Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Sexy Yummy Abs of Rich Herrera in Men's Health Magazine!

Oh we're really feeling so hot this cold December! It's sizzling! What kind of abs is this?! It's too sexy and yummy! We really want it!

Richard Herrera from the Amazing Race Asia Season 4 is on the cover of Men’s Health Philippines for this month of December 2010!

31-year-old model Richard Herrera, together with his buddy Richard Hardin, represented the Philippines in the Amazing Race Asia Season 4.

Ooh la-la...Rich is very hot! He is so cute and sexy! Looking at him on top, he's handsome! Looking down below, he got a sizzling yummy abs! What more lower than his abs...! What do think?! Did he also got a big 'property'?! Uhhh...

Richard...oohhhh...Richard.....uhhhhhh! We really want you! We really want your sexy abs...! We want to taste that six-packed abs! We want to taste it with our tongue! Oooohhh...ohhhhhh...c'mon Richard...ahhhh!!!! Riichaaaaaardddhhhh....! We can't resist you! Your body and abs is really amazing! Can we have you in bed?! Oh please, we really want you! Oohhhhh...!!!

By just seeing your sexy hot yummy abs, we eventually reached our climax! See how arousing you are! Your ultimate...aaahhhhhhh!!!! We're getting wild and wet because of you! Oohh yeah!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh....aaahhhhhh...Richhhhhh....Richhooohhhhh....!!!! You're really an amazing winner! Ohhhh!!! C",)

A Topless Hot Matthew Morrison in Details Magazine!

Ooh-lala...It's really getting hot this cold yuletide season! It's a topless Matthew Morrison! Wow! Very nice body! An abs so sexy and daring! Uhhh...a true sex symbol!

Glee's Matthew Morrison posed topless in this December 2010 issue of Details magazine! Matthew Morrison plays as the adviser/teacher of the New Horizon in the US musical hit TV series "Glee"!

This 32-year-old man shares with Details how the Emmy-winning musical TV series catapulted him to fame and established him as one of today’s sex symbols.

As you can see, Matthew is very, very hot! He's abs is so seductive! We all want to touch it and lick it! Uuuuuhhhhhh...uhhhhh...Matthew, you're sooo macho! We all want to touch your abs and chest with our bare and wet tongue! Aahhhhhh....!

Matthew is sizzling hot! He is truly a sex symbol! Love him much! Though he's not that handsome, he really got a sexy yummy body to die for!

How we all wish we are your students! We like you as our teacher! And we will having a singing lesson all the time...yeah all the time...all the time in bed! Ooohhh...ohhhhh...Matthewwwwwww...ahhhhh...!!!! You really seduce us with your sexy hot body! Ohhh yeah! C",)

Entertainment Weekly Hails 'The Walking Dead' as the Best TV Show!

The suspense-horror TV series on US starring Andrew Lincoln was hailed as the Best new TV show by Entertainment magazine. And it is their current cover!

Having the article cover of "The Best New Show on TV", "The Walking Dead" truly captivates the attention of many viewers! Well, even me, I also love this US TV series!

The story is really great! What more the main actor of it who is Andrew Lincoln is really hot and gorgeous! He is one of the reason why people were getting hooked on it!

"The Walking Dead" also ranked number two as the hottest US TV series this year. Of course, "Glee" is on No. 1! It definitely gives suspense and thriller this holiday season!

Hows about you?! Do you agree that "The Walking Dead" is the best US TV series?! Great! C",)

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Beautiful Bridal Kristine Hermosa in the Metro Weddings Mag!

She really looks like an angel sent by heaven! Her beautiful face captivates many! Yup, these were according to many who had seen this latest edition of Metro Weddings magazine!

Ms. Kristine Hermosa who will soon be Mrs. Kristine Sotto graces the cover of Metro Weddings magazine for this month!

Having the main feature topic of "Happily Ever After", Kristine really fits in the said cover! Yup, it's because Kristine will very soon tie the knot with her real-life partner Oyo Boy Sotto! Their much-awaited wedding next year will definitely be the 2011 Wedding of the Year!

Kristine and Oyo is really preparing for this! In fact, Kristine Hermosa nowadays is not anymore seen in many movie or TV series projects! She is not anymore part of the fifth installation of the fantasy movie "Enteng Kabisote". Her character as Fairy Eva in the hit fantaserye "Noah" already disappeared! These only proves that Kristine is really very busy preparing for their wedding!

In this said magazine, maybe we can see some scoops regarding the nearer wedding of Tin-tin and Oyo Boy. Of course 2011 Bridal Trends is also part of the topic! Nice! Another exciting issue of Metro Weddings this could be! Congrats to Kristine and Oyo Boy in advance! C",)

Pinoy Gleek Charice in Mod Mag!

The International Singing Sensation Charice is in the cover of this month's edition of Mod Magazine! With the banner title of "Charice Pinoy Gleek", Charice Pempengco really looks like a singing superstar in the said cover.

Charice is very famous this year. Actually in many of the poll surveys, Charice is ranked No. 1 as this year's top newsmaker!

Well, definitely because, Charice is really a talk of the town, of the twitter world, and of worldwide news since she appears in the hit US musical TV series "Glee"! Not only that, Charice even sang with the different famous US artists during the Christmas tree lightnings! And she even got duets in her song with the different international artists like Iyaz and David Archuleta! Wow!

Nice one Charice! Great job! You're really a teen singing superstar, an international idol! And every Filipino is truly proud of you! C",)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

‘Fame: The Cast Of Glee’ Biography Comic Book Released!

The fame and phenomenon of this hit US musical TV series "Glee" is really unstoppable!

After hitting the worldwide TV screen, "Glee" will even conquer the printed media! Yup, this phenomenal TV series is now a graphic novel!

According to a press release, "Fame: The Cast of Glee," is the title of the 32-page comic book which features the lives of the actors and creative talent that have made the show such a runaway hit! Nice!

Published by Bluewater comics, “Fame” will focus on Glee's regular casts Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer, as well as the “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy.

This said comic novel is written by Cameron Cooke and Patrick McCormack. Artwork is by Ben Bradi.

This masterpiece is now available in different bookstores for $3.99 per copy.

Great one! Everyone is really excited for this! "Glee" is truly a huge hit! Keep it up and more power to this show! C",)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Venus Raj is 'Major Major' Cover Girl in Mega Mag!

It's another 'major major' magazine cover for this year's Ms. Universe runner-up Ms. Venus Raj! If I'm not mistaken, this is her second magazine where she posed as a cover girl!

Sense and Style is Venus' first 'major major' magazine. The second one is this!

Venus is this month's cover girl of Mega Manila!

As you can see, Venus is fully wrapped with long skirt and long sleeve dress! she feeling cold right now?! Well maybe since December is really cold!

Venus is very wholesome in magazine! She really look like a true Filipina! Nice! Keep it up Venus! C",)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sexy Amanda Griffin for Rogue Magazine!

"One Tough Act to Follow"! That is the feature story of Amanda Griffin in this December 2010 issue of Rogue magazine!

Yup, the sexy and beautiful Ms. Amanda Griffin graces this month's cover of Rogue magazine! She's so sexy and beautiful in this holiday edition of the said mag!

Besides Amanda, what more can we expect?!

Well, prepare your list for the top 10 gadgets of 2010! Yeah, there is a rundown of the top 10 gadgets which became hit in this year!

There is also a list of the 10 Fil-Am editors! Hmmm...which of them do you love most?!

What more in this magazine?! Well, it's for you to know when you grab a copy of it! Hehe! Happy holidays! C",)

Money For The Season of Holidays!

We're already on the season of holidays! And this season is usually termed as the 'season of expenses'! Though we are receiving Christmas bonuses or 13th and 14th month pays, still it seems these moneys were not that enough to sustain our expenses!

During this season, almost all of us were buying for a new clothes, spending money in buying gifts for our friends, relatives, godchildren, and other members of the family, attending parties, and a lot more of different expenditures! Sometimes, it feels that the money we received from our bonuses were now that enough to feed those expenses!

Well, this is now the time that we need to knock, knock our banks to get some money for these expenditures! But the question goes, are your savings enough to buy those gifts or spend many for your personal needs?!

Some of us seek payday loan in many banking institutions to sustain our needs! Credit cards, money cooperation, or any other institutions that provide easy money are always there to provide amounts that we need!

Hmmm...some of my friends told me that there were many types of making cash advances. Of course, one type of it is the cash advance provided by our credits cards. Instantly, we can get the amounts we need through ATM or through over the counters! But are you familiar with the so-called payday loan? It definitely gives us a loan corresponding to our daily wage! How about a payday loan? Whatever it is, the good thing is that it gives us instant cash to spend!

But other persons didn't anymore need to borrow money from banks or get some loans or cash advances. Yup, they were people who already born with a golden spoon on their mouth! Persons that didn't know how to lessen their billions and billions of money! How I wish I'm one of them!

But then, what ever our status in life, let's still be thankful for what we have! Spend wisely! Happy Holidays to everyone! C",)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Hottie Holiday with Matteo Guidicelli in Chalk Mag!

It's gonna be hot, hot, hot holidays we have in this December 2010 issue of Chalk Magazine as the hunk Matteo Guidicelli graces its cover!

Yup, this "Agua Bendita" star and the upcoming leading man of Ms. Kim Chiu looks very nice in this cover of the magazine! He got a very cute smile! His smile really touches our hearts! Oh yeah!

Matteo is very cute and handsome in the cover! His attire is really perfect and suited for the holidays! he feeling cold since he wears a jacket?! Oh, how we all wish to hug you Matteo to let you feel hot and turn off that jacket! Hehe...!

The background color theme of the mag is also very cool! It is in light orange with a dark red magazine title! So relaxing and attractive!

And besides Matteo, get ready to feel hot as this Chalk mag also features 50 Hottest Guys of 2010! Oh yeah...ooh-lala! It's gonna be another panty drooping this yuletide! It's really a very hot holiday! Uhh! Merry Hottie Holidays to all! C",)

S Magazine Features Regine and Ogie's Wedding!

It's Wedding of the Year in this December's issue of S Magazine!'

The upcoming wedding of the Asia's songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez to the song writer Mr. Ogie Alcasid is the main feature in this showbiz entertainment magazine. Their plan, preparations, venues, and a lot more things will be discussed here!

Aside from this, showbiz controversies like the war of Mariel Rodriquez against Toni Gonzaga, Anne Curtis, and KC Concepcion were also be tackled! And the words of Annabelle Rama against her former talent Heart Evangelista is also focused!

Solenn Heussaff who is one of the "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown" finalists and Iza Calzado with her hubby is also here in this month's issue! Well, check this out guys and grab a copy of it! Cool! C",)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sarah Geronimo in StarStudio's Special Edition!

This month, the StarStudio Magazine launches their special edition issue. And their cover girl is no other than the Popstar Princess Ms. Sarah Geronimo!

With the banner title of "Sarah Geronimo Stepping Up", this special issue is all about the career and success of Ms. Sarah Geronimo.

She may even share to us her positivity wherein she always stay happy despite trials and hardships! Of course she will also tell us how to live the best life ever!

In terms of fashion and style, Sarah will also give us tips about her make-up styles and fashion statements!

So, want to be like Sarah Geronimo?! If you do, then you will read this mag! So cool! Nice one Sarah! Keep it up! C",)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Bench 2010 Holiday Billboards - Part 4

Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday! Almost twenty days to go and we will finally have the greatest celebration of the year, the Christmas day!

And since its Christmas, I'll share with you the last batch of the Bench Holiday Collection Billboards for 2010.

And here you go:

Zanjoe Marudo

Zaijan Jaranilla

Steven Silva

Dingdong Dantes

Rocco Nacino

Shaina Magdayao


They were very awesome and wholesome! Their billboards were colorful and full of fun! As you can see, they were really joyous!

Which of these billboards you love the most?! Do you noticed, someone is missing?!

On my next post, I will share with you the hot Bench Holiday billboard of the ultimate hunk! Hehe... See you on my next post! Happy holiday! C",)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Bench 2010 Holiday Billboards - Part 3

And now we're here on the third part of the Bench 2010 Holiday Billboard Collections!

And for this batch, we have the "Pinoy Big Brother Double-Up" Big Five!

Let's take a look at their colorful yuletide billboards:

Johan Santos

Paul Jake Castillo

Melai Cantiveros

Tibo Jumalon

Jason Francisco

These Big Five housemates got their very first sexy billboards last July for the Bench Uncut campaign. They all wore black. Except for Melai and Jason, all the guys were topless showing their yummy body and abs! They made EDSA Balintawak's temperature rise to the highest because of their sizzling hot billboard!

Now they have their individual billboards for Christmas! But this time, they were all wrapped with colorful clothes! And each of them seems have a color theme!

Do you love their Holiday billboards?! Which of these five PBB housemates you like and love the most?! Nice! They really make our holidays wonderful and colorful! C",)

The Bench 2010 Holiday Billboards - Part 2

Now let's proceed to the second batch of the Bench Billboard 2010 Holiday Collections! This time let's meet the hottest young stars who is now capturing the hearts of many youth!

Here are the Kapamilya hottie youngstars:

Sam Concepcion

Rayver Cruz

Enchong Dee

Ejay Falcon

Christian Bautista

As you can see, they were very wholesome! But take note if they take off their clothes, you will really feel so hot as they show you their super hot sexy and yummy bodies! Uhhh...!!!

But since it's Christmas and we're on the cold season, allow them to wrap themselves with clothes!

They all wear colorful clothes. Their clothes and the background color blended with one another giving us colorful billboards suited for Christmas! Oh yeah!

Well, see you once more on the next batch of these Bench 2010 Holiday Billboards! C",)

The Bench 2010 Holiday Billboards - Part 1

We're already in the season of holidays! And inline with this joyous season, each clothing brands launched their own Holiday billboards.

Bench just recently launched their own billboard treats for the holiday. And this is the first batch:

Aljur Abrenica

Carl Guevarra

Carla Abellana

Geoff Taylor

Paulo Avelino

These are the Kapuso stars featured in the Bench billboard! What can you say about them?!

Yup, they were very wholesome! These Bench Holiday billboards for 2010 were very wholesome! All of the models were wrapped in clothes!

As you can see, this is my first part. The next batch will be featured in my next posts!

So take you opportunity to grab and glance them! Who among these first batch is your type?! C",)


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