Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Topless Temptation of Diether Ocampo!

"Sarap!" This is how we can describe this Return to Temptation" billboard of the sexy hunk actor Diether Ocampo! He is topless! Wow!

His pose and his appearance truly fits for this latest theme of Bench! Seeing this naked body of Diether, who would not feel tempted?! Yes, "katawan pa lang ni Papa Diet, ulam na!" "Sagad sa init...sagad sa sarap!" Ohh-lala!

I wonder why his former girlfriend broke with this yummy hot actor! "Sinayang niya ang opportunity!" If I were her, I would not missed any time having sex with Papa Diet! "Ang sarap bumukaka gabi-gabi with him...!" Sulit!

Seeing his hot sexy body, you will eventually reach your climax! We want to lick and touch your hot abs and chest Papa Diet! Oohhhh...ohhhh...ohhhh....!!!! "Ang sarap-sarap mo...!"

Diet...Diet...Diet...aaaahhhhhhhh....!!!!! "Hubarin mo pa ang pantalon mo...!!!!" Aaaaaahhhhhhh....!!!! c",)

The Temptation of Enchong Dee and the Other Young Stars!

Can we say that these two billboards were temptation billboards?!

Well, it's because the models of these two billboards were very wholesome! We can't see any temptation on them! The first billboard is the Return to Temptation billboard of Enchong Dee! He goes solo in this billboard!

The other billboard is the temptation billboard of the other young stars namely Sam Concepcion, Geoff Taylor, Steven Silva, and Sarah Lahbati!

I wonder why these young stars didn't go naked! We all know that Enchong Dee, Steven Silva, Geoff Taylor were all hot, sexy, and yummy guys! But, why did they didn't posed topless in these billboards?! Sayang!

Even though wrapped with colorful clothes, these young stars still looks good! They were very wholesome! c",)

The Ultimate Temptation of Bench Guys Showing Bulges!

Oh My Gosh...!!!! So hot, hot, hot! It's hotness, sexiness, and yumminess four times! This is the Bench Return To Temptation billboard of the four Bench guys!

Jar-R, Ron Morales, and Franco Daza were three of the four hot guys! Look at them, they were showing their bulges! "Grabe...bakat na bakat"! "Ang sasarap!"

Their billboard has a label saying "We Will Find the Shore..."! Well, is that their reason why they are topless wearing only briefs and boxer shorts?!

They were not only possessing yummy abs and muscles! Yeah, "hindi lang muscles at katawan ang malalaki sa kanila..."! "Pati 'sandata' nila'y naglalakihan din...! Grabe kung bumakat...!"

It's four times the hotness in this billboard! Ohhhh....ohhhh...ohhhh...I will take them all! "Kayang-kaya ko silang apat na sabay-sabay...!" Ahhhh...ahhhhhh...ahhhhhh....I'm reaching my climax right now because of these four yummy guys! "Apat ba namang 'naglalakihan' kung hindi ka mag-init ng todo....! What if I'm the shore they are looking for?! "Ang sarap-sarap sigurong magpasisid sa kanila...!" Uhhhh...uhhhhh...aahhhhhh...!!!! c",)

The Temptation of Sabel's Leading Men!

TV series really paves the way for the rise of different stars. They made it as their stepping stone for stardom!

If the casts of "Mara Clara" now have their very first Bench Return to Temptation billboard, the leading men of another ABS-CBN TV series also had their temptation billboard! This is the Return to Temptation billboard of the two hot young leading men of Jessy Mendiola in their TV series "Sabel"!

Joseph Marco and AJ Perez were very wholesome in this billboard! Yeah, they were all wrapped with clothes! They were wearing T-shirt!

Hayz...we failed to see the hot abs and muscles of Joseph Marco in this billboard! We all wish to see him naked and topless in this billboard! Can you please take off your clothes Joseph so that we can really feel your temptation?! Ohhh! c",)

The 'Mara Clara' Temptation Billboard!

The four teen lead stars of the top-rating hit TV series "Mara Clara" are now the newest models / endorsers of the famous clothing brand, Bench.

Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, John Manalo, and Albie Casiño were all together in the latest Bench billboard called "Return To Temptation". This big billboard is already posted in Quezon Avenue and in other major roads along EDSA! Wow!

Because of their hit TV series, these newest teen stars were now becoming famous! People are now loving them! Their characters were truly influencing people. Kathryn Bernardo playing the role of the humble and kindhearted Mara is well-loved by people. On the other hand, though the character of Julia Montes is a kontrabida Clara, viewers still appreciated her great acting skill! She is even loved rather than being hated!

The two love interest of Kathryn and Julia who were Albie Casiño and John Manalo were also capturing the attention of many. Albie is now the newest heartthrob while John is the next promising drama actor.

Fans even got hooked with their love teams. Today, there is now a fans club called 'Kathbie' pertaining to the Kathryn Bernardo-Albie Casiño tandem. And this pair is very much supported by many fans worldwide! Nice!

This Bench billboard is just a start of their more endorsements and different commercials to come! Good luck guys! This only proves how "Mara Clara" remake is a huge hit! You were all the brightest teen stars of today! Keep it up and more power! c",)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Sexy Hairy Darren Criss in Out Magazine!

My's another hunk on the block! He is now a popular "Glee" star!

Yes, he is Darren Criss! He's everybody's favorite! And I'm also one of his avid fans! I super 'Like' him now!

Darren Criss is now the cover guy of Out Magazine! His cute handsome face is emphasized in this said magazine! He's cute, very lovable, and has brown eyes and curly hair! Love him! How I wish he's my boyfrirnd! Uhh!!!

Ooops...if you think that's all for that said mag, wait there's more! That cover is not the main stuff! If you will open the magazine, you will see a more sexy, hot, daring, and yummy Darren Criss!

Here are more of the Darren Criss' titillating photos inside the magazine! Start feeding your fantasy with this yummy guy! Ooohhhhh....

The Hairy Hot Body of Darren Criss

Good-Looking Darren Criss

Sh*t...Darren also possesses a great sexy hot body to die for! He didn't only have an abs and a muscle, but hairs with it! Grabe...mabalahibo pala si Darren! OMG...from his chest down to his abs, its full of hair! Very hairy Darren...ooohhhhh!!!!

"Ang sarap-sarap nya...!" Yeah, I love his hair on his chest and on his abs! Truly, nakaka-L! I truly love this guy na! And I like his 'karug'! I love to lick more your body! "Ang sarap dila-dilaan ng kanyang dibdib at karug!" "Sobrang lago!" I am now getting crazy over this guy! Super hooot...!!!!

Darren, Darren, Darren...can we have a one night stand?! I will kiss and lick all the pat of your body! Aaaaahhhhh...!!!!

Is Darren now my dream guy?! Oohhh...!!! Did you know that I love a guy who is 'balbas sarado' and full of hair surrounded his chest and abs?! And of course a yummy hot guy! And in the case of Darren, he is sexy, hot, and hunky plus hairy! Ooohhhh...!!! 'Nakakakiliti sya..."! I'm starting to reach my climax now because of you Darren! Oooohhhhh...!!! c",)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paulo Avelino Shows His Sexy Abs!

OMG...a very hot and yummy guy! My's the former Starstruck avenger Paulo Avelino! Aaahhhh...!!! Look at him he is very hot!

These are two of the promotional photos of Paulo for his latest endorsement! As you can see, he is wearing a white sando and a maong jeans! But take not, he is showing his sexy abs! Aahhh....!!! I am feeling so very hot now because of you Paulo!

With his white sando, his sexy hot muscles were shown! My gosh, I am started to get crazy with him! Uhhh...! "Ang sarap-sarap n'ya" He is so seductive right now "habang itinataas niya ang kanyang sando at ipinapakita ang abs...!"

Oh Paulo...oh Paulo...oh Papa Paulo...can we have a one, two, three, four, and nth night stands! We want to kiss and lick that muscles and abs! Oohhh...ohhhh...ohhhh...."ang sarap-sarap mo..."! My gosh, you're such a sexy sizzling yummy hot man to have!

How lucky LJ Reyes is! Now I know if bakit nagpabuntis s'yo si LJ! sobrang yummy at sexy mo, sinong hindi magpapabuntis! Aaahhhh...ahhhhh...let's start f*ck all night long!!!!!

Aaaahhhh...aaaahhhh....aaaahhhhh...Paulooooooohhhhhhhh.......oohhhhhhhh!!!!!! "Gusto ko nang kainin ang mga pandesal na 'yan!" Ohhh!!! Yahmie!!!! c",)

A Very Handsome Andrew Garfield in Details Mag!

Oh what a good-looking Hollywood guy in the cover of Details magazine!'s Andrew Garfield!

Andrew Garfield graces the cover of Details magazine for this month! He looks very fresh and handsome while wearing a formal attire! I Like to kiss him! Oh yeah!

If you still didn't know, Andrew Garfield is the new Spider Man! Yes, his new Spider Man movie which is supposed to be shown this year is moved next year!

After the showing of his Spider Man movie, I bet he will be the next hottest sexy hot actor! He is handsome and ohh...look at his body...very hot and yummy! Very hunky and masculine! Ahhhh...! I wish I can lick and kiss that hot body of Andrew! I want to hug him very tight! Uhhhh...!!!

Andrew is also a young looking man! He looks very innocent! he still a virgin?! Oh I'm willing to have a night with him! Hehe...!!!

Oohhh Andrew...ohhh Andrew! We are starting to like you! Good luck man! More power to you! Mwaaah...!!! Aaahhhhh...aaahhhhh...Aaaandrewww!!! c",)

Darren Chris on the Gay Issue of Entertainment Weekly Mag!

The half-Filipino main star of the hottest US musical TV series "Glee" is in the cover of the Entertainment Weekly Magazine! But in this cover of that said magazine, Darren portrays his role on "Glee"!

Yeah, that said issue of Entertainment Weekly for this month is extra-ordinary! Yup it's because they tackle about the story of gay teens! And the main feature story of this said mag is "Gay Teens on TV"!

We all know that Darren's role in the said musical TV series is a gay! And he can perfectly portrays it! Nice!

Since nowadays gays are increasing, the magazine decided to feature such topics for the young teen gays! And since the characters of Darren as well as the other gay casts in the said TV series influence and inspire many young teen gays, they choose to make this topic on the spotlight!

But still, though Darren's character in "Glee" is a gay man, he is still handsome and hot! Love him! Even his body is so oozing! Oohhh!!!! Keep it up Darren Chris! Mwaahh! c",)

Tweetie De Leon Returns in the Muse Issue of Metro Mag!

A very beautiful Tweetie De Leon can be seen in this February 2011 issue of Metro Magazine!

Tweetie is very much suited and perfect for this month's edition! Yes it's because Metro Magazine's main topic for this month is all about muses! That's why it is termed as "The Muse Issue"!

We all know that Tweetie is a very perfect example of a muse! Her beauty, her elegance...truly the qualities of a muse! Nice!

Tweetie is now rarely seen on TV or movie projects. Even in the different TV commercials, we can't anymore see the beauty of the one and only Tweetie! We're hoping for new projects for this beautiful showbiz beauty icon! c",)

Fashionista Liz Uy in Preview Mag!

The Fashion artist Liz Uy graces the cover of the Preview Magazine for this month of February 2011!

Simple yet fashionista! This is how we can describe her in that said magazine cover!

Liz perfectly fits to be in the cover of that said mag. We all know that Liz is a fashion designer. Therefore, she is very much suited in a fashion magazine like this!

Talking about Liz, she is a former girlfriend of the actor John Lloyd Cruz. And Liz was previously linked to our President Noynoy Aquino. She is also a close friend of Pnoy's youngest sister Kris Aquino!

Philippine Fashion Week is the main feature topic of this mag for this month! Nice one Liz! c",)

Meet Mikael Daez, The Newbie Leading Man!

Maybe by now you didn't yet know this newbie model. Yeah, he is Mikael Daez, a new leading man in the block!

Among the different chosen leading men of Marian Rivera for her upcoming epicserye "Amaya", Mikael got it! Mikael will be one of Marian Rivera's leading man for "Amaya"! The one is the former Kapamilya hunk Sid Lucero!

Well, let's get to know more about Mikael! Here are some of his hottest photos! Let's start salivating and jerking with the sexy hot body of Mikael! Ooh-lala...!

Mikael Daez is a 23-year old Business Administration graduate. He is a part-time fashion and print ad model!

Being the leading man of "Amaya" is Mikael's entry in showbiz! Wow, "swerte naman ni ate Marian..."! He got a very fresh young hottie! Uhhh...!!! Do you think Mikael is still a virgin?! Hmmmm...or he want to be devirginized?! Well, I'm willing to do it for him! Hehehe...!

By now we can feed our senses and fantasies with these hot photos of Mikael! Later on we can see him on TV pairing him with Marian! "Ang Spooky Mo Presents: Bampirella" will be his first TV show before "Amaya"! Can we change the title of that said newest horror-comedy mini-series of the Kapuso network from "Ang Spooky Mo Presents Bampirella" to "Ang Sarap Mo Papa Mikael"! Love it! Ohh yeah! c",)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano in the Valentine Edition of StarStudio Mag!

Love is really in the air this Valentines Day! Even in the cover of different magazines, you will really feel the love!

Real-life sweethearts Toni Gonzaga and Direk Paul Soriano grace the cover of StarStudio magazine this month of the heart, February 2011!

As you can see, they were very sweet, lovely, and happy! Paul is kissing Toni while Toni is hugging Paul! Oh..very romantic! They were very inspiring!

Toni and Paul is a good example of a perfect couple! Toni is beautiful while Paul is handsome! Toni is a multi-media artist while Paul is a director! They really complemented one another! Perfect for the month of love!

Aside from this hot couple, other lovebirds featured in this mag are Rayver Cruz-Cristine Reyes, Mariel Rodriguez-Robin Padilla, and Ogie Alcasid-Regine Velasguez! So what more can we's love, love, love! Happy Valentines Day to all! c",)

Nanette Medved Returns in the Cover of Mega Magazine!

Still very beautiful and sexy! She really possesses the so-called 'timeless beauty'!

The former sexy actress Ms. Nanette Medved returns on the limelight via this month's issue of Mega Magazine! Look at her, she still looks young! She is still sexy and beautiful!

"19 Years of Fashion, Beauty, and Success"! That is the banner story of this said mag! Looking at Nanette, she really fits in this magazine cover! Until now, she looks ageless!

Nanette portrayed the character of "Darna" in the movie version of it. Yup, she is a well-known Darna during the 90's before Angel Locsin portrayed the said role in the TV version in 2005.

Aside from "Darna", Nanette also portrays different character in the different movies like "Hiram Na Mukha". She is even the favorite leading lady of the different action stars way back in 90's! Nice one Nanette! We're happy to see you back even only in this magazine! c",)

An Oldy Look of Jennylyn Mercado in the Circuit Magazine

The actress Jennylyn Mercado looks old fashion in this latest cover of Circuit Magazine. It seems that she is depicting her character in the MMFF movie "Rosario" last 2010!

But still she looks beautiful! Her black curly hair is the hair style of the women way back in the 60's or 70's era! And she is wearing a black dress...the dress of the wealthy women during those good old days!

But still the look and fashion style of Jennylyn perfectly blends the cover of the magazine. The magazine has a black background! And it truly fits for Jen's outfit!

And the banner title of this mag is very interesting. It says, "Take Me, I'm Free"! Hahaha! Do you want to take Jennylyn Mercado now that she's free?! Or would you prefer to get her real-life boyfriend Dennis Trillo?! Hehe! c",)

A Hearty Heart Evangelista in Uno Mag

February is the month for the heart! This maybe the reason why the Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista is in the cover of this Uno Magazine for this month of February 2011!

"We Heart Evangelista!" is the main banner feature of this said magazine pertaining of course to Ms. Heart Evangelista!

In this magazine, they change the color of love from red to blue! Well, it's simply because, the background color of this said mag is light blue!

And another thing about this magazine is that, it seems it's very wholesome! Heart is still wrapped with white dress! Knowing Uno magazine, it always feature a sexy nude or daring ladies. But this time, look at's very wholesome! Maybe because Heart didn't get too daring in the cover! Happy Hearts day everyone! c",)

Why Pick Health Today Mag with Andi Eigenmann in the Cover?!

"Why pick one, I can do everything...?" This is according to the hot young star today Andi Eigenmann! Yup, this daughter of Mark Gil and Jacklyn Jose is the cover girl of Health Magazine for this month of February!

Since this issue falls on the month of the heart, the banner feature topic is "Healthy Heart, Passionate Life"! Definitely, the mag will discuss different topics of how we can take care of our heart!

Talking about this month's cover girl who is Andi, she is very beautiful and sexy in this magazine. It looks like she will do jogging as she is wearing an exercise outfit! And her attire is very colorful!

So, let's still keep healthy while having so many romantic and passionate nights! Hehe! c",)

Megan Young Go Techie in Speed Mag

If Megan Young showed her sexy side in the cover of Metro Magazine last month, this time she go techie being the cover girl of Speed magazine.

Mega Young is this February 2011 cover of this gadget magazine. She is sexy wearing a black dress.

"11 Tech Trends for 11" is the major feature topic of this magazine this month. Definitely, they will feature the top 11 trending gadgets for 2011!

Speed magazine is a magazine that gives different feature topics of different gadgets and latest technologies! Ladies were usually in the cover! Hmmmm...when will this magazine feature a hunk or a man in the cover?! We wish you will! We will wait for that! c",)

A Wet and Hot Temptation of Paul Jake Castillo!

If you wonder why Paul Jake Castillo is not together with his ex-housemates in their "Return to Temptation" billboard, well, it's because Paulo Jake goes solo!

Yeah, here is the sexy, hot, and yummy billboard of Paul Jake for Bench. As you can see, he is topless! It seems that the splash of the water is making the hunky body of Paul Jake wet and wild! Oohhhh...ohhhh...ohhhh...soooo hooot!! Sh*t! It seems that we like to lick that sexy body of Paul Jake! OMG! Uhhh...!!!

The other man on the right side of Papa PJ is Paulo Avelino! Oops...don't you worry 'coz I'll also feature Paulo here separately. But right now, let's focus ourselves to Paul Jake!

"Ang sarap mo Paul Jake...!" His look seems innocent. But looks could be deceiving! He seems wilder in bed! Ohhh...! We really like to taste this sizzling hunk! "Isang gabi lang PJ...!" Or more if you want! Hehehe...! c",)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Temptation of the Housemates!

After having their first sexy hot billboards for Bench Uncut last year, the Pinoy Big Brother Double-Up Housemate return to this newest Bench Body billboards!

The hottest PBB Bouble-Up Housemates were also feature in this latest Bench billboards called "Return to Temptation"! And this how their billboards look like:

Sam Pinto and the PBB Double-Up Hunks

The Melason

As you can see, the big five were now separated in these billboards. The Melason or the Jason Francisco-Melissa "Melai" Cantiveros billboard was separated. Yup, they have their own sweet billboard together!

But the three gorgeous, sexy, and hot yummy hunks namely Johann Santos, Tibo, and Paul Jake Castillo were not left behind! Yes, they were joined by their co-housemate Sam Pinto! Three hunks plus one babe in their sexy billboard!

The three PBB Double-Up hunks were very sexy! They were topless! Uhhhh...! Of course Sam Pinto on the other is also sexy wearing a short and a sleeveless!

Go...go...go housemates! They didn't anymore return to big brother house! Rather they return to temptation! Hehe...! c",)

Kim Chiu: The Temptation of a Princess!

A very beautiful princess! It seems that the baby is now turning to be a beautiful lady!

Yup, this is how we can describe the Primetime Drama Princess Ms. Kim Chiu in this latest Bench billboards! This is how the billboard of Kim looks like for the "Return to Temptation"!

In this billboard, Kim now looks like a beautiful lady! She is now far with her pa-tweetums look on TV. She's not anymore a child or a teener, but a very beautiful gorgeous and sexy lady!

Kim has a wet look hair in this billboard. Very pretty that can easily captures the attention of many! Nice one Kim Chiu! You're not only the princess of teleserye. But also the princess of beauty! Nice! c",)

Meet the Hot Babes of Temptation!

Bench Body already launched their newest 2011 billboards with the theme of "Return to Temptation"!

On my previous posts, I share with you some of the hot sexy yummy hunks! Now, it's time to get to know some of the hot babes in these billboards!

Well, let's meet some of the sexy ladies of temptation! Here they are:

Angelica Panganiban

Shaina Magdayao

Lovi Poe

Georgina Wilson

Carla Abellana, Karylle, and Iya Villania

They were hot, beautiful, and sexy! What more can you say about these ladies?! Do they deserve to be called as the temptation?!

On my next posts, get ready to know more of the hottest celebrities who made it on these hot Bench billboards! Nice! c",)


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