Friday, November 26, 2010

Jason Abalos Getting Hotter and Yummier!

Oohhh Jason Abalos...uhhh!!!

Jason Abalos is now one of the Kapamilya rising leading man! Besides having many opportunities in different TV series like in the previous hit "Agua Bendita" pairing him with Andi Eigenmann and now in PHR's "Alyna" opposite Shaina Magdayao, do you see something on Jason?!

Yeah look at him now, his getting hotter and hotter everyday! Uhhh...he is now sexier and yummier! Look at his body now, very hot and seductive! He now carries to do more and more bed scenes! In his daily daytime TV series, he has so many sexy bed scenes with Shaina! we all wish we are Shaina Magdayao having sex with you Jason! You're so yummy! "Ang sarap mo..."!

Jason can now feed our wildest fantasy! He's gorgeous! Yeah I admit, I like Jason! He's one of my favorite and my bet hunk actor! His great! Oooohhhh...Ohhhh Jason...Oooohhh...!!!

You know in his different TV series, what people want to see is the naked Jason Abalos! Yup, "inaabangan ng marami ang paghuhubad ni Jason"! Sarap!

Jason, Jason, ooohhh Jason...we want to kiss and lick your sexy abs! We want to touch your body not only with our bare hands but with our wet tongue...! Uhhh...Jason...Jasoooonnnnhhh...Aaaaahhhh...aaaaaahhhh...!!! We love to have a sex with you! Uhhh...!! You truly made us reach our climax! Oohh yeah...!!! C",)

Jericho Rosales is the Face of Vaseline Men Facial Wash!

Oh it's Papa Echo! This is a brand new endorsement for this hot Kapamilya actor!

Yup, Mr. Jericho Rosales is the current endorser of the newly launched Vaseline Men Facial Wash! Besides his cute TV commercial seen on TV, this is his new billboard!

Jericho Rosales looks very cute and handsome in this billboard. His face is very light and clear! He's gorgeous!

Besides owning this clearer, fairer, and cute handsome face, Echo also owns a very hot, sexy and yummy body! Uhhh...!!! Hayz, since this product is only a facial wash, the gorgeous yummy body of Echo was not expose! So disappointing! But it's ok since Echo is really cute and handsome! We're already satisfied with his good look! Hehe!

Nice one Papa Echo! Hope we can kiss and touch your cute face! C",)

Striking Sam Pinto in Motorcycle Magazine!

It's Sam Pinto once again! seems that this Kapamilya turned Kapuso actress is a favorite cover girl nowadays with different techie magazine just like this!

Yup, Sam really looks striking in this magazine! I like the color theme of this mag! It fits for the season! It's very purple! It's really catchy to the eye!

Yeah, this magazine is all about motorcycles! Just like a gadget mags wherein topics where all about gadgets or devices, this magazine will lead us to the world of motorcycles and scooters! Since nowadays, motorcycles were really in-demand or many really wants to have their scooters, this magazine was launched for many motorcycle addicts!

Many guys will definitely bought this one! Hmmm...I wonder why Sam Pinto is a favorite cover girl of different techie mags? What do you think?! C",)

A Younger Looking Dina Bonnevie in the New You Magazine!

Ms. Dina Bonnevie is in the cover of the New You Magazine! Here is how she looks like in this magazine!

"Age Defying" is the main topic of this said magazine for this issue. They feature how to look younger and more beautiful even though you are now at the ages of late 40's or 50 and above!

Definitely, Ms. Dina Bonnevie fits for this magazine. Even though Ms. D. is already on his late 40's, she's even looks younger and beautiful! Yup, she is ageless! Actually when you put Ms. D. and her daughter Danica, they were not actually look mother and daughter, they look like sisters! Yeah!

No doubt why Ms. Dina Bonnevie even got younger boyfriends! As they say, Dina is another one hot mama! Nice! What do you think is the secret of Ms. D? C",)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Under the Mask of Wendell Ramos!

Very sizzling hot and yummy...!!! Ohh-lala!

This is the hunk actor Wendell Ramos during the Bench Uncut Fashion Show! Wearing a black mask on his face with a black cloth that covers his 'private property', Wendell looks a sexy hot superhero!

His upper body is exposed! We really love the cuts on his chest and on his abs! Uhhh...uhhh Wendell, you're so tempting! Ooohhh...ohhhhh...we're getting hotter and hotter because of your sexy and seductive body! Aaahhh...aaaahhhh...we're reaching our climax now! Uhhhh...!!!

The theme of this fashion show of Bench Body is futuristic! Actually the underwear of the models were also those garments they wear on the Bench Holiday Billboards! Yup, on my next post, I will expose to you the sexy hot billboards of these hot models for Bench Holiday! Right now, let's all feed our fantasy for Wendell!

Though we are on the cold season of November, we really feel very, very hot because of you Wendell! We want to take you out! And we really, really tempted to undress you! Ooohhh...ohhhh...mooore...!!! Mooore Wendell...mooore...ohhhhh..ohhhh...!!! We're starting to cu*! It's already wet here in our place! Ooooohhh...!!! C",)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Zanjoe Marudo is Cosmopolitan's November Man on Fire!

This November's issue of Cosmopolitan magazine is really sizzling hot specially their Man on Fire feature! Yup, it's the "Kristine Series" leading hunk star Mr. Zanjoe Marudo is their Man on Fire! Uhhh...!!!

This is Zanjoe's page in the said magazine. Take a look at him and feel free to stare at him! Ooohh-yeah...super yummy!

As they say, Zanjoe is really "lalaking-lalaki" and "barakong-barako"! Look at his body, it's really seductive! "Sobrang tigas..." Or "ikaw ang titigasan..."! Hehe...

His name is really very masculine! "Pangalan pa lang ulam na..."! What more his body! Uhhhh...uhhhh...Zanjoooooohhhh...uhhhhh...uuuuhhhh...aaaaahhhh...!!! He's super yummy!

Actually Zanjoe's body is one of the hunk's body I admired most! His body is so great! It's perfect!

His former GFs were truly very lucky of him! Hmmm..."natikman na kaya nila si Zanjoe?" What do you think?!

Here are some of Zanjoe's behind the scene pictorials for Cosmopolitan. Grab your chance to take more glance on him:

Though Zanjoe is a bit wholesome in these photos, his sexiness could really be seen! His muscles can be felt inside his clothes!

Ooohhh...can you see his abs?! It's terrific! Wow! How we all wish to lick and kiss it! We all want to touch his abs, his sexy chest, and his hot muscles not with our bare hands but with our tongues! Uhhhh...uhhhhh...Zanjoe!

What more can we ask for this guy?! He's another complete package! He's really a hunk to die for! Oooohhhh...ohhhh...aaaaahhhhh Zanjoe!

Zanjoe, Zanjoe, oohh Zanhoe, can we take you out?! Your body really makes us reach our climax! Uhhhh...aaaaahhhh Zanjooohhhh!!!! 'Sarap ng katawan mo'! All really want to have a sex with you! They desire to f**ck you! C",)

Ryan Reynolds is People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive of 2010!

People Magazine once again named their so called "Sexiest Man Alive" for 2010. And for this year, it is the Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds who got the title! Wow!

This 34-year-old star of “The Proposal” and upcoming superhero movie “Green Lantern” bested Jon Hamm (30 Rock), Drake (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Joe Manganiello (True Blood), Robert Downey Jr, Justin Timberlake (The Social Network), Vin Diesel (The Fast and the Furious), Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga), Alex O’Loughlin (Hawaii Five-O) and rock star Jon Bon Jovi.

To satisfy your fantasy for this super hot and yummy international actor, here are some of his sizzling photos that will really make your panty drop! Let's all feel ooohhhh sooohhh hot with Ryan Reynolds with his photos below:

Well, what can you say about him?! Do you feel so hot seeing his photos?! Uhhhh...uhhh..Ryan! Did he deserves his title?!

By the way I will share with you more. Here are People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive in the last 25 years (including their age when they were chosen):

1985 – Mel Gibson, 29 – First person chosen

1986 – Mark Harmon, 34

1987 – Harry Hamlin, 35

1988 – John F. Kennedy Jr., 27 – longest gap between selections (eighteen months); only winner now deceased; youngest winner. Only non actor to win.

1989 – Sean Connery, 59 – oldest winner

1990 – Tom Cruise, 28

1991 – Patrick Swayze, 39

1992 – Nick Nolte, 51

1993 – Richard Gere, 44 & Cindy Crawford, 27 – People took a one-year hiatus from Sexiest Man and instead awarded Sexiest Couple

1995 – Brad Pitt, 31 – first of two awards

1996 – Denzel Washington, 41 – first and only African American winner

1997 – George Clooney, 36

1998 – Harrison Ford, 56

1999 – Richard Gere, 50 – first two-time winner (previous win was shared)

2000 – Brad Pitt, 36 – first solo two-time winner

2001 – Pierce Brosnan, 48

2002 – Ben Affleck, 30

2003 – Johnny Depp, 40

2004 – Jude Law, 31 – youngest British winner

2005 – Matthew McConaughey, 36

2006 – George Clooney, 45

2007 – Matt Damon, 37

2008 – Hugh Jackman, 40

2009 – Johnny Depp, 46

2010 – Ryan Reynolds, 34

Do you agree?! Are these list of men really the sexiest?! Well, if you were to ask, which of them is the sexiest, the hottest, and the yummiest?! Or you have an\y other choice?!

Thanks to People Magazine for giving us sooohhh hot men like this! Hehe...!!! We're really salivating with them! C",)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Faster, Stronger, and Fitter Chris Tiu in Men's Health Mag!

It's very cute, handsome, and wholesome Chris Tiu is in the cover of Men's Health magazine for their November 2010 issue.

"Faster, Stronger, Fitter" is the current main features in this magazine pertaining to a body workout! And this Kapuso star, athlete, TV host, and now commercial endorser Mr. Chris Tiu was chosen to represent the magazine as the cover hunk!

Unlike the previous cover hunks of this magazine, Chris Tiu is very wholesome! He looks like a boy next-door rather than a hot seductive hunk! His good looks can only attracts you! But how about his body?!

I know Chris also possesses a body to die for, a yummy and hot body inside his clothes! But why is it he didn't expose it?! Why did he chose to wear a t-shirt that would cover his sexiness rather than to wear a sando that will showcase his muscles?! Or even pose topless wearing nothing on top (or even nothing below...hehe)?!

Chris is already a dream boy of many! He's even tagged as one of today's 'crush ng bayan'! I think it's already time to show his sexiness that will seduce many of us! Did you see...can you see his sexy chest under his t-shirt...?! Oohhh...!!! "Konti na lang...konting hubad na lang...uhhh..."! You will definitely become another one hot yummy papa! Aawww...!!! Ooh yeah Chris Tiu! You're really "masarap Tiupa**"! C",)

The Battle of Two Sisters in FHM Cover!

Who's sexier?! Who's more beautiful?! Who between the two is more seductive?!

It seems that there's a battle of sexiness, charm, and beauty with these two real-life sisters! Yup, it's the Madrigal sister in the November 2010 issue of FHM magazine! Ms. Ehra Madrigal and Ms. Michelle Madrigal were the cover girls of this hottest male magazine!

Since last month, FHM features two sexy babes in their cover. Jef Gaitan and Wendy Valdez started the pairing of two hot ladies in their wildlife theme issue last month. Then this month, Michelle and Ehra continue the sizzling hot poses!

Both of them were sexy and pretty! Both of them posses an erotic attitude that can seduce a man! But the question goes, who between them is more?! Who do love and like more, Ehra or Michelle?! Or will want to take them both?! It's really a sister's act for this month here in FHM!

How about next month, can you guess who will be the two hot ladies that will become cover girls of this magazine?! C",)

Cristine Reyes is a 'Lady Luxe' in Preview Magazine!

Very beautiful, sexy, attractive, and luxurious! This is how we can describe this "Kristine Series" star Ms. Cristine Reyes in this November 2010 issue of Preview Magazine!

Yup, "Lady Luxe" is the current theme of this magazine! As the title suggest, expect that more luxurious things will be discussed in this edition! It's all about cozy topics for all the ladies out there!

Just like their main topic, Cristine looks very elegant here! She wears a purple glossy dress! It seems that her dress is very expensive! And it perfectly blends with background color of the magazine! What more, Cristine's color theme truly fits for Christmas! Nice!

In her latest TV series, Cristine portrays the character of Jewel Fortalejo, a real haciendera! Her elegance and beauty besides being so sexy fit her for this month's cover girl of this fashion magazine! Great one! Very charming and beautiful! C",)

Unleashing Vera Cruz in Metro Magazine!

Ms. Vera Cruz is one of the most fabulous, most wicked, and most-hated character in the recently concluded fashion TV series in ABS-CBN "Magkaribal"! Actually Vera gave a new character and personality to Ms. Angel Aquino!

And because Vera Cruz is a very hot item, she becomes the cover girl of this November 2010 issue of Metro Magazine!

Actually what you can see in this magazine cover is more on Vera Cruz and not Angel Aquino! The personality, the trait, the character, the fashion statement were not anymore Angel Aquino but Vera Cruz! Yup, this is how dominating Vera that she even conquer the real personality of Angel!

Besides giving us more trends in fashion in this edition of Metro magazine, what more exciting and much awaited topic is the feature article about "Unleashes Vera Cruz on Streets of Manila and Cebu"! This is where we can compare and contrast Vera from the real Angel Aquino!

Portraying the character of Vera Cruz is indeed a great achievement to Ms. Angel Aquino! With her great acting prowess, Vera Cruz becomes another remarkable character in the history of Philippine television! Nice one Angel! Looking for more challenging characters just like this! Keep it up! C",)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Sexy Hot Model Alexis Fabregas!

It's really getting hotter and hotter here! Uhhhh...uhhhh...I can't resist the feeling seeing this ultimate hot hunk model! Oohhh...ohhh...!!!

He is Alexis Fabregas, one of the hottest model today! Actually, he already appeared in TV5's fantasy series "Inday Wanda" with the comedienne Eugene Domingo!

He is now Facebook's hottest item! Ooh yeah, I can't really resist myself staring at his sexy and yummy photos! He's another complete package! Imagine, a handsome guy like him also possess a sexy, hunk, and yummy body! Uhhh...uhhhhh...Alexis, Alexis, we're started getting wild because of you!

How we all wish to touch and lick your body! Yeah, his chest, his abs were so hot and seductive! We couldn't imagine where he got his sexiness! It's truly a work of art! Super yummy! I thought a man like him only resides in our fantasy! But he's real!

By the way, here are his other sexy shots from JR Sala Photography! Stare at him 'till your underwear drops! Take a glance with his pictures 'till you get wet, wet, wet...!

How does it feels seeing this very hot male model?! Do you like him? Or you are loving him now?!

OMG...Oh My Gosh! He's very, very seductive to the nth level! At a glance, we will really get burn! Ahhhh...Ahhhh...Aaaahhhhlexis...!!!

Alexis is really the dream guy of many! Everybody wants him! Oh Alexis, can we take you out?! Can you be our date this Christmas?! Yeah, I'm sure, our Christmas will not become cold with you! It will be a burning hot Christmas! A Christmas in a burning fire! Uhhh...!!!

More Alexis, more Alexis, Aahhh...ahhhh...Aaahhlexis...!!! Take off your pants! We will also like to touch your 'little Alexis' behind your brief! Uhhh!!!

These were just some of Alexis photos under JR Sala Photography. On my next posts, I will share with you more and more hot shots of Alexis! Yeah, you will really get burn with the other yummy pictorials of this hot hunk! Do you like it?! Definitely!

Uhhhh...uhhhh...Alexisss...Alexis...Aaaahhhh...Aaaaahhhlexis...!!! We're starting to cu*** right now...!! Oohhh...Ohhhh...! 'Sarap'! C",)

Monday, November 15, 2010

An Athletic Drew Arellano in Runner's World Mag!

Drew Arellano is very athletic with matching raising his one foot in this November 2010 issue of Runner's World Magazine!

Runner's World is a supplement of Men's Health magazine. Yup, it's free! Whenever you buy a Men's Health mag, you can have a copy of it! And proud that I already have a copy of it!

Talking about the cover, the theme of this mag is blue! Yeah, it's very blue! Drew is wearing a light blue t-shirt with a blue shade short blended in the light blue background of the magazine!

Drew is very wholesome here! Imagine, he didn't showed his sexy body! Many were disappointed! Haha! Just few skins with tattoo were exposed by this hunk boyfriend of Iya Villania! But still Drew is hunky and yummy!

Oh well, let's be wholesome for now since Drew was wrapped by his athletic wears. But I'll assure you more daring features in my next posts! Hehe...! C",)

Is it a 'Hot' Solemn Heussaff in Women's Mag?!

Since the main topic of this November 2010 issue of Women's Health Magazine, are we expecting a hotter and sexier Solemn Heussaff?!

Yup, the "Survivor Philippines" Celebrity castaway Solemn Heussaff is the latest cover girl of this Women's Health magazine! And the major topic is all about gaining a hot body!

With the banner title of "Hot Body Fast", expect more and more features about making our body hot, slim and sexy! As you can see on this cover, topics like gaining our mother's body, stress less, and fitness guides were some of the features that support the main topic! What more, there are also articles about health and sex! "Same Guy, Better Sex" and "Love Plan for the Holidays" were some of the instances!

But one thing I like to ask, why is it Solemn is so wrapped here if the topic is all about a 'hot body'?! Hmmm...or maybe she will feel cold if she will take her clothes off! Haha! C",)

A Shirtless Glee’s Harry Shum Jr. on Yellow Magazine!

Oh so hot and yummy Harry Shum Jr.! Ooh-lala...Ooohhh...!

Yup, he is now one of the Glee's regular cast! He's an Asian hunk who will now cause your panty drop as he posed sexy in this Yellow Magazine! A wholesome man in "Glee" is now turning sooh sexy that will rise your temperature in its highest level! Uhhh...!!!

I'm not that familiar with Yellow Magazine, but now seeing this November 2010 issue, tell me who will never forget it?! Who will not get wet?! Who will not want to grab a copy of it and touch this hot hunk in the cover?!'re soohh yummy!

I really like his abs and chest! Sooh perfect and sexy! We really love to kiss and lick it! And his breast, full of sexiness! We all wish to taste lick it with our bare tongues! Uhhh...uhhhh...yummy Harry...we're really reaching our climax because of your very hot body! Yeah, he's too arousing! Ahhhhh....ahhhh...ahhhh...!!!

Before we get burn and explode here because of this very hot Asian "Glee" star, let's first take a look with his other photos in this magazine below:

Even wrapped with clothes, Harry really looks cute and handsome! He's irresistible! What more if he turn off his clothes?! Uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhmmm...'sarap'!

We can't really help but look and look with this shirtless photo of Harry! He's very nice! He's sizzling! He can really seduce us over and over! Ahhh..ahhhh...ahhhhharry...aaaahhhharry...!!! More..more...take off your pants now!

We all wish to be with you in bed! Can we have a one night stand?! Uhhh...uhhhh...more sexy photos of you and we will finally done...uhhhhhhh....uhhhhh yeah!!! C",)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The 'Bulge' of Marco Alcaraz in X-Ray Folio!

We were already in the cold season of yuletide! But for now, I'll make our season extra steaming with hotness with our continuation of exploring the X-Ray Folio Magazine! This time, let's explore the sexy hunk actor Marco Alcaraz!

Ooh-lala...can you see it?! Can you see the tendiness of Marco! OMG...Marco's 'bulge' is so large! Awwww...It keeps on coming out from his trunks! Oh seducing! "Grabe, bakat na bakat..."! Uhhh...uhhhh...all of us were really feeling so hot! Our hands, our eyes, this keyboard I'm using right now is's burning...oohhh...ohhhh...and it's because of you Marco!

Yup, this is his two-page image in the special edition of X-Ray Folio magazine which came out almost two months ago! It's perfect! Marco's body is full of hotness, sexiness, and yumminess! What more his 'pet' inside his brief! It's so large that everybody wants to touch it, kiss it, lick it, and make it larger! Oohhh...oohhhhh...uhhhhh...Marco....Marcoooooohhhhhh....!!! Your 'bulge' really makes us reach our climax! It's so arousing....uhhhhh....!!!

Your girlfriend Precious Lara Quigaman is so very lucky of you! Imagine, she got a yummy hot sexy boyfriend with a large 'sausage'!!! It's perfect! She already got a complete package! Oh Precious, take good care of Marco if you don't want him to move away from you! Of course...specially his large 'pet'! Hehe...

Marco...Marco...uhhhhh Marcooooohhhhh....! Can we take you out tonight?! And we promise that we really take good care of your 'pet'! Promise, your 'pet' will become larger, larger, and larger that will keep us all satisfy! Marcoooohhhhh...!!! C",)

The Sexy Hot Abs of Joem Bascon in MH!

OMG...Joem Bascon is super hot in this Men's Health magazine! Ooh yeah!

Yup, this is the September 2009 issue of Men's Health magazine wherein the sexy hot hunk actor Joem Bascon is in the cover! Did you know that this is my first Men's Health magazine collection?!

Yup, this was my very first MH magazine! When I saw Joem Bascon showing his ultimate hot, sexy, and yummy abs, I immediately grab a copy of it! Though he is not totally topless, his open polo showing his hot abs captures my attention!

This leads me to collect more and more Men's Health magazine! Until now, I'm an avid collector of MH magazine! Every month, I always grab a copy of this magazine! And many thanks to Joem Bascon. If he did not show his sexy abs and yummy chest, I won't be an avid collector of this MH mag! Haha...!

I really admire Joem! I really love his sexy hot body! Though he is playing villain in many of his teleserye just like in "Noah" where he plays the greedy Judah, I still like Joem! He is oozing with charm and sex appeal! He's body is so gorgeous! How we all wish to touch and lick that body! He could really catch up your attention! He can easily put you in climax! Uhhh...uhhhh...Joem...uhhmmmm...!!! As they say, Joem is 'lalaking-lalaki'!

Joem, Joem, ohhhh...!!! You're soooo yummy! You're one hot papa! We really love your sexiness! Jooooohhhhhhemmm....ahhhhh...ahhh...!!! 'Sobrang sarap mo talaga...!' He's so seductive that can easily arouse you! Uhhh...! C",)

A Very Seductive Dingdong Dantes Billboard!

It's really soooh hot and seductive! We will really burn to the highest level seeing this almost naked billboard of Dingdong Dantes!

Yup, this is the previous billboard of Dingdong Dantes for Bench Body! As you can see, Dingdong Dantes has no clothes at all! Just a white blanket covers his lower part! Uhhh...uhhhh...OMG Dingdong...uhhhmmmm...!!!

His sexiness is really exposed in this billboard! You will really see his burning hot chest, abs, and muscles! It seems that Dingdong is really seducing you! Uhhh...uhhh...Dingdong, oh Dingdong...ahhhh...!!! So yummy! We really can't resist him!

Almost everybody were looking at this billboard during the time that it was posted in EDSA Guadalupe! Everybody wants to kiss and lick the sexy body of Dingdong! Uhhh...uhhhh...uhhhhmmm...! More Dingdong...more...ahhhh..ahhhh...!!! It seems that we were reaching our climax now because of youuuuhhh...!!!

But wait, who's hand is pulling your white cover?! How we wish we posses that hand! And we will uncover you and hold you too tight! We will never let you go Dingdong! We will share more and more steaming hot nights together uhhh...!!! 'Sarap'...ahhhh!

Dong...dong...ooohhhh Dong! Your yumminess is truly irresistible! We're getting wet right now because of you! Uhhhh...oooohhh Dong...ohhh...Dong...Donnnngggg....ahhhh...!!! 'Ang sarap-sarap moooohhhh...'! C",)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Georgina Wilson is 'Party Patrol' in Meg Magazine!

Who wants to party?! Definitely Georgina Wilson wants!

Georgina Wilson is the cover of the November 2010 issue of Meg Magazine. This issue is all about party!

Just like the main feature topic that states "Party Patrol", expect that majority of the topics in this mag is all about parties, gimmicks, and hangouts! It a special edition that a 'gimickero' or 'gimickera' must have!

Alcohol guides, best hangout places, and secret to party success were some of the topics about parties! This magazine is really a must for all the party people out there!

And taking about Georgina here in the cover, she really looks beautiful and sexy wearing a short pants and a sleeveless! But is her outfit really suits for party?! Or it's an advance summer treat?! What do you think?!

In any case, what is more important is the party! Specially now in yuletide season, we will be having more and more parties to attend! Enjoy! C",)


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