Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hottest Brazilian Hunks in One Movie Poster!

The hottest Brazilian hunk models namely Akihiro Sato, Daniel Matsunaga, and Fabio Ide were all combined in one big movie poster via their movie "D Survivor"! Ohhhh....!

Actually their Indie movie was shown last Summer. And it continually gives impact since for the first time, three hottest, sexiest, and yummiest Brazilian hunks were put together in this one big movie project! What more, their posters were really a great hit and most-browsed around the internet!

These three Brazilian hunks were really the dream of every one! They three were equally hot, sexy, steamy, and yummy! Their bodies were really a natural creation! Oh mine...soooh hot! We can't resist them! Katawan pa lang, ulam na ulam na...!!! Uhhh...yeah!

Have you imagine yourself trapped in one island and you're with these three hot guys?! What will you do?! I'm sure you will never wish to come home and live forever with these three very hot guys!! Akihiro, Daniel, and we all wish to take them home...!!! Uhhhhh....! C",)

Kelly Misa Graces the Cover of Women's Health Mag

"Wowowee" host Kelly Misa is now on the cover of Women's Health magazine for August 2010. Here how it looks like!

Kelly becomes popular and talk of the town as of these days when she announced her upcoming marriage! After that, she was featured in the different magazine covers specifically the wedding mags.

But on this latest Women's Health magazine, Kelly will share us different health tips! With this latest edition, body fitness is the main topic! Of course there were also features about foods, energy and sex!

Well, this is a good preparation for Kelly before she become a good wife! How she can maintain her sexy body when got married will also be discussed by this beautiful lady! A beautiful one! Nice! C",)

Simply Hot Zanjoe in Bench Uncut Billboard!

Though the Bench Uncut Fashion Show is over, still there were few billboards of it scattered in the different roads. And one of these is the bilboard of the hot hunk actor Zanjoe Marudo!

Here is his big billboard in one of the roads in Metro. As you can see, simple but irresistible Zanjoe! He is too hot and hunky!

Zanjoe is one of the favorite billboard models today! No doubt because Zanjoe possesses a hot sexy body! He has the body and muscles of a real man! What else, he's tall, dark, and handsome! In just a short description, Zanjoe is a 'complete package'! How we all wish to own him! Haha!

Actually modelling and posing for a billboard or for a magazine is one of the stuff Zanjoe can share with us! Today he is also one of the hottest leading men and big stars! He got a sexy body, handsome looks, and a good talent in acting...what more can we ask for Zanjoe?! Or maybe we ask Zanjoe to be with us...!! Keep it up Zanjoe! Idol! C",)

Walking in the Boardwalk with Jake!

Jake Cuenca is really one of the hottest billboard endorsers today. With his handsome face, white complexion, and ohhh so yummy and sexy body, no one can resist to grab the product he is endorsing!

Along the long road of EDSA, so many billboards of Jake were seen! Besides his famous Bench billboards, another popular billboard of this cute hot hunk is seen. This is the Boardwalk!

This is an example of Jake Cuenca's Boarwalk billboard. Actually today, there is now a new billboard of Boardwalk wherein Jake is still the endorser. On this billboard, OMG, Jake is topless exposing his sexy abs and body! Wow!

Boardwalk is I think a brand of a watch! But if Jake Cuenca is the endorser of it, you would not look at the watch he is endorsing! Rather you would look on his face and on his very hot sexy body! Wooohhhh....Jake is really tempting! We love you Jake! C",)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hottest Cover Boys in a Tabloid!

If there were leading ladies all in one magazine cover, definitely, there were also hot gentlemen!

This is the previous cover in the headline of a particular showbiz tabloid called Pinoy Parazzi. In this issue of the said newspaper, the group of hottest hunk stars called "Cover Boys" were joined together in this hottest edition.

Jake Cuenca, Xian Lim, Victor Basa, Rafael Rosell, and Zanjoe Marudo were featured in the cover. Showing their so hot and sexy abs and sculpted muscles, the tabloid is sizzling and burning! Actually in one day, it was sold out from their respective newsstand! Great! =)

Since these boys were the hottest cover guys, I still remember that they were given a special segment in ASAP which is the Cover Boys segment. It was in the year 2007, 2008, and early 2009. But now this segment is not anymore seen in the new ASAP XV! Hayz...! How we all wish they will return this segment. Everybody really missed these hottest cover boys!

But though they were not anymore seen together in a group, they were all blooming separately! Individually, their stars shine the brightest! The name Rafael, Xian, Victor, Jake, and Zanjoe were the most popular and the hottest male stars and leading men today! So nice! Good luck guys! We are still your avid fans!!!! C",)

Leading Ladies All in One for Metro Magazine!

This is the latest cover of the famous Metro Magazine for August 2010. What's so special with this latest magazine cover? Well, take a quick look on it!

Yup, as you can see in the cover, the brightest Primetime Bida leading ladies put together in one beautiful magazine cover. ABS-CBN's Star Magic leading ladies namely Kristine Hermosa, Bea Alonzo, Angelica Panganiban, and Kim Chiu were all together for this special Metro Magazine's edition. Seems that Eva of "Noah", Gwen of "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo", Gelai of "Magkaribal", and Rubi of "Rubi" merged together in one big teleserye poster mag!

What more on the other side of the cover, more leading ladies!

Carmen Soo, Maja Salvador, Maricar Reyes, and Erich Gonzales also joined the first four ladies! Wow, it's a total leading ladies edition in this magazine huh! Cool!

But if you think the magazine features only leading ladies, you're definitely wrong! Even the male heartthrobs were also features!

Inside the magazine, male leading men like Piolo Pacual, John Lloyd Cruz, Gerald Anderson, and many more were also featured. Actually, this edition of Metro Magazine is a tribute of Star Magic Talents to their father Mr. Johny Manahan or Mr. M. They were celebrating another fruitful year of talent center!

So exciting! Imagine TV series superstars were full-forced gracing a magazine cover! Wow! Awesome! You can now grab it in your favorite bookstores or magazine stands!

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog for 2010!

2010 is a very fruitful year to me! This is the year wherein more blessings poured, more opportunities came, and mark a great growth in my career. What more, this is also the year wherein this blog site was born!

To be exact, it was May 2010 when I decided to create a blog site that would features billboards and magazine covers. Yeah, since I really love arts, fashions, and photography, I then decided to come up with a blog site like this. And I a so glad that it eventually becomes successful and popular as months passed by!

Until one day, I found a writing project! This is THE TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOG! Since I know that my blog site is very much qualified to the writing project, I decided to join! Therefore I have now this special writing for the said contest! Actually the mechanics is so simple. Every blogger will nominate blogs of their choice by describing those blogs why they include them in their list!

So, are you ready to know my nominees?! Well, here they are:

  1. BOARDS AND MAGS - Of course, the no. 1 on my list is my own blog. Why? It's because if you want to influence people, be the first to influence yourself. If your not comfortable with you own work, them how can you be comfortable to influence others and nominate other's works?! It's just like saying, "how can you give something if you don't have that something?"! And I know in my heart that with this simple yet artistic billboards and magazine covers blog, I made the people happy and fulfilled!
  2. THE FASHIONISTA - Like I've said, I love fashion! I love models and modelling! I was so proud to know that thee is a blog site that shares different fashion statements, styles, and other beautification tips! I was so thankful for this site that it enlightens the minds of the viewers about the beauty of fashion! With that, I would like to nominate this beautiful site and put it in my No. 2 spot!
  3. TV SERIES CRAZE - Life is like a teleserye or a TV series. Everyday, every new things happen, every chapter opens! And our life has so many plot. We are connected to the different people just like a teleserye. And we are the true 'bida' of our real life! Of course, we also have a leading men or a leading ladies and a wicked 'kontrabidas'! I see my life as a full-length TV series so I am so thankful that there is a special blog site that features different telenovelas. Therefore, this site captured my third choice!
  4. FAT GIRL NO MORE - Besides blogging and surfing the internet, did you know that one of my hobbies is workout and body building?! Yup, I want to be healthy, fit, and of course sexy and yummy! That's why I am so happy that there is also a blogger that is also a health conscious like me! I love how this former fat girl fights obesity through healthy living. Her advice very much benefited the reader! She's definitely IN in my list!
  5. I LOVE CEBU - Cebu is one f the beautiful place in the Philippines! It is enrich with natural resources and Filipino culture. It is also one of the top tourist spot. What more, Cebu is the center of the Philippine History way back the Spanish Period. I am so glad to see tat a dedicated Filipino create a blog site for Cebu! I was impress with her site therefore I include it here in my list. So beautiful how she love the Queen City in the Visayas region of the Philippines!
  6. NO BENTA - I got surprised to know that there is a dedicated blogger who create a blog featuring the 90's era! So impressive! Yeah, I was a 90's baby. My childhood, my elementary and high school years all bloomed in 90's. His blog site keeps me reminding of my 90's memories! Seems that all my special 90's moments flash back when I see his site! So cool, so catchy, so interesting...! So, I include it here in my list!
  7. ROCKZ CAFE - Tell me who among you doesn't have Facebook?! Or who among you didn't get addicted with Cafe World?! Like the many of us, I am also a Facebook and Cafe World addict! I'm glad and surprised that there is also a blogger that is more addict than me in terms of playing Cafe World! Wow, he even documented and updates us with his recent level and standings in Cafe World! He also showed us how his design looks like! I was hooked and captivated with his cafe world designs so I include his cafe world in my list so that all the facebook addicts like me will be happy! Oh yeah!
  8. MAKE MONEY ONLINE - Who among you wants to earn while enjoying the benefits of internet browsing, hopping, surfing, and blogging?! Well, just like you, I also want to earn while I'm in front of my PC online! This is the idea of my third to the last choice! She is avidly giving tips to every internet addict on how to earn money online! Since nowadays internet is so in-demand and almost all the things you want is all here, why not make money out of it?! She's so practical and her practically that was put in writing online makes her part of my list!
  9. JAY.ELX - We already have a TV, print media, music, and internet! What more is missing in our ordinary modern life today?! Well, it's movie! This is an official movie blog site that always updates the readers about the latest blockbuster hits! It also gives us a quick preview on what we should watch or what should not! Well, no more needs to support piracy and "DVD...DVD...DVD..." of your favorite movies 'coz this blog site for movies is already here! It serves as my online movie guide so definitely this is my second to the last choice!
  10. WHEN IN MANILA -I was born and grow in Metro Manila! I really love the place where I was born and currently living. Yeah, I was a certified Metropolitan boy! But being a Metro Man, do we already know all about the beauty of the place we're living?! Well, being a lover of my birthplace, this site completes my list! It’s a fun and informative video blog that highlights variety of things you can do in the metro.. or rather in the Philippines! Ranging from food, to sports, to concerts and’s the perfect site to visit if you’re looking for something to do on the weekend, whether it be to party or just relax! It's a total lifestyle blog!

These are my choices! For me these are the newly born blog sites that start influencing readers, internet lovers, researchers, bloggers, and any other types of people in the world! Keep on blogging my dearest friends and co-bloggers! Let the new and fresh ideas start in our very own minds!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All Girls in Black for a Knit Jeans!

Have you ever see a very big billboard wherein shows a all-girl image?! And they were not ordinary girls. All of them were wearing black! They were all wearing a black knit jeans!

So are you ready to know who are these girls?! Well, let's take our time to know each of them! Here you go! =)

Melissa Cantiveros


Georgina Wilson

Carla Abellana

Sam Pinto

Shaina Magdayao

Seems that all the brightest female stars today of Herbench or the Bench Clothes exclusively for girls merged together in one big billboard. Yup, this is very big billboard along EDSA Balintawak! In this post, I just split them individually to see them.

It's a combination of both Kapuso and Kapamilya stars. But majority were all Kapamilya!

Melissa Cantiveros, Sam Pinto, Karylle, Shana Magdayao, Carla Abellana, and Georgina Wilson graced this latest Bench Billboard! They were endorsing a black knit jeans!

Now seeing these girls, which of them you really love the most?! Who among them is the most beautiful?! Who's the sexiest?! Who's your type?!

Well, it's your choice! You are free to give your own opinion! If you'll not satisfied with this split pictures, well kindly check their very big billboards in Balintawak! C",)

The Goddess Sprinkles Fragrance in Folded and Hung!

The so-called "nag-iisand dyosa" Ms. Anne Curtis joins her bestfriend Angel Locsin and her ex-boyfriend Sam Milby in Folded and Hung!

But unlike Angel Locsin and Sam Milby, Anne Curtis is too wholesome in her billboard. She is not endorsing a clothes or a jeans in Folded and Hung. Nope, not even an underwear! Anne Curtis is endorsing a Folded and Hung perfume!

The Folded and Hung Fragrance is called the A Series wherein the name was derived or got from the name itself of Ms. Anne. "A" is obviously for Anne!

Too wholesome yet very beautiful! This is how we can describe the billboard of Anne Curtis for this clothing brand! Her black clothes really fits and blends in the black theme background of the billboard. The green sofa wherein Anne is sitting added an artistic attraction to the billboard! So elegant, so sozy, so classy...this is how we can describe the 'dyosa' Anne Curtis for her new billboards! Very beautiful! C",)

Sizzling Hot Sam Milby in Folded and Hung!

Have you ever looked in the big billboard along EDSA Guadalupe?! Have you feel hot seeing the billboard?! Or even hold your underwear before it drop seeing the sizzling hunk above you?!

Yup, this is the current big billboard of the sexy hot hunk Acoustic Heartthrob and the Prince of Romance Mr. Sam Milby! Topless in the said billboard, the very hot and sexy body of Sam is exposed! Ohhhh...yeah! Winner!!! He really got a too hot, sizzling, and steamy abs and muscles! Everyone is captivated by him!

Sam Milby is endorsing a Folded and Hung jeans in this billboard. That's why he is topless to show or to emphasize the jeans he is wearing! But an inverse thing happened! What is emphasized, what attracts the attention of the crowd, what the people always see, and what they want is not the jean...but the oh so yummy body of Sam! Uhhhh....I agree!

Actually Sam Milby is one of the hunk model I like most! He's a perfect billboard model! With or without clothes, he's really tempting! He's like a magnet that attracts everyone's eye. Specially when he's topless, everybody got crazy! Oh yeah!

I love every billboards of Sam. It's a true work of art and desire! Even before during his Bench times, his billboards were truly awesome! How I wish I could take them home! Even all the magazines wherein Sam Milby is in the cover, I can't resist to buy!

Oh your so great Sam! You're like a god! Your body sizzles like a hot wild fire! Evey photos, billboards, and magazines of Sam Milby is an attraction to everyone! I completed those! Haha! He's such an idol! A model, singer, actor...all in one in the name of Sam! How everybody wishes to have Sam as a partner! I'm sure the one who could got Sam is the luckiest person on earth! C",)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Black and White Angel in Folded in Hung!

Along the highway of EDSA is a big billboard of this beautiful lady. It seems that an Angel was sent by the heaven above!

This is the latest billboard of Ms. Angel Locsin for Folded and Hung. The billboard is simple but catchy! The theme is black and white!

And the very much noticeable on this new Angel Locsin's billboard is that it is very wholesome! As you can see, no skins or body were exposed. The model is properly wrapped with clothes!

Actually what is being presented in this billboard is the dress itself! The dress or the clothes wear by Ms. Angel Locsin!

But though wholesome and in black and white, the true beauty was shown! Still a very beautiful Angel Locsin captivates the eyes of every drivers and people passing by this billboard. So cute, so pretty, very beautiful! Angel could really project both wholesome and sexy image! What more if Angel shows some skin?! Then everybody's sight will stick to her...! Great one Angel! Awesome. C",)

The Body of The Last Prince!

So hard, sculpted, sexy, hot, yummy, sizzling...!!! Ohh...! Oozing to the nTH level...!

What more can you say about this ultimate hot body of the last prince?! So sexy, so seems not enough! It's too hot to touch! Though it will burn our hands touching it, we love it and we will satisfy with it!

Aljur Abrenica really sizzles in the recently concluded Bench Uncut Denim and Fashion show. The Last Prince seems like a very hot god! A god of sex, god of desire, god of temptation, the god all the way! Aljur truly looks like a 'sex symbol'! He's a yummy apple in eveyone's eye!

His outfit fits for him. His sexiness is very much expose! Like an Egyptian of the ancient period is reflected with his yummy looks! How everybody wishes to have a sex or a one-night stand with you Papa Aljur! His body is really tough, hard, and uhhhh...irresistible! We couldn't resist to commit a sin because of you Aljur...oh Ajur...ooohhhh...more..uhhhhh!!! C",)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh So Sexy Christian Bautista!

This is now the new Asian Pop Prince Christian Bautista! So yummy!

This is the turn of Christian Bautista during the recently concluded Bench Uncut Denim and Fashion show! The theme of that said fashion show is futuristic that's why Christian has an outfit like that!

We really can't resist the body of Ian now! I like his abs and muscles! It's like a work of art! Too yummy to see...too hot to feel! Whatta hunk Christian!

He looks like a very hot Asian hunk! Even his white pants has an imprinted Chinese character on it! His look is truly tempting! It feels like you'll going to melt with the spark of Ian's eyes!

Ohhh Christian...ohhh Christian...we really, really, really love you! Your face, your voice, and now your body is truly wonderful! You're really a complete package! Take us out Christian! All is wanting to spend a night with you! Uhhh....!!! C",)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Topless Derek Ramsay for Statement Magazine

Before we end up July, do you already grabbed a copy of Statement magazine for this month?! WEll, if not, you lose the chance to own a topless body of 'Universal Leading Man' Derek Ramsay!

Yup, this hot actor Derek Ramsay is in the cover of the magazine. As you can, he's topless in the cover. But then although topless, the image still looks wholesome!

On the cover, Derek seems like tying his shoes. Still, he looks so hot and sexy! His body with sculpts and muscles is like a body of god! Awesome!

The blue background of the magazine blends with the jeans of Derek. So cool at first look. But then looking closely, you will see the sexiness in the man named Derek! Ohhh....

Hmmm...what more inside this July 2010 issue of Statement magazine?! Can we expect more flesh and naked body of Derek?! C",)

Oh What a Hunkier Gerald Anderson!

Tell me who's underwear would not fall seeing the Primetime Action Drama Prince and the Golden Boy Gerald Anderson in the recent ramp event of the Bench Uncut Fashion Show?! Uhhhh....uhhh...ohhh Gerald!! Maybe you'll be one of them shouting like that!

Definitely hot, handsome, hunkier! It's now the new image of Gerald Anderson! With a tougher and a sexier body now, Gerald is truly the dream of everyone! Who could tell, a 21-year old boy like him is now one of the hottest, brightest, and sexiest hunk actor today! It's Gerald and only Gerald! Irresistible! Tempting! Can we take you home Gerald?!

Gerald Anderson is today's dream boyfriend and sex partner! With his very hard sculpted, and steamy hot muscles and abs, you will really die for him!

Besides his muscles and good looks, what more that adds to his sexually attractive appearance is his hair around his face! Oh so hairy face Gerald, really tickling! It's everybody's desire! How we wish Gerald would kiss us from head to toe! How does it feels?! to the max!!!

Keep it up Papa Gerald! Your body is really a wonderland! As they say, "ulam na ulam...!" Love it...! C",)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Rafael Rosell's Sexy Moves!

More...More...more! You really want to see more sexy acts of the hunk model Rafael Rosell during the Bench Uncut Fashion show?! Well, your request was granted! Here you go!!!

After the controversial putting of the hand act of Rafael inside his front underwear, did you know that it was not all?!

Yeah, what more Rafael Rosell did was that he even showed some part of his pubic hair?! Yup, this is the poof! So glad that I'm one of the people who got a photo of this Rafael's so very hot to the max act!

As you can see, almost one-fourth of his pubic hair was almost seen! How we all wish, Rafael could make it more down! Down...down...down Rafael please!

How does it feel?! How do you feel seeing a very hot hunk Rafael Rosell doing a very hot act like that?! It's gonna be wet, wet, wet all over the place! Haha...since perspiration will pour down on your body!

How about Rafael?! What do you think he is feeling doing that?! So very passionate! Everybody will really wanting and hunting Rafael! Very hot and cool! Great! Ohhh...!!! C",)

The Sexy Ads for A Sweet Thing!

Feel so hot while tasting so sweet?! Well, definitely this advertisement is for you!

Actually this sweet-hot ad is now circulating around the net specially in Facebook. Thanks to one of my FB friends who shared it! Love it! =)

While watching this ad video, you will really feel tempting. How we ask, "can I taste the two yumminess presented presented in this ad?"! Two yumminess?! Well, one is sweet while the other is too hot!! Ohh...

You know now what I mean?! Definitely! You are salivating to taste the sweet chocolate and of course...of course...really what to taste the makers of it to the fullest!!! Uhhh...! It's really irresistible! So let's watch it first before we drop! Ahhh... C",)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot, Wet, and Wild, Derek Ramsey on a Bathtub!

Another hot, hot, hot, and yummy hunk in a bathtub will sizzle your day! This time, it's the Universal Leading Man Mr. Derek Ramsey will definitely arouse your senses to the fullest!

Besides the Brazilian hunk Fabio Ide who was previous featured as he posed for the Oxygen billboard, Derek Ramsey on the other hand bares his sexy abs, tough muscles, and body to-die-for in a clear, blue watered bathtub! So hot, wet, and yummy Derek was seen on this billboard! Ohhh...!!!

I don't know why Derek on this billboard was so relaxed and comfortable while the people looking at him were already going crazy for his body! They were definitely salivating for a yummy stud like Derek! "Oh Derek, can I take you out?! Can I taste your yumminess??...uhhh!!", words of the desires from all the eyes who already saw this topless half-nude Derek!

It's truly irresistible! It's tempting! It's climax to the max! What more can you feel seeing a very sexy billboard of a man like this?! "Oh Derek, oh Derek, uhhh...we were also getting wet like you...", words from the lips of temptation! very hot! But it's not only hot, it's definitely ultra hot, wet, and wild Derek Ramsey on a bathtub! How everyone wishes to have a bath together with you in this bathtub!!! We didn't know what we will's an ultimate burning sensation in a cold blue crystal clear water! C",)

Fabio Ide: The Hot Hunk in a Bathtub!

How do you feel taking a bath in a very hot bathtub like this? A bathtub containing a very hot top Brazilian model in the name of Fabio Ide! Will you still feel the cold water?! Or definitely, no more hot water to add to make the condition hot since a hunk like this really makes the water steam!

This is the previous billboard of the clothing brand called Oxygen. This is in accordance to their 2010 summer campaign. But though summer already passed, this billboard as well as the others were still seen on the stores! What more, every clients' eyes were captivated by these hot, hot, hot billboards! yummy Fabio!

Oh Fabio, you really, really, really making the environment so hot! AS you can see, he was not totally nude or topless! But still his appearance, his physique and muscular body drive everybody craze! "Oh Fabio can I take you out..."?!, uttered by many! Fabio, Fabio,, la...we are losing our own oxygen because of you?! C",)

Ryan Reynolds as 'Green Lantern' in the Entertainment Weekly Cover!

What to have a superhero?! Definitely this month's cover of the famous Entertainment Weekly magazine will answer your needs!

It's the international actor Ryan Reynolds who graced the latest cover of this magazine. And it's not just a simple cover nor an ordinary people! Ryan in this cover of the magazine is the superhero called Green Lantern!

Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan, a cocky test pilot who becomes a ring-wearing intergalactic superhero in this massive sci-fi epic from director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale). Though Reynolds has prior experience in the superhero realm from his role as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, playing Green Lantern involved some major challenges, like getting hurled through the air on a wire at up to 60 feet per second to create the illusion of flight.

Sound terrific and fascinating! According to the source, Green Lantern is scheduled to open in theaters on June 17, 2011. Hmmm...seems that an early promotion! Too early for the movie promos! But then, it's good that we already had an idea of what's the upcoming role of Ryan Reynolds is. Definitely through its green-themed magazine, everybody will got curious to see the new Ryan Reynolds! Exciting...!!! C",)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Going Gaga Over Lady Gaga in Cosmopolitan Cover!

Feel so gaga over the July 2010 cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine as the hot singer today Ms. Lady Gaga graced its cover! Yeah!

Yup, as you can see, this is this month's edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine. The background is so white just like the hair of Lady Gaga! Haha...!

On the cover, Lady Gaga still looks sexy and seductive. It seems that Lady Gaga is tempting or seducing us! So cool! THe cover really depicts Lady Gaga's personality!

What more?! Beside Lady Gaga, a small portion of the magazine's cover is the hunk sexy indie film actor Mr. Coco Martin! Yup, Coco is the hunk's flavor of the month for this issue!

So everybody will really got crazy with this Cosmopolitan Magazine! Everyone feels so gaga over Lady Gaga! Hmmm...what do you think will Lady Gaga share in this magazine?! Let's see! C",)

Sam Pinto Debuts in FHM July Cover

Former PBB Double-UP Housemate Sam Pinto debuts in the July issue cover of FH Magazine!

Though it is a sexy-theme magazine, as you can see, Sam still looks wholesome. She didn't even bare more skins. She wears a wholesome clothes!

As they say, the July issue of FHM is one of the most important issue of the said magazine. It is because in this month's edition, the 100 Sexiest Women in the World were revealed and featured. So lucky that Ms. Sam Pinto is in the cover!

Having a blue background, the "Elias Paniki" leading lady is really looks beautiful and wholesome. With this kind of cover, this issue may fit the youngsters! Or should I say, it's rated GP rather than PG! Nice one Sam! C",)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hot Singing Christian Bautista in Bench Uncut Billboard

Can't get enough of the hot new version of Christian Bautista?! Well, here's another billboard of the Asian Pop prince that will make our temperature arise!

After posing for his Bench OJ Blackwash billboard shirtless in EDSA, Guadalupe, here comes another one! It's another shirtless Christian Bautista!

This is inline with their recently concluded Bench Uncut Denim and Underwear Fashion Show in Araneta Coliseum last July 2. He also have his billboard for the said show.

And see how beautiful is it! Awesome! Christian Bautista is now a very hot hunk! His abs and muscles were really tempting! Uhhh..uhhh...ohh-lala!

Christian is really a steamy hunk today! With his two shirtless billboards, many were expecting for more! More, more, more...!!! More hot, shirtless, and nude Christian! Good luck Ian! You're the best! Idol! C",)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

'Inside in Under' Rafael Rosell on Bench Show

The recently conducted Bench Uncut Denim and Fashion Show was so hot and controversial! Each model stars showed their own exhibitions!

This is the turn of one of the ultra-hot hunk model actor Rafael Rosell. His performance was really talk about! Why?! Well, just take a look on the picture!

What did you feel seeing the picture?! Feeling so hot seeing a hot performance like this?!

Actually, this was just one of the acts showed by Rafael Rosell on the said fashion and underwear show. Some other acts involved bringing down his brief and allowing the audience to see his pubic hair!

More! More! More! These were some of the shouts from the crowd seeing Rafael! They want more and more from this steamy stud. He's definitely awesome!!!

And from the other comments, his act like this was not that indecent. It's fantastic and creative! Everybody also wants to see what's inside Rafael! C",)


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