heart that with this simple yet artistic billboards and magazine covers blog, I made the people happy and fulfilled!
  2. THE FASHIONISTA - Like I've said, I love fashion! I love models and modelling! I was so proud to know that thee is a blog site that shares different fashion statements, styles, and other beautification tips! I was so thankful for this site that it enlightens the minds of the viewers about the beauty of fashion! With that, I would like to nominate this beautiful site and put it in my No. 2 spot!
  3. TV SERIES CRAZE - Life is like a teleserye or a TV series. Everyday, every new things happen, every chapter opens! And our life has so many plot. We are connected to the different people just like a teleserye. And we are the true 'bida' of our real life! Of course, we also have a leading men or a leading ladies and a wicked 'kontrabidas'! I see my life as a full-length TV series so I am so thankful that there is a special blog site that features different telenovelas. Therefore, this site captured my third choice!
  4. FAT GIRL NO MORE - Besides blogging and surfing the internet, did you know that one of my hobbies is workout and body building?! Yup, I want to be healthy, fit, and of course sexy and yummy! That's why I am so happy that there is also a blogger that is also a health conscious like me! I love how this former fat girl fights obesity through healthy living. Her advice very much benefited the reader! She's definitely IN in my list!
  5. I LOVE CEBU - Cebu is one f the beautiful place in the Philippines! It is enrich with natural resources and Filipino culture. It is also one of the top tourist spot. What more, Cebu is the center of the Philippine History way back the Spanish Period. I am so glad to see tat a dedicated Filipino create a blog site for Cebu! I was impress with her site therefore I include it here in my list. So beautiful how she love the Queen City in the Visayas region of the Philippines!
  6. NO BENTA - I got surprised to know that there is a dedicated blogger who create a blog featuring the 90's era! So impressive! Yeah, I was a 90's baby. My childhood, my elementary and high school years all bloomed in 90's. His blog site keeps me reminding of my 90's memories! Seems that all my special 90's moments flash back when I see his site! So cool, so catchy, so interesting...! So, I include it here in my list!
  7. ROCKZ CAFE - Tell me who among you doesn't have Facebook?! Or who among you didn't get addicted with Cafe World?! Like the many of us, I am also a Facebook and Cafe World addict! I'm glad and surprised that there is also a blogger that is more addict than me in terms of playing Cafe World! Wow, he even documented and updates us with his recent level and standings in Cafe World! He also showed us how his design looks like! I was hooked and captivated with his cafe world designs so I include his cafe world in my list so that all the facebook addicts like me will be happy! Oh yeah!
  8. MAKE MONEY ONLINE - Who among you wants to earn while enjoying the benefits of internet browsing, hopping, surfing, and blogging?! Well, just like you, I also want to earn while I'm in front of my PC online! This is the idea of my third to the last choice! She is avidly giving tips to every internet addict on how to earn money online! Since nowadays internet is so in-demand and almost all the things you want is all here, why not make money out of it?! She's so practical and her practically that was put in writing online makes her part of my list!
  9. JAY.ELX - We already have a TV, print media, music, and internet! What more is missing in our ordinary modern life today?! Well, it's movie! This is an official movie blog site that always updates the readers about the latest blockbuster hits! It also gives us a quick preview on what we should watch or what should not! Well, no more needs to support piracy and "DVD...DVD...DVD..." of your favorite movies 'coz this blog site for movies is already here! It serves as my online movie guide so definitely this is my second to the last choice!
  10. WHEN IN MANILA -I was born and grow in Metro Manila! I really love the place where I was born and currently living. Yeah, I was a certified Metropolitan boy! But being a Metro Man, do we already know all about the beauty of the place we're living?! Well, being a lover of my birthplace, this site completes my list! It’s a fun and informative video blog that highlights variety of things you can do in the metro.. or rather in the Philippines! Ranging from food, to sports, to concerts and’s the perfect site to visit if you’re looking for something to do on the weekend, whether it be to party or just relax! It's a total lifestyle blog!

These are my choices! For me these are the newly born blog sites that start influencing readers, internet lovers, researchers, bloggers, and any other types of people in the world! Keep on blogging my dearest friends and co-bloggers! Let the new and fresh ideas start in our very own minds!


  1. thanks for including my site. i wish i could add you too but my list is already complete.

    i just included you in my blog rolls:
    B'log ang Mundo

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for nominating The Fashionista :)

    I nominated you at

    Good luck and more power!

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  4. May I suggest my blog, :-)
    It is chronicles my battle against obesity and my journey to a healthier, better me :-)

    I hope you think it's worthy of being nominated :-)

  5. Hey there.. Hope you can check out my blog and see if it deserves a spot on your list.. Thanks :)

  6. hahha..posted it too here's my url

  7. I checked out nearly all the blogs on your list, some were very slow to load.

  8. just promoting my blog.


  9. @ Ria, Jay, and Eihdra: I already nominate your site! C",)

    Are you guys willing for a link exchange?! =)

  10. Hi,

    Pls do consider (food blog) in your list if it meets your standards. :)


  11. Hey Thanks for the nomination..Your comment was on my spam box so I saw it late.. Sad that I didn't see your site sooner coz I already finished the top 10 when I posted it..Anyway, if you still want to xlinks, I'm ok with that.. Thanks again :)

  12. Hi!

    I'm dropping by to promote my entertainment blog ATBP! at This is for Emerging Influential Blogs 2010. Hope you can join the campaign. Check this out for more information >


  13. Hi!

    I'm dropping by to promote my entertainment blog ATBP! at This is for Emerging Influential Blogs 2010. Hope you can join the campaign. Check this out for more information >


  14. Here's my list. You might want to have a look see and consider to your list. :) God bless!

  15. hey there! I received your comment and will consider adding your blog to my top 10 :)
    Maybe you can add to your list! It's an event/travel video blog! Really good stuff! thanks!

  16. Hey there... here's something about WhenInManila... "It’s a fun and informative video blog that highlights a variety of things you can do in the metro.. or rather in the Philippines! Ranging from food, to sports, to concerts and events! It’s the perfect site to visit if you’re looking for something to do on the weekend, whether it be to party or just relax!" Hope this helps. THanks!

  17. Hi Little Running Teacher,

    Your blog finally completed my Top 10 list! C",)



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