Friday, October 29, 2010

So Nice and Neat Richard Gutierrez in Bench Green Tee!

A very fresh and good-looking Richard Gutierrez is seen in this Bench Green Tee billboard!

Yup, this is the second Bench Green Tee billboard of Chard. The first one wherein he is wearing a green t-shirt is the one I already presented to you more than one month ago! And now, here's the other one! This time he is wearing yellow!

As you can see, Chard is very neat in this billboard. He's so clean and fresh! His white complexion really blends with the background and with his yellow t-shirt! He really looks so environmentalist in this billboard!

This billboard is perfect! It clearly depicts the theme of the Green Tee which is a pro-environment! Seeing this, you will feel relax and unwind! So inspiring, very green, very beautiful, truly pro-nature!

Moreover, Richard Gutierrez also looks cute and handsome here. Of course he also looks sexy and yummy. His bicep muscles were clearly seen! Oohh...!!! Chard still looking so hot and sexy though this billboard is very wholesome! Nice one Chard! You really inspire many! Keep it up! Cool! C",)

Jef Gaitan and Wendy Valdez in the Wildlife Edition of FHM!

"Untamed, Uncaged, Unleashed..." These were the three words how FHM describes their two cover babes for this month! They were not the wild animals in the forest, but they were wilder than them! As the mag says, they were untamed, uncaged, and unleashed...what will you expect?!

For this October 2010, FHM features two sexy cover girls. They were Jef Gaitan and Wendy Valdez! They look so hot and sexy! They were really going wild!

Yup, the theme of FHM for this month is all about wildlife! As you can see, Jef and Wendy were holding wild birds! Hehe...they were super hot and sexy! Jef and Wendy were wearing only a two piece while holding wild birds! Jef is wearing a mini gray two piece while Wendy is also on her red mini two piece! So hot. Their sexiness were exposed!

The background of the magazine is also as wild as them! It really looks like a forest! Perfectly blended with these hot ladies! Awesome! Jeah-jeah!!! C",)

Entertainment Weekly Names 50 Most Powerful Entertainers!

50 powerful names in the entertainment industry merged in this special edition of a magazine! Music, movie, television, print media, and any form of entertainment personalities were here!

Yup, the famous Hollywood entertainment magazine called Entertainment Weekly or EW ranks their 50 Powerful Entertainers. And they released it as part of their October 2010 issue.

Did your favorite entertainer part of their list?! Well, you make check them out!

Making it to the Powerlist are Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, Katy Perry, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey, Jr., Simon Cowell, Brad Pitt and more! Wow!

What are their criteria for naming and ranking these people?

EW mag based their ranking on a formula that included both hard, crunchable numbers (box office grosses, TV viewers, albums sold) with less tangible factors, like a star’s influence within their industry or general command of the pop cultural stage.

Now if I were to ask you, are you satisfied with their rankings? Did the people included in the list deserve their place?! C",)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fit and Fab Sam Pinto in Total Fitness Mag!

Former Pinoy Big Brother Double-Up housemate and a former Kapamilya who turned now to be a Kapuso Ms. Sam Pinto graces the cover of the Total Fitness Magazine for this month of October!

As its slogan says, "Live the active and fit lifestyle", Total Fitness mag is another health and fitness magazine just like Women's Health, Men's Health, and Healthy Living!

Sam is perfect for this cover. He is so sexy and fit. She wears a black gym attire! Beauty and sexiness fit her totality!

Besides Sam Pinto, what more can we expect from this month's edition?! The rise of the alpha, grabbing life by medicine balls, fitnsss you can chew, and how to raise your EQ were some of the topics that we should look forward in this health magazine!

Well, are you ready to become fit, fab, and healthy just like Sam Pinto?! We should be so let's take a look on this mag! Fabulous...!!! C",)

Semi-Formal Coco Martin in Green Garage Mag!

Want to see a sexy hunk 'Indie Prince' actor in semi-formal attire?! Well' he's here in this month's edition of Garage mag!

Coco Martin is the cover hunk of Garage magazine for this month of October 2010! As you can see, he is so formal! And take note, he is wrapped with clothes! Would it be your first time to see Coco Martin not nude or not showing or baring any skin?!

Oh Coco, Oh Coco...oohhh..! As they say, Coco is still looking hot and cute even though he is not nude! His face is angelic cute and handsome! And his body...his's really a panty droping! Awww...!!!

Coco is very wholesome here. His attire which has a shade of green perfectly blends with this month color theme of Garage. Yup, green is the flavor of the month! Of course, their topic is still more about fashion and styles!

I'm so curious with their main feature for this month! The banner title says "Fall Legend"! What does it means?! Will it means falling in love, falling on traps, or falling of panties or underwears?! Haha...Definitely the third one is correct! Yup, since Coco Martin is in the cover, expect that your pants and underwears will really fall! Hahaha...! "Makalaglag panty talaga si Coco..."!!!! Rapsa! C",)

Very Beautiful Andi Eigenmann in Speed Magazine!

She is very beautiful and sexy! She's so captivating! Buyers will definitely attract with the cover girl and not on the gadgets they were looking at...!

This is how we can describe Ms. Andi Eigenmann being the cover girl of Speed Magazine! Speed magazine is a gadget, gizmo, and techie magazine. Every issue every month, they feature a sexy and beautiful girl as they cover babe! And for this month, it's so glad to see Andi Eigenmann!

Yeah, Andi is really a female head-turner in this magazine. She really looks different! I like her light brown curly hair! Her hair color perfectly blends with her skin tone in this mag. What more, if perfectly suits the flesh, light-brown background of the magazine! Some readers say or mistakenly identify her as Angel Locsin in this mag! Nice!

What more can we expect from this mag?! Well, it's more on techie and gadget topics! This month will focus more on the internet! The future of the internet and the battle of the browsers were some of the features that support their main topic. Of course, the mag will also give us PC guides!

Moreover, Andi really proves that she is today's hottest and most in-demand cover girl. Last month, she got four magazine covers! Then this month, she even invades a gadget mag! Great one Andi! Keep it up! More power to you 'Heiress of Drama'! C",)

Rhian Ramos for the 'Perfect Beauty' Issue of Meg Mag!

Let's talk about beauty in this month's issue of Meg Magazine! Yeah, it's all about beauty and only beauty this month of October!

And to share with us different beauty tips or advice, Rhian Ramos graces the cover of this October 2010 issue of Meg Mag!

The main feature story of this mag is about "Perfect Beauty"! Definitely, we will talk more on beauty tips and beauty secrets!

Inline with the beauty theme for this month, Meg will also features their annual beauty awards. They will also discuss top trends in beauty. They will give us guide on how to wear pretty messy hair! Then they will share with you topics about your vain guy! Exciting!

Rhian wears a trendy gray dress in this mag that really blends with the gray background of the magazine! So pretty! Nice! C",)

Cristine Reyes Once Again in the Cosmopolitan Mag Cover!

The sexy actress and this year's second FHM's Sexiest Woman Ms. Cristine Reyes is once again the cover girl of Cosmopolitan Magazine for this month of October!

Cristine seems to be the favorite cover girl of this magazine since a while ago, she is in the cover. Then once again, another latest issue of this mag is Cristine! Well, she deserves it since today, not only being sexy and hot, Cristine is now in the limelight!

Cristine is one of the four sexy hot main characters of the Primetime TV series "Kristine". She is one of the reason why our night is very hot! Oh!

For this month's issue, it seems that violet is the color theme of this magazine. It's because the background color of the mag is light violet while the font shade is pinkish-violet! Cristine's sexy attire is pale white which combine with her circular white earrings!

This issue's main topic will focus mainly on thriftiness and hi-tech forms of flirting. The main cover feature is all about how to spend less while being class! We will also be exposed for all the items sell at Php1,500 and below!

Meanwhile, for the hi-tech forms of flirtation, the magazine will discuss if a guy 'likes" your FB, posts then what...? And of course, it will also guide us on how to handle the missent emails!

For this edition's featured hunk, you will feel so very hot with Tom Rodriguez!!

Since we're still on the month of October, did you already grab a copy of this mag?! C",)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rainier Castillo Goes Sexier in X-Ray Folio!

As promised, I will shared with you all the hottest men featured in the latest X-Ray Folio magazine!

After I started with its back-to-back cover wherein Joross Gamboa and Luis Alandy were in the cover, we followed to explore its content. The sexy yummy Rodjun Cruz started our meatier quest inside the magazine. After him, here's the second hunk. Get ready to see the brand new Rainier Castillo!

Yup, this is the photo image of former starstruck runner-up Rainier Castillo. Unlike the other guys in the mag, Rainier only shows his top body part. We only see his now sexy chest, breast, and biceps. Oh so sad, we failed to see his abs and his lower body parts!

But though this is only shown for Rainier, we can easily see his sexiness! Yup, Rainier now is turning to be another sexy bachelor coming from the artista search. Just like Prince Stefan and Joross Gamboa, we surprised to see a brand new sexier Rainier Castillo. He is now turning to be a mature man! Ooh...!!!

Ooh-lala...Rainier...uhhh are sooohhh yummy now! You are getting sexier and yummier everyday! You are now starting seducing us...uhhh..uhhhh...go ahead..uhhh yeah! Rainier...Ranier...uhhh...boy...!!! The boy is now turning to be a man....a very hot man...uhhh!! The baby is now starting to produce a baby...!!!! this to this to us...uhhhh...Rainierrrr!!! You are really yummy though you make us 'bitin' with your magazine shot! Uhhh...!!!! C",)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Super Hot Topless JC De Vera!

OMG...he is really hot and yummy! Uhhh...!!!

This is JC De Vera's one of the hot shot in Men's Magazine! Yeah, if you can still recall, JC became a cover of Men's Health Magazine two month's ago. He shared with us his denim outfit and how he handles his own fashion!

Inside the said mag particularly in its centerfold, JC got many photoshots. Some were topless! Ohh...yeah! And this is an example of his sexy hot topless magazine photo!

I like his body! It's gorgeously hot and sexy! He got a perfect abs and wonderful muscles! How we all wish to touch his body! How can imagine touching his upper body, it will really cause burn to our hands! Uhhh...uhhh..JC....ahhhh...!!! Ohhhh...yeah....!

JC De Vera is perfect! As they say, he is a complete package! Having a handsome face and a sexy hot yummy body, tell me how complete he is! Oh my...oh my...he's so burning hot! Our temperature is really rising to the fullest! Ahhhh...ahhhh...ohhh-yeah...!!!

JC De Vera's topless body is too hot to handle and too sexy and yummy to taste! Uhhh...uhhh...! I really like this JC's shot! I already added his Men's Health magazine in my many collections! Nice one JC! You're gorgeous, you're burning hot, you're seductive, you're sexy, you're yummy...pagkasarap-sarap! Ooh-lala...!!! C",)

The Jake Cuenca's Nude Body Spray Billboards! hot and yummy! You're burning sooh hot in this cold season!!

These were the two naked billboards of the sexy hunk actor Jake Cuenca for Bench Body Spray! Yup, these were part of the recently launched Bench Trio Scents by this famous clothing brand. Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu endorsed the sweet scents while these two burning hot scents were for Jake!

These two body spray scents perfectly fit Jake Cuenca. As their names suggest, "Exposed" and "Undress", Jake Cuenca's sexiness is exposed since he has no clothes at all! Of course since he is naked, he is definitely undress! Uhhh....soooh burning hot! Super hotness and yumminess Jake Cuenca is in these billboards! Ohhhh...ohhh...he's so tempting and irresistible!

Actually, majority of Jake Cuenca's billboards were super hot and sexy! He shows all his gorgeous abs and muscles in almost all of his billboards! And these two were the latest! Though he is not endorsing here a brief or an underwear, he still posed so nude and sexy! Jake...Jake...ahhhhhh...ahhhhhh...sarappp...!!!

These two billboards capture most of the people's attention in EDSA! They keep on looking for this nude hot and sexy Jake! Hayz Jake, you're the cause of many accidents! Hahaha...!!!

Jake show more please...uhhh...! We're getting thirsty because of your ultimate hot body! Uhhh...uhhhh...Jakeee...coool!!!!! Uhhh...!!! We're burning so hot right now seeing those two billboard exposing your body!!! Sooh hot..!!! C",)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Topless Ahron Villena for Walker Underwear!

You want more of Ahron Villena's hotness...?! Yeah...I'll give you more! As promise, here are some to satisfy your desire and feed your fantasy! Ooh yeah!

Ahron Villena is the new endorser of Walker briefs and men's underwear. Just like Jericho Rosales and Alfred Vargas, he is too hot, sexy, yummy, and seductive that will make your temperature rise the fullest!

I love his body now! It's too gorgeously yummy! At first he is so handsome. What more now, besides being handsome, he is now sexier and meatier! Uuhhh...uhhhh...ooh-la-la...!

I can't imagine that Ahron will be sooh sexy like this! Yeah, I admire him before because of his great look! But what more now?! Now that he got a very steamy yummy body, what will you expect from me??! Uhhhh....!!!

Hayz...Ian Batherson is so lucky with him! 'Kainggit...'! Haha! Yeah, Ian and Ahron is one the hottest pairs in showbiz today! Do you familiar with RonYan, a combination of their names just like a loveteam?

Yup, Ian and Ahron is now being accused of having a 'relationship' or having an affair! Yeah, the so-called 'Bromance', a BRO-Romance! That intrigue came from their reality show "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown" wherein they were both castaways! What do you think?!

Before we discuss more on Ahron and Ian, let's take a glance first on the other photos of Ahron wearing the undershirt of Walker! Here below:

Topless or with shirt, Ahron is still sexy! His body and abs were still seen underneath these shirts!! Uhhh...uhhhh...aaaahhhh...aaaahhhron...!!!

They say, "bagay daw sina Ahron at Ian" since they two were both handsome, hot, and yummy! "Walang lugi sa kanila..."! 'Kainggit'! Another hahaha...!!!

How about you believe in this Ahron-Ian love affair?! Actually, there is now a fanpage named RonYan or "AhrIan" in Facebook which supports their love team! Will you be one of them?!

Oh yeah, Ian Batherson is really so very lucky having Ahron Villena! I wish...!!!

But still, Ahron is very hot and yummy! We all wish we can take him out! Hope to take him and sleep together with him in bed! And we were all salivating to taste lick his sexy swallow his big cock...! Uhhhh...uhhhhh....mooore ahron...moooree...ahhhh...ahhhh...Aaaaahhhhrooonnn...!!

Get wet, feel so hot, and feed your desire with more and more Ahron Villena's shirtless and almost naked boards on my next post! Ohhhhh....uhhhhhh...I know you're really excited! Uhhhh...uhhhh...aahhh...ahhh...Aaahhhhhhrronnn....Aaahhhhhron...!!! 'Sarap'! Uhhhh...yeah...!!! C",)

A Very Hot and Sexy Ahron Villena as the New Walker Endorser!

After Jericho Rosales, Matt Evans, and Alfred Vargas, another super hot hunk is now the new endorser of this famous briefs and underwear brand.

Former "You're The Man" Idol of ABS-CBN's MTB and now one of the very hot male castaways in the hit reality show "Survivor Phiippines Celebrity Edition", Ahron Villena is the new endorser of Walker brief!

As the Walker's famous line says, "Sexier than nude...", Ahron is very, very, very hot, sexy and yummy being the new endorser! Ohhhh...uhhhh... we can't resist him! He's really seductive! Ahhhh....Aaaaaahhhron...!!!

OMG, Ahron is ultimate hot now! I really love his body! Too yummy to taste, too hot to handle...! I assure you, you will really burning soooh hot seeing him!

According to Ahron, he workout on gym for two years. And the result now is here, a too daring hot and yummy Ahron for all of us! He can eventually rise our temperatures and will feed our wildest fantasies! Uhhh...uhhh...!!!

Actually Ahron is my favorite! He was even my idol in the defunct noontime show of ABS-CBN. He is even my bet in this reality show!

This is one of Ahron's Walker billboards. On my next posts, I will share with you more of Ahron's sexiest boards!

Uhhh...uhhh...can you see?! Ahron's cock inside his Walker underwear is too big...uhhhh soooo large...!!! made us sooo burning hot...!!! We're reaching our climax now! Can we taste that 'pet' inside your underwear?! Oohhh please...we're begging...!!! Uhhhh...uhhh...aaaaahhh...ahhhh...aaaaahhhhron...!!! Yummy! C",)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Angelic Sexy Villain in Women's Health Magazine!

Today's very effective 'Primera Kontrabida', Ms. Angel Aquino is in the cover of October 2010 issue of Women's Health Magazine!

Ms. Vera Cruz, a top villain in the top-rating fashionserye in ABS-CBN "Magkaribal" really looks so sexy and fit in this latest magazine cover. As one of the fashion icon, Angel is very effective in her role and as a magazine cover girl!

While looking at the magazine cover, it seems that we saw the character of Vera Cruz rather than the real Angel Aquino. Her smile, her look, her pose really depicted Ms. Vera Cruz, the mortal enemy of Victoria!

This only proves that Angel Aquino is really effective in her role as the new character actress. She really makes people very angry with her every time that she maltreated Gretchen Barretto or Bea Alonzo in "Magkaribal"!

But in this magazine, you will never get angry with her. Rather you will love her as you will discover the real Angel Aquino, the real secret behind her sexiness! Together with the magazine, she will share with us how to get sexy and fit, what food to eat to become sexy, how to flatten your belly, and more other things about every women's health! So exciting! It's a great sexy tips for all women out there! Yeah! C",)

Wet Look Solemn Heussaff in Uno Mag!

This October 2010, feel so hot and wet with the latest cover of Uno Magazine!

Yeah, this is because one of the female castaways of "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition", Ms. Solemn Heussaff is looking so wet as she graces this month's issue of the said magazine!

"Help Yourself" is the banner title of the cover feature story of the said magazine. As you can see Solemn is in the act of fighting! Who will she fight?!

Hmmm...maybe Solemn will share with us her experience being one of the castaway in the top-rating reality show on TV today! How she survived the trials and challenges, we may know!

Now that we're currently experiencing typhoon, let's go wet and wild with Solemn Heussaff only in the Uno magazine! Get wet, wet, wet...! Oh yeah! C",)

Oh So Hot and Yummy Rodjun Cruz on X-Ray Folio Mag! (Part 2)

And this is the second of the two photos of Rodjun Cruz in the latest X-Ray Folio magazine! Sooh hot!

Well, comparing Rodjun with his brother Rayver Cruz, Rodjun is more handsome and hotter! Yup, he is more seductive and much sexier than his brother! Definitely! Agree?!

His body is so gorgeously hot...! He can eventually rise up your temperature to the nth level! Seeing him only in this mag, you will definitely reach your climax!

Ooh Rodjun, ooh Rodjun...uhhhh...uhhhh...we want mooore....mooore....more of you! Uhhh...!!! We are now burning soooh hot because of you!

When I opened the page of Rodjun in the said X-Ray Folio mag, I immediately grab my cellphone camera and took photos of him! I tried so many times before I captured his best shot!

My hands, my eyes, my soul...and all part of my body is burning so hot right now because of Rodjun. My keyboard is now producing fire because of the ultimate hotness Rodjun brought! Uhhh...uhhhh...ooohhhhh...Rodjun....!!! OMG...Rodjun is irresistibly hot, sexy, seductive, tempting, yummy...what more can I describe him?!!! Uhhh...uhhh..uhhh Rodjun!!! C",)

Oh So Hot and Yummy Rodjun Cruz on X-Ray Folio Mag! (Part 1)

As promised, I will share with you all the featured hot hunks in the latest edition of X-Ray Folio magazine. And our first man will be no other than the brother of Rayver Cruz, Rodjun Cruz!

Oh so yummy, meaty, sexy...soooh hot Rodjun! Uhhh...! He's so tempting! Awww...! Ahhh...ahhh...ooohhh Rodjunnnnn...!!!

This is one of the two page photos of Rodjun Cruz inside the magazine. He is really sexy! Actually Rodjun is my favorite man in that magazine. I like his body! So very hot! He got a very sexy sinful body while having an angelic face! Tell me who can't resist him?!

I first noticed Rodjun in the TV series "Magkaribal". I didn't know him that time. He was the friend of Enchong Dee in the said soap who is also a combat fighter. He is always topless in that teleserye. I immediately noticed him because of his great look and his hot sexy body!

When I searched the net, I'm glad I found the man whom we're dreaming for. And he is Rodjun Cruz, the brother of Rayver!

I'm happy that Rodjun is also one of the hot men featured in the X-Ray Folio. So glad I got a copy of that magazine! And it didn't failed me! Rodjun's two photos in the magazine is definitely satisfying! Uhhh...uhhh...ahhh...!!!

Feed your fantasy with this first photo of Rodjun in the said mag. In my next post, I will share with you the other one! C",)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toni Gonzaga Working Alone in the Health Today Magazine!

"How Work Alone Keeps Toni Gonzaga Fit" is the cover story in this October 2010 issue of Health Today Magazine!

Yup, Toni Gonzaga, one of the Kapamilya's precious stars is in the cover of this health-oriented magazine.

As you can see, Toni is very fit, sexy, and pretty in this magazine! Knowing that Toni is currently having a riff with her ex-bestfriend Mariel Rodriguez, it seems that Toni can handle the controversy very smoothly! Toni still healthy and sexy! Her face is still full of smile!

Well, these maybe some of the tips and secrets she may share with us in this magazine. How to stay healthy, sexy, and pretty besides experiencing problems and challenges will be the best topic we were looking for!

Other topics discussed in this issue are “Battling the Big C”, “Experience Modern healing in medi-spas”, “Move with healthy joints”, “How to handle verbal conflicts”, “Why you need folic acid” and many more!

The background of this mag really depicts purity, cleanliness, and health with its plain white background and green fonts which is really cool and relaxing to see! Nice one! C",)

Maria Venus Raj in Her First 'Major Major' Sense and Style Mag Cover!

It's "Raj-ooh-la-la" in this October 2010 edition of Sense and Style magazine!

Ms. Universe 2010 4TH Runner-Up, Ms. Maria Venus Raj graces the cover of Sense and Style. If I'm not mistaken, it is the first time of Venus to be a 'major major' cover girl of a particular magazine!

Venus is this year's one of the news makers. She becomes controversial after she was being dethrone. But eventually, she got her title back and represented the country in the prestigious Ms. Universe pageant.

She instantly rise in fame as she grabbed the 4TH runner-up title in the said competition! What more, her line in the question and answer portion saying "major major" is now the famous word all over the country! Now, the limelight is in Venus!

Since Venus is in the cover, expect that this edition of this mag will tackle more about beauty! “The Seal of Style Awards for Beauty”, “25 Hottest Fall Looks”, “The Truth about Food Supplements” were some of the features! There is also an exclusive tips and tricks from Top Dermatologists in this issue of Sense and Style!

So, let's be the first to grab this copy of Sense and Style and see the 'major major' makeover of Maria Venus Raj! C",)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sam Milby and Angel Locsin for the Folded and Hung Holiday!

We are now on the Holiday Season! We're already on the second Ber month, the month of October. And less than two months to go, we will celebrating Christmas time!

So, inline with the holiday season, Folded and Hung just recently launched their special holiday collection featuring Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. Sam Milby!

This is a sample of their separate billboards. This is found on the main page of their website!

As you can see, Angel and Sam were perfect! They two were really good looking! They look like foreigners. They were really perfect to be the Folded and Hung Holiday endorsers.

I love how they look! Angel Locsin having a brown hair is really beautiful! Sam Milby with his simple outfit looks so gorgeously handsome!

Honestly speaking, this latest billboard of FnH for the holiday is one of my favorite. It's very wholesome yet so attractive! An of course, I love both Sam Milby and Angel Locsin! Hope to see them together in either another TV series or in movie projects. They two were a perfect love team!

Nice one Sam and Angel! Love you both! On my latest posts, I will share with you their own billboards. Promise, you will really love them! See yah...! C",)

Meet Hideo Muraoka, A Very Hot Folded and Hung Model!

I really feel very, very hot seeing the different billboards of Folded and Hung! Specially this hunk Brazilian-Japanese model, I quickly reach my climax seeing his oohhh...sooohh hot body! Awww..!

He is Hideo Muraoka, a Brapanese model! He is one of the hottest hunk model-endorser of Folded and Hung! Uhhhh...uhhhh...Hideohhhhh...!

He got a very gorgeous yummy body! Your temperature will really rise to the fullest seeing his many different half-naked billboards!

Well, before your pants totally slide down, allow me first to share with you some of his very hot F&H billboards! Here you go:

Actually the first billboard of Folded and Hung I saw wherein he is the model is the one wherein he is lying down naked in yellow sofa! Yup, don't worry 'cause I will also share with you those billboards on my later post just watch it out!

For the meantime, satisfy your cravings and feed your wildest fantasies with some of these F&H billboards of Hideo! Ooh-lala...!

Hideo is really steamy yummy! He is the dream of many! How we all wish we can take him home...that he can be with us in bed! Uhhhh...uhhh...Hideo..Hideooohhh...ahhhh...!!!

How among you didn't want to taste and lick Hideo's hot body?! Hideo...Hideooohhhh...morehhhhh...uhhhh...! We are really burning very, very hot because of you! Ahhhh....!!!

So sad because I have read on his FB account that he is already married to Fatima and already had a child! But it's not a problem! You are still hot and yummy! Your wife is very, very lucky of you! We still want to have a child with you...! Uhhh...uhh...Hideohhhh...come with us...! We really want to taste you! Uhhh!!! C",)

A Lovely Kimerald Bench Trio Scent Billboard!

They were so sweet and lovely! They were full of love and inspiration...!

Well, these how we can describe this latest billboard of the hottest loveteam of this generation, the Kimerald!

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson is very sweet in this billboard. Seeing this big billboard posted around EDSA, you will really feel the love! You will get inspired with them.

The theme of the billboard perfectly fits them. The background has a classic touch. It is inspired by a west side story!

Gerald Anderson is very handsome in this billboard. Kim Chiu on the other hand is very beautiful! Just like the name of the scent called "Adored", you will really adore them with these billboard!

The red rose flowers holded by Kim Chiu add sweetness in the billboard!

Hayz...though Kimerald is experiencing great intrigues and controversies, they two were still lovely to see! Good luck Kim and Gerald! Hope you may resolve your issues! C",)

Ryan Reynolds Stylish Attire in GQ Magazine!

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds return in print media as he graces the cover of the latest edition of GQ magazine!

With the cover feature story title of "Ryan Reynolds Brings the Swagger", Ryan is stylish yet in formal men's attire!

Though he is in formal attire, his sexiness has been seem. As you can see, part of his abs were partially seen in his other photo for this magazine!

Ryan is one of the handsome and hunk international actor to date! He already portrayed a superhero in one of the Hollywood film, "Green Lantern"!

Ryan will also guide us in different styles in men's fashion as this mag also features a complete fall guide to men's style! Well, Ryan started to show us his own style in men's formal wear in the cover!

GQ is another fashion magazine in international arena. It gives us different styles and statements in fashion! Hmmm...what more do you expect in this issue of GQ magazine? Can we expect a topless or sexier Ryan Reynolds here?! We hope...hehe! C",)


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