Monday, January 31, 2011

Jake Cuenca Brings Back Eternal Style in Garage Mag!

What do you think made this mag extra-ordinary in terms of the cover guy?! The answer is, it's very wholesome!

Yup, the hunk sexy hot yummy actor Jake Cuenca is in the cover of this Garage mag for their January 2011 issue. Jake Cuenca really makes a different in this magazine. As we all know, Jake is always seen naked, nude, or topless in his major billboards or magazine covers. But this time, look at him! He is very wholesome and his body is fully wrapped with clothes! Gosh!

This month's topics of the said mag talk mostly of styles! Having the so-called 'Eternal Style' is the major feature topic discuss and portrays by Jake!

Hayz...everybody really wants to see a naked Jake Cuenca! All is really missing his sexy, hot, yummy, and daring body and abs to die for! Oh Jake, when can we see again your 'climax reaching' body that really made us drool?! c",)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Handsome Richard Gutierrez as the Biggest Star of 2011 in Inside Showbiz Mag!

Oh's Richard Gutierrez! I really like him in this mag! He truly looks very handsome! His face is so gorgeously beautiful! What a man?!

Richard Gutierrez is the center attraction of this month's issue of Inside Showbiz mag. With the main banner title of "Richard Gutierrez: The Biggest Star of 2011?!", his face is focused in this said mag! Look at him, he is truly a pretty boy! I like his look here! It seems that he is a prince charming! A true look of a heartthrob! At one look, your heart will really melt! He's awesome!

What more, Richard Gutierrez truly looks like a boyfriend material in this magazine! How everybody wishes him to be their date this Valentine! Oh Richard, oh Richard...we really love you here! We all hope that you will always look like this! You're really a one true hot Papa! Oohhhh....!!!! C",)

The New Year Style of Anne Curtis in Cosmopolitan Mag!

A beautiful in blue! That is how Ms. Anne Curtis looks like in this January 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine!

Since it's a January edition, the main feature tackles by this magazine is all about the year 2011, the new beginning, a new style in terms of fashion! I really like the topic about "Get Rich, Be Sexy, Find Love" which is truly the main goal of many of us this year of 2011! In short, this mag issue tells us how we can get all we want this 2011! We hope so!

Talking about fashion, this mag also tells us where to go for the best cut, color, and style! It's really very fashionista!

And the topic I really love most in this issue, it's about orgasm! Haha! There is a particular feature article in this mag telling about the hows and whys of each orgasm! So very hot topic! So exciting and interesting! Do you think I can reach my orgasm reading so?! Hehe...! C",)

The METRO Bodies 2011 Video

After I shared with you the cover of the Metro Magazine for this month of January 2011 as well as giving you the list of the Metro Bodies for 2011, time now to watch its video!

Yup, here is the very sexy hot pictorial of the male and female celebrities featured in the magazine. Let's all watch this:

Another hot and sexy! Oohh yeah! I really, really can't resist their bodies! So yummy! Hope that I can touch their bodies, lick and kiss them! Ahhhh...!

I also like the part wherein Chris Cayzer turn-off his t-shirt and showed his sexy hot abs! He even posed soo hot and sexy showing his hairy armpit! Hehe...! Of course Benjamin Tang is really gorgeous! He's one hunk Papa! All of us were hoping that we're Megan Young so that Benjamin will hold us so tight! Ahhh...!!! c",)

The METRO Bodies for 2011!

As I told you in m y previous post, the Metro Magazine every January of every year releases their special issue called "The Metro Body" issue. They features different hottest male and female celebrities.

For this year, another group of sexy male and female were feature! Benjamin Tang ang Megan Young top the list since they were the main cover models for this month's issue!

So, let's all get to know the so-called "METRO Bodies of 2011"! Here they are:

Benjamin Tang and Megan Young

Chris Cayzer

Chris Cayzer

Xian Lim

Rafael Rossel

Tuesday Vargas

Bianca Manalo

Carmi Martin

Megan Young

What do you feel right now?! Are you feeling so hot seeing their uhhh sexy and daring bodies?! Which of these models you like and love the most?!

They were all gorgeous! It seems that they were seducing me! Ohhh...ohhhh yeah! I really, really love their sexy, seducing, and yummy bodies! I hope I can touch them one by one! Hahaha!

Marc Nelso, Solenn Heusaff, Lovi Poe, and Bangs Garcia were also part of the list!

Well next year, we will expect for another batch of hot celebrities just like these! Who do you think will become part of their list?! c",)

Sexy and Formal Benjamin Tang and Megan Young in the Body Issue of Metro Mag!

They were hot and sexy though formal and professional! These how we can describe Megan Young and Benjamin Tang in this special issue of Metro Magazine!

Every January of every year, the fashion magazine called Metro Mag releases their special issue called "The Body Issue"! In this particular issue, they features different sexy hot male and female celebrities!

If last year, the main cover of their 2009 body issue were Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, this time, its Megan Young and Benjamin Tang! And see how gorgeous they are! Very nice! Awesome!

What if they turnoff their clothes! Oh yeah! We can't wait and see the yummy abs and muscles of Benjamin! So hot and daring it could be! How about Megan Young?! c",)

Dashing and Beautiful Bea Alonzo in Zen Health Magazine!

"Oh What a Lady...!" This is what you may utter seeing this very beautiful and elegant Bea Alonzo in this January 2011 issue of Zen Health Magazine!

As you can see, Bea really looks dashing, fabulous, and elegant! She is wearing a beautiful formal dress! It's suited for a date or for a formal night event! So gorgeous!

Aside from Ms. Bea, the magazine also features "The Secret to Happiness"! And of course new tips for fighting stress and healthful living!

Zen Health's slogan is "...For the Empowered Women" Definitely this magazine really intends and targets the working woman in our society! Nice! c",)

It's Gold and Sexy Carla Humphries in FHM!

"New Year Sparkle.."! This is the feature story pertaining the cover girl of this January edition of this hit male magazine, FHM Philippines!

It's the youngstar Carla Humphries who poses sexy in this said mag! As you can see, she is so wild, wet, and sexy in gold!

Since it's the New Year's edition, the magazine also features "The Best and Worst of 2011" topic! And of course, counting down the days is also featured!

And just like the previous editions, expect more topics about sex and hotness! Hmmm...I'm curious about the "Jungle Fever" topic! What do you think it's all about?! We'll see! C",)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lucy Torres-Gomez Returns in Women's Health Mag!

If Richard Gomez is the cover guy of the Men's Health magazine for this month, his wife Lucy Torres-Gomez on the other hand is the cover girl of its counterpart, the Women's Health magazine!

Lucy Torres-Gomez is in the cover of the said magazine for their January/February 2011 issue!

As you can see, Lucy is very sexy in red in this cover! And her look really fits the theme of the magazine.

This issue of Women's magazine covers two important celebrations. It covers both the New Year and the Valentines since it's a January/February issue! Well, this maybe the reason why Lucy is wearing a red dress in this cover!

It's all about fitness! That's the main topic of this magazine for this issue. And Lucy is very sexy and beautiful. She really looks ageless! Like his husband Richard, Lucy is also timeless! Nice! C",)

Richard Gomez Opens the Year in Men's Health Magazine!

Veteran actor Richard Gutierrez graces the cover of Men's Health magazine for this month of January 2011!

Yup, Richard is the first cover guy of the said magazine for the year of 2011.

With the banner feature story of "New Year, New Plan...Strong, Slim, and Fit", the magazine's major topic will discuss different new plans on how to stay slim, strong, and fit!

Just like Richard which seems timeless in showbiz, he may share in this issue why he still stay in showbiz as one of the top leading man. His carer in showbiz and even his body is really strong! He has the so-called 'staying power'!

And looking him at the cover, he is fully wrap! Hmmm...I think it's better if Richard shows even just his abs! Or maybe he should wear sando that will show his muscles (if he has)! Hayz...this is some of the reasons why I didn't buy this month's edition of this magazine! Hehe...! It's very wholesome and didn't even dare to seduce me! C",)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Beautiful and Elegant Melai Cantiveros in Mega Magazine!

It seems that there is a great transformation in this January 2011 issue of Mega Magazine. The so-called "Prinsesa Ng Masa" is not anymore 'pang-masa'! Rather, she is now looking more princess!

Yeah, that is Melissa "Melai" Cantiveros! At first look, we couldn't believe that she is now the cover of this prestige magazine! And she is really very beautiful and elegant here!

Who say that a simple or an 'ugly' person cannot become rich and beautiful?! Who didn't believe in magic?! Or rather I would say, who didn't believe in dreams?!

Well Melai Cantiveros is a perfect inspiration! She started with nothing, but look at her now, she's on the peak! She is now a one true fashionista idolized by many!

Keep it up Melai! You could climb higher! Nice! C",)

Monday, January 10, 2011

The 2011 Bench Body Hunks!

It's really very, very, very hot and yummy! It's now raining with sexy hot men here! Oh yeah!

Here is the collection of the bench body billboards for the opening of 2011 featuring the hottest and yummiest hunks of today! Let's get to know them:

Jake Cuenca

Benjamin Tang

Jan Avila

Rafael Rosell

Ron Morales

I know you are really feeling hot now! Yeah, our temperature is really rising to the highest nth level! It seems that I'm also reaching my climax!

Look at them, so hot! They were all topless and naked! They upper body were exposed! Oooohhh...!!!

Jake Cuenca, Jan Avila, Ron Morales, Benjamin Tang, Rafael Rosell...what more can you ask! Their abs, their muscles, their bodies...they were seducing you! Which of them will you pick?! Who's the hottest guy?! Who's your type?!

Well, if you were to ask me, I will take them all! Yeah, "pagsasabay-sabayin ko silang lahat...!" Hahaha! If there were twosome and threesome, definitely there is sixsome! The five of them plus me equals one very hot night! "Sagad-sagaran sa sarap...!" five were really yummy, hot, sexy...!!! Let's have fun altogether now! Oooohhhhh...!!!! C",)

The Yummy Hot Abs of Piolo Pascual for the Holiday!

This is the Bench Holiday billboard of the ultimate hunk and heartthrob Mr. Piolo Pascual!

Papa P. really makes our holiday sizzle with hotness! His abs is really wonderful! Can you see, he really opened his polo to show that yummy abs! Ooh-lala!

His abs is amazing! As they say, "abs pa lang ulam na..." , what more his body, his muscles?!

That abs really make us horny! It really rise our temperature to the highest level! Papa P, Papa P, uhhhh Papa P! We really like to touch that abs...touch it using our bare naked and wet tongue! Aaahhhhh!!!

Your look really seems very seductive! Are you seducing me?! Yeah, I want to...ooohhhh...oooohhhhh....Papa Pioloooohhhhhh...!!! Piolooohhhhhhh....!!!! Aside from your hot abs, will you dare to open that jeans so that we can see the 'little Piolo' inside your underwear?! Uhhh...!!! c",)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Maroon 5′s Adam Levine Goes Naked for a Cause!

It's really getting hotter and hotter here! Ooh-lala! It's the Maroon 5 front man and main vocalist Adam Levine! He's totally nude! Aaahhhh...!!!

Yup, Adam Levine goes totally naked for Testicular cancer Awareness! And why he do this?!

This Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine stripped down to encourage men to check for signs of prostate and testicular cancer. Proceeds from Adam’s photoshoot will benefit the “Everyman” charity, the organization that raises awareness on the subject.

If you’re wondering whose lucky hands are covering Adam’s manhood, that’s Anne Vyalitsyna‘s, the singer’s model girlfriend.

Oh, she's so lucky!!! How we all wish we're Anne that would hold that Adam's manhood! you wonder how big Adam's 'property'?!

Adam, Adam, oohhhh're soooh hot and yummy! We want to hold all your body parts! We want to taste that hunky muscles and your manhood! Right now, you really made us reach our climax! Hey Anne, could you please remove that hands! You're just distracting the sexiness of Adam! Shame on you Anne!!!

Adam...Adam...Adammmmmmmm....aaaahhhhhh....ahhhhhhh....aaaaahhhh.... you're soooh hot!!! Could you now replace your girlfriend and be with us tonight?! Oohhhh...and we will be f**king all night! Uhhh...!!! C",)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Topless and Only with Underwear Jake Cuenca in X-Ray Mag!

This is really, really another one of the hottest issues of X-Ray magazine! Yup, the hunk yummy actor with a very delicious salivating abs Mr. Jake Cuenca is in the cover of X-Ray magazine!

Jake graced the cover of this ultimate hot male magazine in its earliest edition. If I'm not mistaken, this magazine edition was either last 2006 or 2007! Jake still had his sexy long hair in this cover!

It's really a panty drooling cover Jake made in this magazine! Seeing him topless and only wears brief, oohhh...tell me who wouldn't fantasized him?! Tell me who wouldn't get hot?! Who among you would not reach your climax seeing Jake Cuenca posing like this?! Uhhh...uuuhhhh...!!!

Jake, Jake, Jake, oohhhhh Jakeeehhhh....!! You're really such a sexy delicious hunk! Your oozing with yumminess and hotness! We really like to taste your sexy abs! really made us Jakecool with you...!!! Aahhhh...!!! C",)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Robin Padilla's Journey in StarStudio's Idol Edition!

A sexy topless Robin Padilla is in the cover of the special edition of StarStudio magazine. This is StarStudio Plus having the title of "Idol". Of course, it pertains to the one and only Mr. Robin Padilla!

This special magazine issue has a banner story title of "Robin Padilla's Journey". It tells the untold stories of our idol and favorite action star. Of course, some of Robin's secrets will be revealed in this special issue. We can also see some of the exclusive photos of Binoe and his love ones.

Here are some of the photos we can see in this mag:

These photos show his moments with his son Ali. And some are those his special moments with his new wife Ms. Mariel Rodriquez!

Mr. Robin Padilla is one of the controversial and newsmaker star of 2010. He and Mariel were really the talk of the showbiz world!

Well, do you already add this special Idol edition of StarStudio in your magazine collection?! Hope you already have! Congrats Robin! More power! C",)

The December 2010 Magazine Covers!

For those who missed to buy your favorite magazine last December 2010, I compiled them for you!

Yup, here are the different magazine covers of December issues of your favorite mag! Let's take a glance on them:

Georgina Wilson in Cosmopolitan

Sarah Geronimo in Meg

Lucy Torres-Gomez in Metro

Solenn Heusaff in Preview

Taylor Swift in Entertainment Weekly

Maricel Laxa in Women's Health

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg in Time Magazine

So, did I already completed your collection?! Did I missed some more?! What else did I forget?!

This 2011, I will share with you more and more interesting billboards and magazine covers! So, let's start the year right! Happy new year to everyone! C",)


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