Friday, August 27, 2010

Three Hottest Youngsters!

Ohhh soo hot and yummies! As they say, "kanin na lang and kulang..."! Uhhh yeah! Triple hotties in one portrait! Awwww...!

Gerald Anderson, Rayver Cruz, and Rodjun Cruz...who's the hottest between these three young guys! Or you want to take them both!

Definitely, the Golden Boy and the Prince of Philippine Movie and TV Mr. Gerald Anderson is the brightest and the sexiest young hunk today! But I was got surprised seeing the new Rayver Cruz! Yeah Rayver now possesses a very hot and yummy body! He now got a tempting abs and muscles!

What more, I even got surprised with Rayver's brother Rodjun Cruz! He is even more hotter and sexier than his brother Rayver! He's very yummy and seductive! Actually, I was looking and searching for the name of the hunk who is playing the role of Calvin, the friend of Enchong Dee in the hit TV series "Magkaribal"! And I was got surprised that he is Rodjun Cruz, the brother of Rayver! And he is twice as yummy as his brother! He is more seductive and sexier! Ohh-lala...!

And now all were very glad to see all these three hot young hunks together in one picture! Gerald, Eayver, and Rodjun...who's your choice?! Uhhhh...uhhhh....ahhhhh....triple hotness in one! They were irresistible! Ohhhhhh....yeah!!! Can we request to take you all out?! Thrice the rise of temperature, thrice the fun, thrice the orgasm, thrice the climax....hotness times three! Uhhh...! C",)

A Nude Rafael Rosell Billboard!

Do you already saw the very hot nude billboard of the hunk Rafael Rosell?! Well if not yet, here is now your chance!

This is the previous billboard of Rafael Rosell for X-Ray clothing brand! If I'm not mistaken, this was launched in 2007 or 2008! It was sooohhh very hot! It will seduce you to the max!

Imagine the hotness was doubled! Yup, Rafael Rosell is already sexy! Even though he is wrap with clothes, he still looks sexy and yummy! What more if he takes off all these clothes!

Uhhh...uhhhh...this billboard is very much one of the seductive types I've seen! You will really feel arouse seeing this! Isn't it?! Ohhhh....!!!

This billboard is not that totally nude! A part of it is still looking wholesome! Since he is in a side view, we can't totally see his 'hot property'! Even his abs and muscles were not that shown! But still, Rafael is sooo sexy!!!

Rafael, Rafael...ohhh my Rafael!!! We can't resist you! You totally make our temperature rise too high to the max! Ahhh...ahhh...uhhhhh...sarap! C",)

A Very Hot Korean Star!

He is first known a Johny in the hit Koreanovela called "Endless Love" which aired on Primetime last 2003. Now he is back as Dong-Chul in the heavy-drama and action-filled Korean series "East of Eden"!

Song Seung Heon now captivates the hearts of many viewers because of his roles as Johny before and Dong-Chul now! But most of all, everybody really loves his body! Ohh-yeah...!

Song Seung Heon is very, very hot and sexy in his latest "East of Eden"! He is a dirty-sexy looking guy in this soap! He is so yummy! He got a very seductive body! Uhhhh....!!!

In his previous role as Johny in "Endless Love (Autumn in My Heart)", we didn't expect that Song Seung Heon owns a body like god! What is first seen on him is his handsome looks! He looks like a neat nice boy-next door type of guy in a corporate world! But now look at him, so gorgeous and hot!

Ohhhh...yeahhh...uhhhhh....ahhhhh...!! His body is so steamy! By just looking at him, you will really get hot! We eventually reach the peak of our desire! The climax will be unexpectedly reach! Uhhhh...Song Seung Heon...take more clothes! C",)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oozing Hot and Yummy Zanjoe Marudo!

Ohhh sooo hot and yummy like a 'hot pandesal'! Oh Zanjoe...ohh Zanjoe...uhhhh!!!

This is how this very sexy in-demand leading man today Mr. Zanjoe Marudo looks like in this image! His body...oh his body...his body is like a god! It's so yummy and tempting!

Zanjoe's body in this image is wet and wild! I'm thinking of a hot pandesal with butter in this image! It seems that your finger will be burning so hot when you try to touch some parts of this sexy bod! Ohhh...yeah!

Zanjoe is very, very, very hot today! Besides his body, his career is also very hot! Every night on Primetime Bida, we all see a Jaime Reyes in Martha Cecilia's series "Kristine"! Then this coming September, his new movie called "Sa'yo Lamang" will be shown! He is also became part of the gag show "Banana Split"! And every Sunday, we can sing and dance with him in ASAP XV!

See how hot Zanjoe Marudo is! He's really great! In terms of body, skills, and career, Zanjoe is truly a super sexy hot! He's a one sizzling 'papa' everyone is dreaming of! So seductive!

Ohh Zanjoe...ohhh Zanjoe....uhhhhh....uhhhh...! Ahhh...ahhhh...our temperature is really rising because of you! More...mooore...ohhhh...ohhh...yeahhhh!!! C",)

A Golden Hot Hunk Billboard!

Ohhh sizzling gold!

Do you still remember this golden billboard of the ultimate hunk and leading man Mr. Piolo Pascual for the Bench gold campaign?!

If I'm not mistaken, this said billboard was launched in year 2008. This is another brand of jeans of the said clothing line!

Papa Piolo is so hot in this billboard! Everybody really loves his naked abs. It's extremely hot and it sizzles! How I wish I could also own a very sexy abs like Piolo! Uhhh...

Papa Piolo's upper attire and his complexion blended well with the yellow or gold background of the billboard! He's so quiet and serious in this image. But besides this quiet look, it seems like he is seducing us! Ohhh...lala...!

This is another hot and remarkable billboard of Piolo Pascual for Bench! Almost all of his OJ or Bench jeans billboards were ultimately hot and seductive! We really, really, really can't resist his ultimate hotness! Ahhh....! C",)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A 'True Blooded' Naked Hot Cover of a Magazine!

This is the latest cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine which features the love triangle of the hit series "True Blood"! Alexander Skarsgard (left), Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer (right) were these three controversial love triangle cast of the hit HBO TV series called "True Blood"!

Just like the title of their TV series suggest, they were all bloody! They were hot, sexy, and undead!

All of them were nude and sexy! But are you not afraid on them? Well maybe for those people having a phobia on blood, definitely they were really get afraid! But for those people who were 'flesh addicts', they were truly love it! They were really ask for more...more bodies...more exposure of private parts! Oh! Like it....!

This latest cover of Rolling Stone magazine is really a great work of art! It captures the senses and desires of readers! Our innermost feelings arouse! Great!

I don't know where to buy this magazine. I keep on looking for the different bookstores and magazine stands to search for this latest edition but I couldn't find any! So sad! I really tempted to buy this one! Haha...! I just got curious!

How about you? What did you feel seeing this very sexy naked magazine cover?! Do we feel the same?! It's soooh hot and tempting! I wouldn't afraid of them...! Rather, I would like to join them! Uhhh...! C",)

"Dare to Bare" Maricar Reyes in Cosmopolitan Mag!

Maricar Reyes sizzles in this orange-themed background of the Cosmopolitan Magazine for this month of August! "Dare To Bare" is this month's banner title of the said magazine!

Maricar Reyes really looks hot and fresh in this magazine cover! Her beauty is truly captivating. She is very happy! Her gladness is very much felt in this cover. Of course, she really looks hot and sexy!

Definitely, Maricar is one of the fastest rising star today! Since 2009, her name is one of the famous name in the showbiz industry. From that year 'till now, her TV projects, movies, commercials, and endorsements were side by side! Her star shines the brightest! She is even one of the hottest and favorite leading ladies today! Awesome!

This orange issue of Cosmopolitan mag blended with the aura of Ms. Maricar! Her face, her skin tone, her make-up and even her dress perfectly blends with the orange background of the magazine!

I like how Maricar smiles in this portrait. It's a true sign of happiness from in and out! Maybe because she is truly blessed! After the storm that came in her life, look at her now, standing stronger and tougher! What more, she's now one of the brightest stars! Very inspiring! Love it! Go...go...go Maricar! Keep it up! More blessings to come! C",)

Healthy and Sexy Looking Guy Enchong Dee in Health Today Mag!

Enchong Dee still looking very hot and sexy in this cover of Health Today magazine for the month of August 2010!

Though he is wearing a polo and wholesome looking, you can still feel the hotness and sexiness in this one of the hottest hunk young star today! He is oozing with charm! His looks can really seduce you!

His open polo magnetizes every one's eyes! It truly attracts and captivates us! In his open cloth, you can still see his sexy abs, his alluring sexiness in his upper body! Ohh-lala...!

Enchong truly fits this magazine cover! He's healthy and sexy! In this edition of this magazine, we will know more about Enchong's healthy habits! With the banner story of "Why He Keeps Moving", definitely we will learn many things about Enchong in maintaining his sexiness and wellness! Enchong is really a sports-minded and a health conscious guy!

Oh Enchong, oh're so yummy and seductive! Can you take off that white polo?! Uhhh....! With his role in "Magkaribal" showing him more in topless, he definitely completes our nights and put it in ultimate hotness! It's really a fire in a cold nights! Enchong! C",)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Fresh and Wholesome Richard Gutierrez in Bench Green Tee

So fresh, so green, so wholesome and handsome Richard Gutierrez in this Bench Green Tee billboard!

This is one of the two Richard Gutierrez billboards for Bench Green Tee. I'll show you the other one later on. The said billboards were posted months ago along EDSA Buendia!

Richard Gutierrez is so perfect for this billboard. First of course because he's the Greenpeace Advocate! He is promoting nature and the green environment. And he is already seen hosting the different environmental TV documentary! Bench got a perfect endorser for their Green campaign!

Talking about this billboard, Richard is so fresh and cute! His very fresh aura in this billboard blends with the theme of Green Tee! The color of his clothes and his hut perfectly blends the green environment background of the billboard! So relaxing for the human eye! =)

Richard didn't need to expose more skins to attract the eye of the people! He's already handsome! His looks will definitely captivates the heart and attention of everyone! So nice and beautiful Richard! We're not feeling tired seeing this relaxing billboard! Great! C",)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Battle of the Young Divas in S Magazine!

It's such a diva edition this August 2010 in the entertainment magazine called S Magazine!

For the first time in a magazine cover, Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Ann Go, and Charice Pempengco were altogether in a magazine cover!

With a banner story of "Who's The Best", who among these three hottest young divas you like the most?! Which of these three singers' stars shine the brightest! Which will you prefer Sarah, Rachelle, or Charice?!

If seems that there is a diva showdown in this magazine! Three hottest singers merge! Hmmm...did you feel like watching the Sunday afternoon variety show of ABS-CBN called ASAP XV while seeing these three divas together?!

Yup, because if you can still recall, Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Ann Go, and Charice all came from ASAP XV! Rachelle Ann just recently returned to the Kapuso network. But she became really famous in ASAP XV! I still remember their segment with Sarah and Yeng Constantino called YRS!

But now that these three divas merge in S Magazine, how can we call them?! Well, maybe we can suggest YRC! Haha...! Goodluck to the three of you! C",)

A Sensual Coffee Table Book!

"16 drool-worthy one book!" Ohhh...!

This is the current theme of a particular coffee table book to be launch later this month. Dan Santos photography releases a sooo hot, sexy, and tempting coffee table book featuring 16 of the sexiest male model! Awww...!

As you can see, the coffee table book is really, really, very, sexy hot! It's sooo yummy! It is much hotter than the coffee that you will order!

I don't know what everybody feel seeing this very hot book! Definitely, they will order the men featured in this book rather than the food serve in the coffee shop! Of course, since this coffee book is really yummier than the food! It's such a food not only for the stomach but for the blood, brain, flesh, body, and soul! Uhhh...yeahh! And it is really, really hotter than the coffee that you will drink! You will truly get will truly feel 'L'!

"More...more...mooooree...uhhhh..uhhh..!!" Everybody will salivating for more hot hunks like these! Their body were so perfect, tempting, magnifying...ooohhhhhh!!! Uhhh....yeahhhhh...uhhhh!!!

It's a sizzling manology! So erecting...!!! "Uhhhh...moooore...seduce me...seduce me...'till my climax...", words seem whisper by these hot men...! How could we...ohhh...ohhhh! Thanks Dan Santos Photography for this one of a kind coffee table book! Awww...!!! C",)

Soo Sexy Carmen Soo Endorsing a Gadget!

The Malaysian actress model Ms. Carmen Soo is in the cover of a gadget techkie magazine called Speed Magazine for this month of August!

Well as you can see, Carmen is soo sexy though she only endorses a particular gadget!

Just like the magazine Speed wherein she is the cover girl for this month, Carmen Soo's career here in the Philippines is so speeding! After her first team-up with the hunk leading man Mr, Jericho Rosales in "Kahit Isang Saglit", Carmen's star shines one of the brightest! Commercials, endorsements, TV shows, movie, and magazine covers like this one follow successfully!

Well Carmen is also just like us! Her looks and beauty though she's a Malaysian is true Filipina! Nice one Carmen! More blessing to come! C",)

Friday, August 13, 2010

The "Goodness Gracious" Priscilla Meirelles in FHM

Former Ms. Earth and soon to be the wife of Mr. John Estrada, Preiscilla Meirelles is in the cover of the hottest men's magazine FHM for this month of August!

With an orange background, Priscilla is sizzling in this edition! Her sexiness and beauty were exposed. She's like a goddess of beauty and sex in this magazine!

With a banner title of "goodness gracious", Priscilla deserves to be in this cover! Actually if I'm not mistaken, this is not the first time for Priscilla to be in the cover of this said mag. On the previous issues I think, Priscilla already posed for FHM. And besides FHM, Priscilla already became a cover girl of other hot magazines! Great! She definitely fits in all of them since Priscilla possesses beauty, brain, and sexiness! She's really a dream girl of many guys! Oh, how lucky John Estrada is!

Besides Priscilla, other more FHM sexiest women were inside this magazine. And all of them come in 3D! Angel Locsin, Cristine Reyes, Katrina Halili, Iwa Motto, and other more sexiest women of this year were all here in 3D! Hmmm...I wonder how these sexy girls look in 3D?! Seems exciting huh!

And part of the package of this month's edition is a colorful paper eye glass! I then got curious on what's the use of it in this magazine. Maybe it's for the 3D purpose!s Well, we will see if we already owns this mag! Very nice one! C",)

An Almost Nude Phoemela Baranda in Uno Mag!

In Flight... and almost nude!

This is how the The Buzz TV host Ms. Phoemela Baranda looks like in the August 2010 edition of Uno Magazine. She is almost naked! She's topless wherein the only clothes she has were the pilot hut and and a piece of pilot logo on her sleeve!

But then this TV host has something to expose! Yup, she's sexy! She got a sculpted woman's body! She even owns a woman's abs that she can be proud of! Great!

The background theme of this magazine for this month is yellow! Her complexion and the color of her hair perfectly blends the background!

Phoemela is one of the sexiest women today who's in the field of hosting. Well besides being a good TV host, she can even be a sexy star. Her image of being one of the sexiest ladies today fits Uno magazine since this mag just like FHM features different sexy ladies!

With beauty, talent, and sexiness...that is Phoem! Keep it up sexy lady! Beautiful one! C",)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Of All The Girls Binoe Loved!

"All The Girls I'ved Love..."! This is the banner story of the latest StarStudio Magazine for this month of August!

The Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema and the now so-called "Pambansng Idol" Mr. Robin Padilla is the cover guy of this said issue.

The main feature of this edition is so interesting! It's all about the women who became part of Bino'e lovelife!

Starting from her former wife Leizel Sycangco, then to his ma'am Sharon Cuneta, next to Ms. Kris Aquino, and to Vina Morales, Binoe willingly shares his past affairs! about the latest apple of the eye of Binoe?! How about the noontime host Ms. Mariel Rodriquez who is now her current love of his life?!

Well if you can still recall, Robin recently admitted in the hit talk show that he is falling deeply in love with Mariel and he is ready to marry her! We will see in this edition what more Robin shares about Mariel! So kilig...! C",)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Jake Cuenca's Bench OJ Billboard!

Many billboards of Jake Cuenca were scattered in the different roads and places! Majority of them were the Bench billboards!

On my previous post, I have shared with you his Bench OJ Black Wash billboard wherein he endorses the new black jeans of Bench. That said very big billboard was posted along EDSA Balintawak! But if you think that was his only OJ Black Wash jeans billboard, think again!

Yup, here is another version of his very sexy and seductive OJ Black Wash jean billboard courtesy of Bench. If on his other billboard he is down, this time he is standing upright! And with that position...uhhhh...his sexy abs were exposed! Awww...!

He looks sexy in this billboard! Black jeans in a black background but a white complexion Jake Cuenca! He's so hot that we can't all resist! Very tempting! Jake ohhh...Jake....uhhhh!!! Can you further pull down that black jeans! And I think what is more interesting is his pink brief! It will really rise up the temperature of many! Soooohhhhh very, very hot Jake Cuenca! C",)

Akihiro Sato...'In The Details' Billboard!

This is the latest billboard of this hottest Brazilian model Akihiro Sato posted along EDSA Balintawak!

"In The Details" is the current theme of Penshoppe Billboard. All their models have their own solo billboards with an " the details" tag. And this is the Akihiro Sato's billboard!

So yellow! Yup, the background of this Akihiro's billboard is a dark yellow! Blended with this yummy Brazilian model, the billboard looks hotter! It's hotter than the sun!

Akihiro is one of he hottest and yummiest model today. Since he's not Filipino, Pinoy really love him! He got a Filipino look and a body like god! He is defintely a hot sex symbol! Uhhhh...!

Semi-topless in this billboard, Akihiro truly captivates the eye of any person passing by his billboard. Though this billboard was placed on the very top part of the road, people keep looking up higher just to see his perfect abs and upper body!

Oh Akihiro you're so hot! We can't resist you! So tempting...! I like his tattoo on the side of his hot body! It ads more temptation and libido!

Akihiro...oh everybody wishes to take you out! You're definitely one of the hottest foreign guy dream of many! What if you turn off that polo? C",)

Brighter Than The Day Sam Milby's F&H Billboards!

Yup, our day will really get brighter and better as we see this Sam Mllby's Folded and Hung Billboards!

These billboards were two of the hottest billboards of Sam which were released April of this year. Though these were part of their 2010 summer campaign and not anymore posted on EDSA or in major roads, still we can see these photos on some of the Folded and Hung stores. Yup, and we can't really got tired of viewing these! Sooohhh hotter than the summer!

Actually many people really love to see these billboards! Sam Milby is truly a perfect endorser of it! He got a very sexy and too yummy body! Of course he also got a very good looks! Sam Milby could represent everyone's dream of a man termed as tall, dark, and handsome! But there's more on this description for Sam! Hot, sexy, steamy, yummy...!!! Ohhh!

If you will ask me if who is my favorite male artist and model, I will proudly say that Sam Milby is in the top of my list! Sam is a complete package! He is good looking, sexy and very hot, and of course blessed with talent! He could act and sing at the same time! Great, great Sam Milby! You're really my idol!

Sam, Sam, ohhhh Sam...! You're really the dream of everyone! Uhhh...yeah....more Sammmm...ahhh!! Ohhh...!!! C",)

Friday, August 6, 2010

With Wealth and Beauty Angel Locsin in the Mod Magazine!

It's all about money matters in this August 2010 issue of MOD Magazine! But more than that, their cover for this edition really symbolizes money, wealth, and beauty! It's the young superstar and this year's FHM Sexiest Woman in the World, Ms. Angel Locsin!

Angel really fits this month's issue of MOD. It's money and beauty combined! As we all know, MOD magazine is a lifestyle and fashion mag that gives different beauty tips and healthy way of living in elegance. But for this month, they focused on money matters and money-wise living! Then why did I say that Ms. Angel fits for this mag?

First of all, Angel symbolizes beauty and fitness! We can't deny that Angel is the most beautiful actress today. She is a lady with complete package - beautiful face, sexy body, and a kind heart! Just like the major theme of this magazine that focuses on beauty and fashion!

And of course their topic for this month which is money truly represents Angel. Yup, Angel in her young age now knows how to invest and put all her money for good! She has now her own bar that bears an income, a talent in fashion designing that could give her more profits, and other more investments that really lift this young actress. On this mag, we can expect that Angel can share us other more money-making tips and using money wisely!

Other topics that may give you more interest include “Best Tips for Your Wallet’s Health”, “20 Ritzy, Classy Dresses this Season”, “Young and Already a Millionaire” and many more hot stuffs!

I really admire and salute this very beautiful and sexy young actress! She has everything that keeps her star shines the brightest! Good luck and more power to you Ms. Angel Locsin! Keep it up! C",)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jake With the Deejays!

Hot hunk actor-model Jake Cuenca is joined by the Deejays Andi9 and Jessica of Magic 89.9 in the August 2010 cover of Meg Magazine!

On this magazine cover, we cannot recognize that Jake Cuenca is a sexy hot hunk model! It's because his looks here in this magazine is very wholesome! Actually, he really looks like a teenager here! He's like a teen heartthrob with captivating eyes!

Complementing the wholesome image of Jake Cuenca in this latest magazine are the two beautiful deejays of Magic 89.9 radio station! Since two deejays were in the cover, expect now what's this month's major topic of this magazine! Yup, it' more about chart-toppers!

See it's more on music! But besides the main feature, other more interesting topics include “How to be the next big thing in music,” “Talk Points: A hard look at teen beating,” “310+ must-have add-ons,” “Country Dressing,” and “Pop + Fashion”! Still a musical theme ha!

Hmmm...will Jake Cuenca shows his musical side in this magazine's issue?! What more will he shows?! Sounds naughty! Haha...!!! Let see! C",)

Yummier Than Tuna Derek Ramsey!

Definitely right! Derek Ramsey is really, really yummier than the tuna he endorses! Ohhh...Derek...uhhh...saraappp...ahh!

Still, this very hot billboard of the universal leading man Mr. Derek Ramsey is seen on the different roads, MRT stations, or magazine ads! Derek Ramsey is one of the hottest endorser today of the Century Tuna. He is the male representative of the Century Tuna Super bod!

His very hot, sexy, steamy, and tempting body is exposed in this billboard as he appears shirtless! Sculpted muscles, chest, abs, and biceps really caught the eyes of many! Hot, hot, hot...he's hotter and much spicier than the Century Tuna he is holding! Wooohhhh.....!!!!

On this Derek's image, "katawan pa lang ulam na ulam na...!" He's so healthy, fit, and uhhh soooh yummy! We can't resist him! Overrr...!!!

Maybe consumers will not buy the tuna Derek is endorsing. Rather, they will buy the yummiest and the hottest endorser of it! If they bought the endorser, definitely no more hunger on earth! Everybody will really becomes healthy! It's Derek and Derek everyday! Derek is not only a food for the stomach, heart, mind, or lower body...but a food to our whole body and soul!

Oh Derek...oh Derek...everybody's undergarment will really fall because of your ultimate sexiness, hotness, and yumminess! People will really beg to take you out! Uhhhh...yeah....uuhhhhhh...!!! More Derek...more Derek...moooore...uhhhh!!! C",)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Younger Looking and Wholesome Diet in Garage Mag!

Shirtless and wrapped with clothes, the hunk heartthrob Diether Ocampo still looks sexy, daring, and tempting in the August 2010 issue of Chalk Magazine!

Besides looking so hot and sexy, Diet is still looking young! Though Diether is already in his early 30's, in this mag Diether still looks young and fresh! Cool! He really looks ageless!

Under his shirt, his muscular steamy body can still figure out! He's irresistibly tempting! Too hot to handle Diet though wholesome! I don't know what's the magnet of this guy that everyone keeps an eye on him! His face is handsome while his body is hot and sexy! What more can he ask! In fact, Diether Ocampo is one of the actor who got a perfect sexy body! Awwww...!

And talking about the magazine, in this edition, we will learn how to have a model's body! Then more features will tackle different IN-style fashion statement!

Hmmm...can we see a topless Diether Ocampo inside this mag?! Will a naked body of Diet be seen inside?! Well, it's for us to find out when we a grab a copy of it! Hot, hot, hot Diet! Idol! Your body let everybody salivating! Uhhh...It's another hotness on the highest level!!! C",)

Young and Fresh Kim Chiu in Chalk Magazine

With the banner title of "Living The Dream", the Primetime Princess and the Princess of Philippine Movie and TV Ms. Kim Chiu looks younger and fresher in this August 2010 edition of the Chalk Magazine!

Well, it fits for this young lady since Chalk Magazine is intended for the College students or for the teen readers!

Though Kim poses simply in the cover of this mag, her beauty was then exposed! She really looks simple but nice and beautiful in this cover! Her short curly hair still blends this young princess!

And of course the banner title of the magazine further suits for her. With her many successful achievements today, Kim is really now living the dream she wished before! She is now one of the brightest star! Though still young, she is now one of the most important name in the industry!

Keep it up Ms. Kim! Most blessings to come! God bless! C",)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Tougher Hunk Marc Nelson in Men's Health Mag!

Tougher, hunkier, and yummier Marc Nelson wearing a black sando is the latest cover of Men's Health magazine this August 2010.

So hot and harder! Though Marc is not shirtless or topless in this magazine cover, his muscles were really seen. His sexy yummy figure of his chest and upper body were really noticed! And since sando is sleeves, his big muscles in his biceps were exposed! Oh yeah...!

He's such a sexier than nude as they say in this magazine! What more if he is nude....!!!

This Sports Unlimited host Marc Nelson is one the hottest, most fitted, and the dream guy of many! Being a sports-minded person and being one of the best hosts today were some of the things we think about when seeing Marc Nelson rather than a sexy hot model! But then we can't deny the fact that Marc is truly an oozing, very hot guy! Uhhh....! Our temperature will really steam higher and higher with his body! C",)

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Beautiful Andi Eigenmann in the Cover of Preview Magazine!

"Agua Bendita" graces the cover of this August 2010 Preview Magazine! This time, she is not anymore in water form, but a total beautiful woman form!

It seems that a girl is now turned into a beautiful lady! This promising teenager star is so beautiful in the cover! Her looks, her overall aura and fashion statement in this magazine is very pretty!

If in her hit fantaserye "Agua Bendita" she is blue since she is in water form, in this magazine she is brown! A brown beautiful lady...! Her brown image blends with the brown background of her surroundings! If she's a 'brown lady', then what is she?! How can we call her?!

It's a fashion over fashion edition of this Preview Magazine this August! Besides Andi, we will still discover other more stars that conquer the fashion world! And of course, learn more tips and tricks about fashion with this current issue!

Well I'm sure, Agua and Bendita's suitors Ronnie (Matteo Guidiceili) and Paco (Jason Abalos) will definitely grab a copy of this mag! Nice one Andi! C",)


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