Thursday, September 30, 2010

The 12 Cosmopolitan Centerfolds of 2010 - Part II

Now let's go to the top hottest male centerfolds of Cosmomen 2010! As we're going on top, the climax always increases! Uhhh...!

These were the remaining 6 of the top 12 hottest famous hunk bachelors of Cosmopolitan! Yup, the acoustic heartthrob and the Prince of Romance Mr. Sam Milby is on the top! But since he already got many exposure here, I decided then to not include him here to give chance for the other!

So c'mon and let's start drooling! Awww...!!!

Christian Bautista

Fabio Ide

Marco Mañalac

Matteo Guidicelli

Tom Rodriguez

Bryann Foronda

I really, really like Christian Bautista now! If I already liked him before, what more now! He already got a very sexy, yummy, hot, seductive, oozing, and no words to define body! Because of his body now, I like him to the nth level! Wow...Uhhh Ian...uhhhh...!!!

Then of course Matteo Guidicelli! Oh...ohhh...uhhh!!! I really love the body of this guy! He's so hot, gorgeous, yummy, sexy, uhhh...uhhhh...uhhh...!!! Matteoooohhhh...uhhhh...!!!! I really like you! He's the dream boyfriend of many...mine too...uhhh..yeah...!!!

And of course, there is Tom Rodriguez! Tom oh Tom...uhhh!!! He's my PBB Double-Up in bed...!! Uhhh...yummy!!!

And then Fabio Ide! Fabio...Fabio...uhhh...sarap mo!

Now who among these hottest bachelors is your choice?! Or will you take them all! Awww...uhhhh...!!! 'Till next year of this ultra hot September of Cosmomen! Ahhh...ahhh...ahhhh...!!! C",)

The 12 Cosmopolitan Centerfolds of 2010 - Part I

Sam Milby is this year's Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash Centerfold hunk. He is in the centerfold or in the main cover of this very hot male magazine supplement of Cosmopolitan. But did you already know the other 12 men?

Well let me introduce them to you one by one! Here is the first batch:

Joross Gamboa

Rocco Naccino

Carl Guevarra

Prince Stefan

Guji Lorenzana

Nico Ibaviosa

Yup, there were 12 hotmen! I decided to divide them into two part. And this is the first part! Did you enjoy? Who's the hardest of them? Did you start drooping?!

As you can see, this first batch were mainly part of the reality show or artista search. Joross Gamboa, Prince Stefan, Rocco Naccino, and Carl Guevarra were the sample of these uhhh soooh very yummy hunk products of these artista search! Awww...!

Can you resist them?! I know you can't! Hehe... My hands now were really burning hot! My temperature is really rising to the utmost climax! And I already have them in my collection! Ohhh yeah...!!! C",)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Hot Guys of X-Ray's Folio Magazine!

We already saw the two very hot and sexy cover hunks of the special Folio Magazine from X-Ray. Joross Gamboa and Luis Alandy were the back-to-back cover hunks of this mag. But did you also see the other hot hunks inside it?!

Yeah you are really so lucky! I will share with you the other featured sexy hunks inside this magazine! There were eight! Yes eight!

Eight gorgeous hunks were featured in this magazine! And they all showed their steamy, sexy, and seductive bodies! Are you ready?! Excited?! I know you are!

So, let's get to know the eight featured men in X-Ray's Folio magazine! They were:

Besides Joross Gamboa and Luis Alandy, the other men were Rodjun Cruz, Marco Alcaraz, Rainier Castillo, Tutti Caringal of 6-Cycle Mind, Kean Cipriano of Callalily, and Edgar Allan Guzman! What more can you ask?

These men were really hot! They were very sexy! They really showed-off the body everybody wants!

Actually in the pictures above they were in white sando. But as you turn the pages of the magazine, you will see the shirtless, the topless bodies of these eight hunky men! Awww...!!!

I took all my chances! After I bought the magazine, I patiently took photos of them through my cellphone! And these what we have now! Hahaha...!!

Sharing you my own experience about this magazine, did you know that my former officemate saw me buying this mag! Awww! And it was very embarrassing! I didn't know what to do. I immediately put this big mag in the cashier. And she's looking into it! I think she already saw the naked body of Joross exposed in this mag! If she would ask me what is it, I would say, "I just bought an underwear...!" Haha!

So grab all your chance now to see these eight hunks of Folio mag. In my later posts, we will discuss them one by their nude and in their very sexy photos! Ohhh...It's getting hot, hot, hot! Awww...! C",)

A Nude Luis Alandy in Folio Magazine!

Now let's go to the second cover hunk of this special Folio Magazine from X-ray! It's now the turn of Luis Alandy!

If Joross Gamboa is really super hot, sexy, and yummy in the cover, what more Luis Alandy?!

Oh my, uhhh....!!! Luis Alandy is nude in the cover! Yeah, Luis is in his boldest! He's nude, he's naked, he's burlesk, he has no clothes! Awww...!!! It's really getting hot here! Supah dupah hot and sexy!

As you can see, Luis wears nothing! From top to bottom, it's exposed! He only covers his 'birdie' with his hands! Haha...!!! He is holding his 'private property'! Hey Luis, can you remove your hands from holding your 'birdie'! We want to see that, oh yeah!

Uhhh...Luis...uhhh...Luis...uhhhh...!!! We were reaching our climax because of you! Your naked body is really awesome! Ahhhh...ahhhh...!!! Show us more...more Luis...mooore...ahhhhhh...!!! We were getting arouse!

If you think this is the sexiest photo of Luis for this magazine, think again! Inside this mag, Luis show his butt! Yeah his sexy butt was exposed! But don't worry 'cause I will also share it with you! Uhhh...!!!

Well for now, take all your chance to see the naked Luis Alandy! Oops...did you see?! Some part of his pubic hair came out! Awww...uhhh Luis! Uhhhh...!!! C",)

A Yummy Hot Joross Gamboa in Folio Mag!

Thanks God, I finally grabbed a copy of this special edition Folio Magazine from X-Ray which features too hot, sexy, and seductive hunks! Awww...!!!

As you can see in the cover, it's the new Joross Gamboa exposing his uhhh sooo hot body! He's almost naked in this cover! I love the hair in his face, in his abs, and in his armpit!

So glad to see Joross Gamboa now! He really changed! And he change for sexy...soooh yummy! Uhhh...Joross...sarap mo!

We all know that Joross Gamboa came from the artista search of ABS-CBN called "Star Circle Quest"! He is a wholesome boy next door type before. But look at him now, soooh sexy! He's hot, seductive, and yummy! No exact words to describe his hot body! But seeing him, I really feel arouse! My temperature really rise to the highest nth level! Uhhh...uhhhh...Jorosss...uhhh!!!

I love his body now! So gorgeous! I can't resist his abs, muscles...kanin na lang ang kulang! Oh Joross...oh Jorosss...ohhhh...uhhh...Jorosssss...!!!

Actually Joross is one of the two cover hunk of Folio magazine. The other hot hunk is Luis Alandy! Yup, don't worry 'cause we will also discuss Luis in my next post. And of course, I will also share more hot, hot, hot photos of Joross Gamboa from this magazine! Exciting! Hehe...!

So feel so hot with this super sexy photo of Joross Gamboa from the Folio Magazine cover! Uhhh...uhhh...uhhhh...Jorosss...!!! C",)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Season's Standouts in Meg Magazine!

It would definitely an early yuletide season's treat this month of September in Meg Magazine! Yup as their topic for the month focuses on their so-called "Season's Standouts"!

And for this month, they have chosen another ABS-CBN teleserye drama princess Empress Schuck! Empress is together with another cute youngster!

Well the magazine's theme for this month really fits Empress! As we all know, this year marks a great rise for Empress! This the year or the season wherein she was given a big TV series project called "Rosalka! With this soap, she now became one of the household names! And her teleserye is also one of the daytime hit!

Now tell me why she can't be this season's standout?! Convince?! Definitely! 'Cause Empress is one of the successful rising star today! Keep this up Empress! You really deserve to be called as the 'Empress of Drama'! You really standing out! Cool! C",)

In the Details of Zac Efron!

Details magazine for this month of September is so lucky to have the Hollywood hunk young actor Zac Efron! Yup, Zac is the cover guy of this mag for this month!

As you can see, though wearing sando, the sexiness and hotness of Zac Efron is still seen! He's so gorgeous! He got a very, very yummy steamy body! His abs and muscles were wonderful!

Actually if you can recall, Zac Efron was recently crowned as the 'Hottest Celebrity' in the previous issue of one of the prestige magazine! His half-naked topless body was exposed in that magazine!

In this edition of Details magazine, the topic is not that so hot and sexy! But it is the cover guy who makes the issue very hot! This magazine is all about the "Fall Fashion Issue"! What is this all about?! Well, it's for you to find in this mag!

Oh Zac...ohh Zac...uhhh! You're really a one hot Papa! Your body is tempting hot! It's burning to the nth level! Uhh...yeah!!! Can we request to remove that gray sando and expose your uhhh-lala.... seductive abs and muscles?! You're so yummy Zac! The person having you is so lucky! Hope it's one of us! Uhhh...! C",)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Men of Cosmopolitan!

It's raining men every September! Uhh-yeah...or should I say it's storming men?!

We all know that the Cosmopolitan magazine every month of September every year launches a special magazine supplement featuring 69 hot, sexy, and gorgeous bachelors! This magazine is called Cosmomen and it's free every time you buy the September issue of Cosmopolitan mag.

Well did you able to complete the four hottest Cosmomen issues from 2007 to 2010?! If you were to ask me, I will proudly say: "yeah, I completed them already...! And they were now in my collection!" Hahaha! Bawal mainggit!

Hahaha...! But I'm generous! So for this special post, I will share with you the four covers of Cosmomen magazine from 2007 to 2010! Are you ready?! Here they go:

2010 - Sam Milby
"The Hunks with Wildlife!"

2009 - Gerald Anderson
"The Naughty Hot Hunks on Fire!"

2008 - Derek Ramsey
"The Hunks in Bathtubs!"

2007 - Dingdong Dantes
"The Naked Hunks in Wooden Forest!"

I first attracted to buy the Cosmomen issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in September 2007 when I saw the naked Dingdong Dantes as the cover hunk bachelor of the year! I grabbed a copy of it and that was the start of my Cosmopolian magazine collection!

Then in 2008, I also grabbed another copy of it. The hot Derek Ramsey was the 2008 Cover hunk of this magazine! I immediately bought it and include it in my collection! Oh yeah! By the way the yearly cover hunk of Cosmomen magazine is called Bachelor Centerfold!

Definitely in 2009 I immediately got a cover of Cosmomen! Yes, it's because my idol and my hunk type Gerald Anderson was the 2009 Cosmomen Bachelor Centerfold! He was really burning sooo very hot in the cover! Wow! Uhhh...Gerald...uhhh...!

And of course this year, Papa Sam Milby is the cover hunk bachelor of Cosmomen! Yeah, I have him already! The very first day of its launch, I was the first one to buy it! Haha! So flirty...! =)

Actually each year, there were new theme for the cover of Cosmomen! In 2007 the hunks were all in forest to have a shot! In 2008, the hunks were all in the bathtub that sizzles you in their wet and wild bodies! In 2009, the theme is burning so hot! It was all about the naughty boys in jail! Then now in 2010, the theme of the mag is all about wildlife! Yup, you will see your favorite hunks together with a wild animal on their sides!

So if I were to ask you, which of these four Cosmomen editions you love the most, which will you choose?! Will you prefer Dingdong, Derek, Gerald, or Sam?! If I were you, I will take them all! Haha...! So very flirting...!!! C",)

Kim and Gerald in Bench Trio Scents!

I know everyone of us really missed the hottest love team today known as Kimerald! Well, worry no more 'cause Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson is together again! Yeah!'

But this is not in a new TV series nor in the new movie. Ms. Kim Chiu and Mr. Gerald Anderson will be together once more in a new commercial endorsement! Kim and Gerald were two of the hottest young stars who would endorse a brand new perfume!

This new perfume is called Trio Scents! And this is brought to us by the leading clothing brand in the country called Bench!

Try to take a glance to the beautiful pictures of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson during the behind the scenes of their new endorsements. They were both pretty and handsome! They were definitely a perfect pair! Look at them above and below:

As you can see, Kim and Gerald really fits in this new perfume brand. They really look young, fresh, and oh so lovely! They two were really perfect! The beauty of Kim Chiu complements the handsome hunk image of Gerald Anderson!

Actually these pictures were taken during their behind the scenes shoots. Yup, they were currently having their pictorials for the billboards and promo posters of this new perfume to be launch very soon! These photos were so lovely!

And would you like to see the behind the scenes of their pictorials?! Well I'll give it to you!

Here is the very nice and beautiful behind the scene (BTS) pictorials of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson for Bench Trio Scents! Awesone! Very lovely! Hope you will enjoy! C",)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Star Magic 2011 Catalogue Released!

In accordance with their annual Star Magic Ball which was recently conducted in the Makati Shangrila, Star Magic, the talent center of ABS-CBN launches their Star Magic Catalogue for 2010!

"Fun, Fresh, Fierce"! This is the theme of the catalog for this year! As you can see, all the stars in the cover are fresh and beautiful!

Since Ms. Claudine Barretto already transferred to the Kapuso's GMA Talent Artist, the ultimate heartthrob and leading man Mr. Piolo Pascual leads! It's a first time for Star Magic Catalog to be led by a top male talent (Piolo Pascual) since in the previous issues, top leading lady (Claudine Barretto) lead the stars.

Following Papa Piolo going right were Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Kristine Hermosa, and Gabby Concepcion! Below Piolo were Sam Milby, Angelica Panganiban, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, and Diether Ocampo!

You may notice that these stars were really this year and all-time in-demand teleserye stars! They were really the brightest stars of today who come in the prestige talent center, the Star Magic!

Hmmmm...I wonder why the other Kapamilya teleserye stars like Jericho Rosales, Zanjoe Marudo, Coco Martin, and Jake Cuenca were not in the cover knowing that there were also one of the brightest?! And even the young superstar Ms. Angel Locsin was not in the cover! Is Angel Locsin not under Star Magic?!

But though some of our favorite hottest stars today were not in the main cover, this catalogue is indeed a very nice and beautiful one! Keep this up Kapamilya! I love it! Yeah, I already bought a copy of it and added it in my magazine collections! I love reading it! Very nice and interesting! C",)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sizzling Hot Cristiano Ronaldo for Armani!

Ohh...Cristiano...ohhh Cristiano...uhhhhh...!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo is a very, very, hot Portuguese football player! Yeah, I didn't really that familiar with this gorgeous hunk. Until I finally see his latest Armani TV commercial showing his uhhh so yummy sexy body!

Then when I searched Cristiano Ronaldo in the internet,'s so burning hot! He is so popular! He is one of the hunky hot male model! He has so many hot, topless, sexy and almost naked photos! Uhhh...uhhhh...uhhh...Cristianoooohhh...! I didn't expect that you're really sizzling seductive...uhhhh!!!

These are two of the steamy hot photo boards of Cristiano endorsing Armani! Yeah, he is also the endorser of briefs and other undergarments of this said clothing brand! Hoooo...he sooo oozing with sex appeal! Awwwww....!!!

Look at his's burning hot! He's so yummy!! His body can really arouse you to the highest maximum level! Uhhh...uhhhh...ahhhh...ahhh...yeah...!!! More Cristiano...more Cristiano....uhhhh...uhhhh...take that piece of brief! Uhhh...!! C",)

Cristiano Ronaldo Supah Hot in Emporio Armani TVC!

The Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo is sizzling so hot in the latest Emporio Armani TV commercial!

In this TVC, Cristiano is topless! At first he is wearing only brief. Then he slowly wear his jeans. He is undress in his own room with a maid!

The young lady maid is busy cleaning the house. But she secretly looks at the uhhh sooo hoot abs and muscles of Cristiano. Cristiano is topless. He didn't know that the maid keeps on staring on his ultra sexy yummy body!

Then Cristiano is looking for his Armani shirt! He keeps on looking around the room for his shirt to wear . But he didn't know the maid inside already found it!

The maid is so naughty! She likes to look at the topless body of Cristiano. So, she hide the shirt Cristiano looking for under the sofa pillow! Yeah she hides it to keep or maintain the shirtless hunk! Hahaha...!!!

Uhhh, Cristiano is really very, very, very burning hot! If I were the maid, I won't do the same! I will do more! Haha...! I will even keep Cristiano inside the room and do whatever I want to do on him! Hehe...! Uhhh...Cristiano...uhhh!

So, above is the complete TV commercial of Armani clothing brand featuring the supah dupah hot, hot, hot body of Cristiano Ronaldo! Like it! Uhhh...! C",)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cosmopolitan's Red Issue Features Andi Eigenmann!

It's red and beautiful...!

This is how we can describe the September 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine! Red is Cosmopolitan's color and flavor of the month! The background is in light red while the cover girl is in sexy dark red! Oh so red...!

And of course, Ms. Andi Eigenmann is the cover girl for this Cosmopolitan issue!

Yup, every September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine is very special! It's because every September, Cosmopolitan Magazine gives us the Cosmomen, the supplemental male magazine containing 69 hottest bachelors! This is in accordance to their annual Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash! Andi Eigenmann is the cover girl for the regular Cosmopolitan issue while the hot hunk Sam Milby is this year's Cosmopolitan Centerfold!

Definitely, the color theme for this month of Cosmopolitan mag really suits for it! It's really burning hot! Cosmopolitan mag as well as its Cosmomen supplement were both burning to the highest level as Andi and Sam grace the two covers! Uhhh...!

In this cover, Andi is really sexy and beautiful! She is wearing a glossy sexy red dress! Her lipstick is also red! Red background, red dress and red lipstick of the cover girl...perfectly hot red for the sexy sizzling month of September!

Personally speaking, I like this month's color theme of the magazine. All were red! The font color of the text for the Cosmo title and for the main story titles were in yellow that perfectly fits the red background! Very nice! Yeah, I already got a copy of this September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine though I didn't yet read it! I collect every September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine! Hehe...!

This magazine completes the fourth magazine wherein Andi Eigenmann is the cover girl! Yup, Andi is the cover girl of the four magazines for this month of September namely StarStudio, Metro, Chalk, and Cosmopolitan! Indeed Andi is really an in-demand young star today! She is really burning hot just like the cover of this magazine! She's one of the brightest star today! Keep it up Andi and more power to you! You're one of my inspiration young actress today! Nice one! C",)

Bianca Manalo and Cesar Montano for a Back-To-Back Issue of FHM for September!

After Robin Padilla, another action star is features in this male fashion issue of FHM Philippines. Now it's Mr. Cesar Montano!

The action Cesar Montano for FHM Male Fashion while the Beauty Queen Ms. Bianca Manalo for the FHM regular cover are this September's cover celebrity for this month!

This month's edition of FHM is extra-ordinary as it comes in a flip back-to-back cover. The front cover is Bianca Manalo while when you flip it in the backside, Cesar Montano is the cover hunk!

Just like the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine every month of September wherein there is a supplementary Cosmomen featuring 69 hottest bachelors, FHM for this month also comes in two covers! Yup, a cover girl and a cover boy comes in back-to-back! But unlike the Cosmopolitan, it is under one mag!

Well, do you already got a copy of it?! It seems that this month's cover of it is so exciting! We'll see...! C",)

Andi Eigenmann Exposes Real Beauty in Chalk Mag!

The September 2010 issue of Chalk Magazine is graces by the beautiful face of "Agua Bendita" star, Andi Eigenmann!

With the banner title of "Real Beauty", this September issue of this magazine will probably talks about beauty!

Yeah, it's definitely all about 'beauty' or should we say a 'beautiful magazine issue'! Almost all of the major topics in this magazine talk about beauty! Besides the cover story of "Real Beauty" about Ms. Andi Eigenmann, it also features other topics like "Best Beauty Bets", "Put Your Pretty On", "Denim Update", "10 Reader Make Overs", and of course topic about guys like "Guys Confess"!

Talking about the cover of this mag, Andi Eigenmann perfectly suits the cover. Her beauty really blends the beauty theme for this month! Truly, Andi is one of the most beautiful faces today in showbiz! Her overall appearance and the way she looks, truly very beautiful!

This magazine cover is one of the many magazine covers featuring Andi Eigenmann! She's definitely one of the hottest star today! Keep it up Andi! Nice one! C",)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Very Hot Prince in X-Ray Magazine!

Have you already saw a prince undress, and uhhh sizzling hot...?!

Who could imagine that a boy-next door type from Starstruck IV will eventually become an ultimate sexy hunk..a true sex symbol?!

This is Prince Stefan, one of the Starstruck IV survivor. He is the current GMA-7 artist and already took part in the different TV series of the said network. We all know him as a wholesome boy, but now look at him! We can't really resist him...!

Prince Stefan is the cover hunk in this month edition of X-ray Junior Magazine! In this magazine, you can totally see a very bare naked hot Prince! Ohhhh...sooo yummy! Actually I already grabbed a copy of it yesterday and I really feel so hot seeing Prince!

Way back 2007, Prince was my bet for the Ultimate Survivor title in the artista search of GMA-7. He was more gorgeous than the winner Aljur Abrenica before. And I'm so glad now seeing Prince hotter and sexier than Aljur!

I was really surprised to see the first bold photos of Prince! And I was glad to see them! What more now, a brand new hotter Prince Stefan in a will surely burns you! Ohhhh....!

This X-ray Junior is actually a big poster type magazine. You will see a very huge naked Prince Stefan in the poster mag while the backside comprised smaller hot pictures of Prince! Sooo seductive...!!!

My oh my...we can't really resist this very hot Prince! He is ultimately tempting, yummy, and sooo 'sarap'! Oh Prince...oh us more...uhhhhh.....uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!!! C",)


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