Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Star Magic Stars Then and Now!

"Before They Were Stars"! This is the current theme of this month's edition of the No. 1 widest selling ABS-CBN entertainment magazine which features their different teleserye stars.

Yup, this edition is extra ordinary. It's because they showcased the faces of the different Star Magic talents from their previous looks up to present. As you can see, the gray or the black and white pictures correspond to the young photos of the stars!

Look at them, who could imagine that Piolo Pascual is very thin during his teenage years! John Lloyd Cruz shows a great resemblance to me when I was a teener with his young photo. Sam Milby is still cute even though he was a little boy before! Of course, the 'Golden Boy' Gerald Anderson is still handsome during his younger years. For Diether Ocampo, nothing more difference with his before and after looks! Maybe his muscles and body grow!

And talking about the leading ladies, Bea Alonzo is very cute in her childhood. Same with Shaina Magdayao with a cute little cheeks when young! There is a great change for the 'Bidang Kontrabida' Angelica Panganiban. She was too young at the picture, but now a really grown lady! Same with Kim Chiu, a cute little girl with braced before but now another gorgeous lady! And of course Kristine Hermosa then and now is really beautiful!

Want to see more stars in their childhood days?! Well, we can with this new StarStudio edition. We will be surprised with the other more looks of our favorite TV series stars! C",)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Bench Uncut Teaser

Here is a teaser of the incoming Bench Fashion show called "UncutL A Bold Look At the Future"!

In this teaser, you will see the brightest and the sexiest stars that posed for Bench. Their photoshots, their preparations, their gestures, and of course heir sexy hot bodies will be seen here!

Temperature really rise as you see this video! It really a tempting teaser that allows us to join and see the sexy hot bodies of these stars. Both the Kapamilya and the Kapuso artists were here! It's a combination of the actors, models, fashion icons, and cover guys and girls!

Excited to see them?! Feeling so hot now?! Well here is your chance to take a look at the teaser of this bolder fashion show that will happen in Araneta Coliseum next month! Hold your breath and see how sexy it is! Hot, hot, hot!!! Like it much...!!! C",)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Plain and Simple Sam Milby in Folded and Hung

The Acoustic Heartthrob and the Prince of Romance Mr. Sam Milby is very wholesome on this Folded and Hung billboard. But although he is wrapped with shirt and jeans, still he is very attractive to the human eye!

Plain and simple...these were the two words that describe Sam Milby in this billboard. But still, he is sooo hot!!! =)

Wearing a white shirt with a red print then a skinny jeans, tell me who ca resist him temptation? And it seems that he just woke up from bed! Haha...! But still he is a great looking guy!

I even remember one of the comments posted in Facebook about Sam. It says, "kung ganito lang ang taong grasa na makikita ko, walang sawa ko itong aampunin!" Haha! Cool!

Indeed, Sam Milby is one of the hottest endorser today! With or without clothes, Sam is truly a one hot guy to dream for! Idol! C",)

'Gimik 2010' Guy Franco Daza for Bench!

Though summer was over, still we feel lost in summer seeing this Bench billboard featuring the "Gimik 2010" guy Franco Daza!

Franco Daza completes the love triangle of Lance Christopher and Jessy Mendiola in the hit youth-oriented show today "Gimik 2010" which is an installation of Your Song Presents in ABS-CBN every Sunday afternoon! Actually Franco is an endorser of Bench before he appear in this youth-oriented show.

Too yummy and too hot! These maybe the first impressions you may say seeing this young hunk. He is one of the promising new teen star today! He got a great built, a perfect hot body, and an abs and muscle to die for! Really hot and sexy! Everyone loves this young stud!

Well, these maybe some of the reasons why teenagers really love to watch "Gimik 2010"! Besides feeling 'kilig' with the Jessy-Lance-Franco love triangle, they also want to take a glance with Franco's sexy body! Truly, temperature will rise because of this new young stud! C",)

So Hot Kellan Lutz for Calvin Klein!

Feeling so hot with this underwear billboard of the international model Kellan Lutz!

Yup, Kellan Lutz is one of the hot endorser of the famous undergarment brand called Calvin Klein. As you can see in his billboard, everybody will really turns upside down whenever they pass by with this so hot billboard!

His body is really tempting! Everyone will really feel horny with his! Is he endorsing the brief or his body?!

With this image Kellan shows a complete package! He has a six-pack abs, a chest to sexy, a broader shoulder, and a muscle that attracts everybody! What more, he got a large 'thing' inside the white brief he is endorsing! He's one yummy international model to ask for!

With his quality that is too steamy and yummy, Kellan Lutz is perfect for this brand! For sure many were not after with the garment, but with the model who endorses it! Hmmm... can we request to remove the red "X" mark to completely see his ultra hot, hot, hot sexiness?! C",)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kim Chiu is Yes Magazine's Most Beautiful Star!

This is the latest edition of the Yes Magazine wherein the teleserye Primetime Princess Ms. Kim Chiu is in the cover!

Yup, Kim is in the cover of the 100 Most Beautiful Stars edition of this magazine for 2010 since she is No. 1 in the list.

Well for this year, Kim Chiu is really blessed. She got another successful TV series which is "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" right after the phenomenal hit "Tayong Dalawa"! Then in the start of the year, she had a blockbuster movie again with her leading man Gerald Anderson in "Paano Na Kaya". These lead them to be hailed as the Prince and Princess of Philippine Movie and TV in the recently concluded Guillermo Mendoza Award. What more, she already dominated the commercial and endorsement world! And for magazines and billboards, Kim is always there!

And now in this Yes Magazine's list, Kim is a topnotcher! Are you convince?!

According to the editors of this magazine, the battle between Kim Chiu and Sarah Geronimo is so tight! But in the end, Kim got the victory placing Sarah Geronimo on the second spot.

Following Kim and Sarah on the list were John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin. Well seems that these brightest stars lead the Yes Magazine's list! It's good to see!

Now if you were to ask, are you satisfied with this year's Yes Magazine's result?! Definitely it's a Yes, Yes, Yes...!!! =)
Nice Kimmy! C",)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zac Efron Leads the Most Amazing Bodies!

Sooo hot...sooo yummy Zac Efron!

Yeah this 22-year-old Zac Efron was chosen by People magazine to top its 50 Hottest Bodies list for 2010.

Zac Efron is an American Heartthrob who is in the cover of People Magazine’s “50 Most Amazing Bodies” issue.

He's really tempting and irresistible! The temperature will surely rise become f this ultra-hot hunk! Woooh...

With a perfect body like gods, Zac really deserves to be in the No. 1 list. No doubt why he was chosen to be the sexiest! I like his body. It's a perfect work of natural art!

Besides Zac, the other stars in the Top 50 are Megan Fox (Transformers), Kendra Wilkinson, Kellan Lutz (Twilight), Kim Kardashian, Ryan Phillippe, Carrie Underwood (American Idol), Mike Sorrentino, Cameron Diaz (Knight and Day), Jennifer Love Hewitt, Common, Katy Perry, and Jake Gyllenhaal (The Prince of Persia).

Definitely, this issue of People Magazine will be a best selling this month because of this magnet-like body of Zac! Truly tempting!!! C",)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kim and Melai on the PBB Magazine!

It a special PBB Big Winner edition on the cover of a magazine!

Yup, two big winners joined together via a special edition mag. It's the PBB Double-Up Big Winner Melissa Cantiveros and first season PBB Teen Edition Big Winner Kim Chiu were on the limited edition cover of the Pinoy Big Brother Magazine.

Actually after grabbing success, these two ladies shine the brightest. Kim Chiu is the hottest teen star today. Movies, TV series, and endorsements were already dominated by this young lady. She can even dance and sing as well!

On the other hand, they say that this new comedy lady will follow the footstep of Pokwang! Yup, they were definitely right! Melissa or Melai Cantiveros is really a promising comedy queen. She already filled our world with fun and laughter!

And of course, these two were part of the successful love teams. Kim Chiu together with her leading man Gerald Anderson forms the Kimerald while Melai together with Jason Francisco makes Melason!

And beside Kim and Melai, their sweethearts Gerald and Jason also have a special feature in this PBB edition. Another heartthrob Paul Jake Castillo also has a special feature regarding his single life.

So it's a one pink beautiful edition of PBB magazine with Melai and Kim on the cover! C",)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Steamy Hot Papa Piolo for Belo!

Who wasn't able to see this tempting billboard of the ultimate hunk heartthrob Mr. Piolo Pascual? This is the previous billboard of Papa P. posted in EDSA Guadalupe. Yup, PJ is endorsing for Vicky Belo's Clinic. Not just a face or a surgery, Piolo Pascual endorses here Belo's Body! A sexy hot, hot, hot body to die for! And of course oh soooh yummy...!

Actually this Piolo's billboard was previously seen in the highway of EDSA. If I'm not mistaken, it was last year!

But though it was launched last year, this billboard was really unforgettable! It's really remarkable! The image seems printed in the hearts and minds of all the people who saw it!

Hoooh...Piolo Pascual is really a steamy hot guy! No one can resist his temptation! All is loving his body. It's a natural work of art! It was perfectly curved. You will always feel the lust and temptation seeing this big billboard of Papa Piolo Pascual! Irresistable...! Uhhh yeah...!!! C",)

Ageless and Hot Gabby Concepcion in I/M

Seems that he is one of the hottest hunk actor today! Though 2 or 3 generations have already passed, this hot papa of KC Concepcion still seems ageless!

Yup, this is one of Gabby Concepcion's billboard for the I/M Men's Clothes. As you can see, he is really one hot papa! Temperature really rises seeing this board of Mr. Gabby Concepcion!

Until now he is so youthful! His face and body is really captivating! As they always say, Gabby Concepcion is really so yummy then and now...! Sexy, hunk...Gabby can still be pitted against any other younger men! With he's with KC, they didn't look like a father and a daughter. If not mistakenly thought as a sibling, they were misinterpreted as a lover! Haha...

Keep this up Papa Gabby! You are really hot! And no one can even deny that! C",)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Enchong Dee in Sexy Black for the New Bench Uncut!

Replacing the naked abs billboard of the Asian Pop Superstar Mr. Christian Bautista for Bench Black Wash jeans along EDSA Guadalupe, Enchong Dee's new billboard is now posted in this highway. This time it is now called as "Uncut: A Bold Look at the Future".

"Uncut: A Bold Look at the Future" is the current or this year's theme of the upcoming Bench Denim Fashion Show. It is set to be happened on the first week of July. Many Kapamilya teleserye stars including the PBB Double-Up Big Five Housemates, Kim Chiu, Diether Ocampo, Shaina Magdayao, Zanjoe Marudo, Jake Cuenca, and many more have a billboard endorsing this latest Bench theme. And Enchong Dee is one of them!

Unlike the other stars who go naked and topless, Enchong in his billboard wears a black sando and black pants. In black, he really looks sexy and attractive! Yup, he didn't need to be burlesk just to make himself sexy and catchy to the public!

Aside from this billboard, he is also part of the upcoming Bench Denim Fashion Show. Yeah, this is a very good preparation for his upcoming TV series called "Magkaribal", the first-ever 'fashion-serye' on TV wherein he is one of the ramp model! Great one Enchong! Enchong Dee is now conquering the fashion world! C",)

Gabby and KC, First Reunited in StarStudio!

For the very-first time, the real-life father and daughter Gabby Concepcion and KC Concepcion were together in the special June edition of the famous StarStudio magazine. It is also in accordance to the Father's Day celebration which will be on the third Sunday of June!

Many readers as well as the bookstore salesladies really appreciate the first-ever tandem of Gabby and KC for the said magazine. According to them, there were no difference between the two. "Para lang silang magkapatid...", uttered by many! They two were really look good together!

This magazine is just a prelude to the tandem of this father and daughter. After the magazine, get ready to see them together in a big movie project. Together with Mr. Jericho Rosales, Gabby and KC Concepcion's first-ever movie together is Star Cinema's "I'll Be There". Under the direction of Maryo J. Delos Reyes, this is a Father's Day offering of Star Cinema. This is a much awaited movie event of the year wherein the hottest controversial father and daughter will be reunited after a couple of years!

Now the question which always plays on our mind, when will the three (Gabby, KC, and Sharon) do a movie or a TV series project? Or probably a magazine cover just like this which features a one-happy family?!

Well, if the reunion of the father and daughter become possible, maybe some other time we could see the father, the daughter, and the mother reunite in one big project! It will be a great hit if prosper! C",)

Sexier in Black Jake Cuenca in June Edition of Men's Health Cover

The hottest commercial model actor today Mr. Jake Cuenca is widely seen in the different billboards nowadays. After having different sexy controversial Bench billboards in EDSA wearing only brief and topless, Jake now conquer the magazine world.

In the latest June 2010 Edition of Men's Health Magazine, Jake Cuenca is the flavor of the month! After the Golden Boy Gerald Anderson who graced this month's anniversary issue, his twin brother in "Tayong Dalawa" Jake Cuenca go sexier wearing a black sando for next month's edition cover.

Truly, this hunk actor Jake Cuenca is really blessed! After being one of the hottest billboard and magazine cover boy, his showbiz career on the other hand blossoms! In the TV series world, after the hit "Tayong Dalawa", Jake is also one of the sexy main star in "Rubi". Then later, we will all see him having an amulet power in the next installation of "Agimat Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla" as "Elias Paniki"! Then he is also part of the upcoming TV remake of "Green Rose"!

When it pours! Keep it up Jake! C",)

Gerald Anderson as the Cover Boy of the Men's Health Magazine!

After Angel Locsin, Andi Eigenmann, and KC Concepcion, another Kapamilya teleserye star graced the cover of another magazine! This time it's now the turn for the boys! Yup, after the three gorgeous ladies, here comes a hot hunk!

Termed as the ABS-CBN's "Golden Boy", Gerald Anderson is the cover of the Men's Health Magazine. The 5TH Anniversary issue of this male magazine coming this May 2010 features "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" and "Isla" main star Gerald.

For four years now since he started as a plain housemate in the first season of PBB's Teen Edition, we all witnessed a big transformation of Gerald. From being a regular teen heartthrob, he now grew into a hot gorgeous hunk who is really a bankable actor and leading man in either TV or movie!

Infact, Gerald also dominate not only the TV or movie but commercials and endorsements as well! Of course even the print media was already conquered by this steamy hunk. Remember, Gerald was already in the cover of the different magazines like "Starstudio", "Metro Magazine", and "Cosmopolitan" for their male hunk issue every September. And glad to know that all these magazines were sold out when Gerald was in the cover! Great one! =)

We may also observe the change in color of the magazine name. From red before, now it turns to blue! Maybe this is part of their 5TH Anniversary, just for a change! And Gerald is also a good example of this beautiful transformation!

So for all the Kapamilya teleserye stars like Angel, Andi, KC, and Gerald as well as the other ABS-CBN stars not mentioned here, good job in dominating the TV, movie, radio, commercials, endorsements, and print media industry! Keep this up...! Congratz! C",)

Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin are The 2010 Sexiest Celebs!

Not only leading the Primetime TV Series, ultimate heartthrob, Piolo Pascual and action-fantasy heroine, Ms. Angel Locsin hail as the Sexiest Celebritiest of 2010 in the recent April Summer Edition of StarStudio Magazine!

After doing their hit TV series "Lobo" and a blockbuster movie "Love Me Again", Piolo and Angel were again teamed as the sexiest stars of today in this Magazine! For male celebrity, Piolo Pascual is the hunkiest and yummiest while for female star, Angel Locsin is the hottest!

In a separate article, Piolo and Angel shared how they got their perfectly fit bodies!

Both of them were also the endorsers of the popular clothing outfits who posed for their sexy Summer campaign. Piolo Pascual is for Bench while Angel Locsin is for Folded and Hung!

We may see the sexy billboard of Ms. Angel Locsin in EDSA posing for Folded and Hung. Sam Milby on the other hand is her male counterpart for this clothing brand!

Other sexy Kapamilya stars were also in the Magazine who shared how they got sexy and fit! It's truly a hot, hot, hot edition of StarStudio this April! I already bought a copy of it...! Nice one Piolo and Angel! c",)

Angel Locsin Poses for FHM for the Fourth Time!

I know all of you really await for her comeback! So, be glad that our wish were granted!

The hottest young superstar Ms. Angel Locsin returns to FHM Philippines being the cover for this coming May 2010 issue. Yeah, it's her fourth time now to become cover of this popular male magazine.

We may recall that Angel Locsin became the hottest cover girl of FHM in October 2003, then in March 2005, and in October 2005. She was even crowned as the FHM Sexiest Woman in the Philippines for 2005 and was among the FHM 25 Sexiest Women of the Decade! Awesome!

Now for the fourth time, she graced once again all the avid readers as she posed for FHM.

It's gonna be a triple hot event this coming month of May. First is the continuous effect of El Nino, second is the Presidential election, and third is the release of this FHM issue with Angel Locsin as the cover! Great!

And also, can Angel reclaim the title of being the Sexiest Pinay for this year?! Well, we'll gonna wait for that! c",)

Angel Locsin on Sense and Style Magazine Cover - Heaven Sent More Blessings to Angel!

Still beautiful in red...! After StarStudio, Woman Today, and FHM (did I forgot to mention other magazines?), the young superstar and the star of "Imortal", Angel Locsin further graced her fans and readers being the cover of the May edition of Sense and Style Magazine.

With the banner story of "Forces of Nature: Angel Locsin, Heaven-Sent!", Ms. Angel Locsin really looks like an Angel sent by heaven with her beauty, elegance, and sex-appeal!

It seems like Angel Locsin is really blessed this time! She is the cover girl of many prestige and elegant magazines for April and May. She also has a much-awaited TV series called "Imortal" which will launch their first ever Angel-Lloydie tandem! And she has an upcoming movie with Aga Muchlach! Wow! Heaven really sent more and more blessings to Angel! Nice one! =)

We may also note that for May 2010, Angel Locsin will be seen in two magazines. One is in her comeback in FHM while the other is in this Sense and Style Magazine! Awesome!

These things only proves that Ms. Angel Locsin is the hottest young superstar now a days! She's the brightest Angel in her generation! Keep this up! More new magazines to come...!!! C",)

"Touched by an Angel" Theme of Woman Today Magazine Features Angel Locsin as the Cover

"All red and beautiful..."! This is how we can describe Ms. Angel Locsin being the cover girl of the Woman Today Magazine for this month! Wearing a red dress, Angel really shows her beauty within!

Just recently, I have posted that Ms. Angel Locsin is the cover girl of FHM magazine for the month of May. But before the release of this, let us check our magazine stand to see what other more magazines featured Angel as their cover girl!

And this is what I've seen. Angel was also the cover of this Woman Today Magazine for their summer issue. They theme the cover as "Touched by an Angel"!

Glad to know that this "Imortal" star was really in-demand nowadays as the cover girl of the different magazines. We can also note that Angel was also the cover girl together with the hunk ultimate heartthrob Piolo Pascual in the sexy summer issue of StarStudio Magazine. They two topped the list of the hottest sexy celebrities!

Oops...if you think this is the last, wait for my next post! Another magazine which will be released this coming month of May also features this young superstar! But for now, take a glance to this Woman Today Magazine!

Nice one Angel! Keep this coming...!!! C",)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hunkier Jake Cuenca in Bench OJ Blackwash

Everybody really got hooked seeing this new Jake Cuenca's billboard in the road of Balintawak! Half-lying on the floor, Jake once proves that he is a tough sexy actor!

Shirtless, he shows his hard muscles. The body to die for which is the result of his long-time training in the gym! Hard at first, the result is as hard as his body!

Jake is actually one of the five guys who introduces the brand. After endorsing or after being one of the top Bench Body endorser, Jake now shows his blackwash OJ jeans with shirtless on top!

Well, this maybe some of the reason why traffics really became heavier along EDSA Balintawak. This is due to the one hot hunk hard sexy actor in the name of Jake Cuenca! Keep this 'harder' Jake! C",)

Hard, Hot, and Sexy Aljur Abrenica in Bench OJ Blackwash

After being one of the attractive last prince on TV that keep on catching the eyes of the televiewers, Aljur Abrenica turn-off his clothes! And this is not his last rather it is one of his many...!

Hunkier now since the first time we saw Aljur on TV via the artista search on GMA-7 "Starstruck", this young prince continuously gracing his fans with his ultimate sexy body!

And once again via this Bench sexy billboard endorsing a black OJ Blackwash pants, Aljur is keeping the eyes of the people hooked on his body!

With just a simple look and a hot topless body, everyone seems that being captivating with a spell! Everyone will really say, "Oh Prince Aljur take me to your palace...!" Wow! And everyone were really passing through the EDSA road in Quezon Avenue just to see this hot prince...!!! C",)

Ultimate Heartthrob Piolo Pascual in an Ultimate Hot Bench OJ Blackwash

OJ...PJ! Who will get captivated?! Who will get stucked?! Everyone is really keeping an eye for him...!

Papa P. is now striking again! It's another OJ pants for the ultimate heartthrob Mr. Piolo Pacual! In this billboard, he once again shows his hot, hot body! Ohhh...!

Though not totally shirtless, with an open-button black polo shirt, Papa P. shows his abs. Too sexy to see, too hot to handle! Everyone will really get wet just like the lettering of the billboard's brand!

All black and sexy! Yup since Piolo wears a black OJ pants combined with a black polo shirt on top! And it seems that he is inviting everyone to have a one night candle light dinner with him! Who won't refuse...I think no one!

Again and again, Papa P. proves that he is a one very hot property in showbiz! A good actor, a romantic singer, a gorgeous model, and a very steamy hot stud! Your one of the best and the brightest hunk of every generation Piolo Pascual...!!! C",)

So Hot Christian Bautista's Abs in Bench OJ Blackwash!

Bench billboards always give us different surprises. We didn't expect that an ordinary actors or actresses can be a gorgeous one. Or they can show the hidden sexiness in the persona of different stars!

After everybody got crazy on the first big billboard of the PBB Double-Up Big 5 Housemates which is now displayed along EDSA, another big star showed his sexy body via this hit billboard. Did you able to see this big billboard of Christian Bautista courtesy of Bench along EDSA Guadalupe?!

Yeah, we didn't expect that the Asian Pop Prince Mr. Christian Bautista is sexier than expected! Everybody got surprised and got crazy seeing the sexy abs of Christian Bautista endorsing the Bench OJ Blackwash jeans!

Every passengers in MRT passing to his billboard were really looking to his big sexy billboard. Everyone admires him! Christian can even go further! Aside from singing, acting, now he can even go bolder and sexier dominating the fashion world!

Just like the PBB Double-Up Housemates specially Melai who really became so beautiful and tempting because of their Bench billboard, Christian Bautista on the other hand really risen up our temperature! Nice one Christian! Hope we see more and more like this...! C",)

PBB Double Up Big 5 Reinvent in the Bench Uncut Billboard!

They were really 'Big Time'...! After exiting the Big Brother House in the hottest season of Pinoy Big Brother Double-Up Edition taking home the prizes they won and after having different TV projects, these five housemates already dominate the billboard!

Jason Francisco, Tibo, Paul Jake Castillo, Johan Santos, and Melissa Cantiveros were now the new models of the famous Bench Clothing Brand. And they were part of the upcoming Bench Fashion Show this July entitled "Uncut: A Bolder Look At The Future" together with the other hottest stars!

As you can see, they were all look sexy, hot, and gorgeous! Wearing all black, we can't resist their temptations! Melai in black with a straight long hair looks so beautiful while the other boys topless with only black pants were really steamy rising up our temperature!

This billboard is already seen in EDSA! Very nice one! Good job housemates! C",)


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