Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway Steamy EW Cover!

It's so very hot, hot, hot in the cover of the Entertainment Weekly or EW magazine! Two of the hottest Hollywood stars were nude in the cover of the said magazine.

The sexy hot hunk actor Jake Gyllenhaal and the sweet actress Anne Hathaway posed nude in the cover of EW. And take note, it's not once, but thrice! Yeah, they have three nude magazine covers for EW. And I will share it with you.

Take a look, feel hot, and fantasize these three hot Entertainment Weekly magazine covers. Here they go:

Look at them, they were totally half-naked. Jake is hugging Anne to cover her bumper. Oh, how lucky Anne is! How I wish we are Anne hugged by a sexy yummy actor Jake!

I like the body of Jake! It's not only sexy and yummy, but hairy at the same time! Ooh-lala...ang sarap ah! How would I feel if Jake would hug me the way he did to Anne?!! "Gaano ka kaya kagaling sa kama...?!"

I really love his chest. I want to kiss and lick it! Oh my Jake, can we have a one night stand?! I want to hug you too tight and kiss that hairy chest! Aaaaaahhhh...aaaahhh....I can easily reach my climax because of you Jake Gyllenhaal! "Dibdib pa lang ulam na...!" Aaahhhh...!!! c",)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Totally Nude Derek Ramsay!

I'm reaching my orgasm now because of Papa Derek Ramsay! Shit...look at him! Aaahhhhh...!!!

Yeah, the Universal Leading Man posed nude for a billboard. And this is how it looks like! It's super duper hotness 100 times! Ooohhh..!!!

As you can see, Papa Derek is 100% total nude! He wears nothing! His sexy hot yummy body is truly exposed! My gosh abelgosh! "Kulang na lang ibuyang-yang niya ang kanyang ari sa madla...!" But since he's in a side view position, we failed to see his penis! "Sayang"! Hey Derek, is this your favorite position in bed! Oohh...oohhh...I love it too! Let's go and have an intercourse! "Gaano ka kaya kasarap tumira...!"

Did your very lucky girlfriend Angelica Panganiban allows you to pose totally nude in this billboard?! You are now seducing us! If your body is tempting us...what more is this billboard?! Uuuhhhh...uuuuhhhhh...uuuuhhhhhh...Derek...Derek...aaaahhhh-ng sarap-sarap!

I want to take you out from this billboard! Hold and hug your hot yummy body too tight! And I will lick that...ooohhhh...ohhhh....I will lick and touch your body with my wet tongue! And we will get wet together...!!!! Aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhhh....aaaahhhh..Dereeeeekkkkkkk!

I am now burning sooo hot here Papa Derek! C'mon...c'mon Derek...ipakita mo naaaahhh..!!! Yeah...yeah...ooohhhh...yeahhhh...ooohhhh...shit...aaaahhhh...aaaahhhh!!!! Ang galing mo Papaaa Derek....aaaahhhh...!!!! Next time frontal nudity naman...!!!! We will wait for that! c",)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Wet and Topless Derek Ramsay on the Shower!

Who can't forget this very hot centerfold of the Universal Leading Man Derek Ramsay in Cosmopolitan Bachelor's Mag or Cosmomen?! Me, it didn't diminish in my mind!

So hot, sexy, and yummy! Derek Ramsay is in the shower! He is topless and oohh sooh wet! Aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh..."ang sarap"!

The very sexy abs and muscles of Papa Derek is exposed! And look at him, it seems that he is seducting you! Oh my underwear is now dropping! Uuuuuhhhh...uhhhhh...Derek...Derek....aaaaaahhhh...aaaahhhhhh...!!!! "Basang-basa na din ako...!" Ooohhhh...!!!

This is the 2008 edition of Cosmomen magazine. The yummy Papa Derek is in the cover and in the centerfold! The theme on that period is all about men on bathrooms or bathtubs. All the males who were featured in this issue were all wet and wild in the bathroom! Oh my, oh my, I really love to take a bath with them! Ooohh...I will not feel cold with them..."hindi ako giginawin sapagkat todo-todo and init!"

And if your bath mate is as hot as Papa Derek, then I will not anymore go out from the bathroom! "Araw-araw, gabi-gabi, oras-oras, minu-mnuti...maliligo ako...!" Ohhh...!!!! c",)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Metro Magazine’s 2011 ‘Men of Summer!'

Oh My Gosh Abelgosh...!!! Shit! Not one, not two, nor three...but there are five! Aaaaahhhh..."Global Warning na ba...?" "Nag-iinit na ako ngayon nang sobra-sobra..!" Five hot yummy hunks are dominating the world! Take note, they were the Brazilian hunks! "Sarap"!

The Metro Magazine now released their so-called 2011 Men of Summer! Yup, they feature in this special magazine the five of the hottest, sexy, daring, and yummy Brapanese hunk models! Name it, they have it! Ooh-lala...!

They are JayC Barnes, Hideo Muraoka, Fabio Ide, Daniel Matsunaga, and Benjamin Tang! They are now putting me on top of satisfaction! I am now on the peak...reaching my climax because of these yummy guys! "Nararating ko na ang rurok...!"

Well, let's take a look at them one by one! See how hot and sexy they are in the said magazine! Ready, get set...tira...

Benjamin Tang

Daniel Matsunaga

Fabio Ide

Hideo Muraoka

Jayc Barnes

Aaaaahhhhh...aaaahhhhh....aaaaaahhhhh....ang sarap.... "Said na said na....aaaahhhh!!! Heto pa...aaaahhhhh!!!

Not twosome, not threesome...ano ang itatawag ko? Sixsome?! Wooohhhhh....!!! "Sige...sige...kakayanin ko kayong lima!" Five hot guys in one bed, ooh-lala! Ang saya-saya!

Hideo, JayC, Fabio, Daniel, Benjamin...ooohhhh..who will take first?! "Kaninong pangalan ang unang isisigaw o iuungol ko sa sarap...?!" Aaaahhh...aaaaahhhhh...aaaahhhhhh...!!!!

One bed, one hot night...five hunk Papas...what more can I ask for?! Sino ang una kong didilaan...sino ang unang lalabasan...!!!

I am now burning so hot now! Aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhhh...ooooooh-yeah...yeahhhh...yeahhhhh...!!!!!

Benjaaaaaaahhhhminnnn...!!!! Shit...ang sasarap...! L na L na akoooohhh...!!! c",)

The Penshoppe’s Summer 2011 Campaign Billboards!

Penshoppe already launched their 2011 Summer campaign billboards. And the two "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition" castaways are the two leads of this said campaign!

The Survivor Philippines winner and finalist–Akihiro Sato and Solenn Heusaff are the two faces of this Penshoppe campaign! Actually, their billboards were now up in the major roads of EDSA! Look up, above are the billboards of Akihiro and Solenn!

Aside from Aki and Solenn, also modelling for the said campaign are Ygor Pignatari and Bea Soriano. The pictorial was shot in Misibis Bay, Albay.

Here are more of the said Penshoppe 2011 Summer billboards. Let's take a glance at them:

Summer is really depicted in these billboards! The main color theme of these billboards is blue which symbolizes the color of the sky and the color of summer!

But as you can see in these billboards, the models were very wholesome! They didn't even showed they sexy, hot, and yummy bodies! Rather, they wore they Summer beach attires.

Oh, we are waiting to see the hot abs and muscles of Akihiro! He will truly spice and sizzle up our summer! Aki, aki, aki...akin ka na lang...! Aaaaaahhhhh...!!!!

But, it's ok! If Akihiro will undress and exposed his body, global warming will occur! His hotness plus the hotness of summer will merge! And I don't want to get burn! Hehe...!! But I want to get burn with the hotness of Akihiro inside his bedroom! Oooohhhhh...!!! c",)

The Wholesome Temptation of Richard Gutierrez and Dingdong Dantes!

Richard Gutierrez

Dingdong Dantes

I wonder why these two top Kapuso hunk actors were very wholesome in their Bench Return to Temptation Billboard. We all know that they were both hot, sexy, daring, and yummy, but why did they decided to wrap their bodies with clothes rather than exposed their hotness?!

Oh, we're so disappointed! We are expecting too much from these two 'masarap' guys! We are imagining that they will appear half-naked in their temptation. billboards Specially Papa Dingdong Dantes, we already saw his different billboards posted before in EDSA Guadalupe wherein he almost show his 'bird'! He only wore brief and totally naked with a very seductive position!

Look at them now, very, very wholesome! But even though they were wholesome, their looks were very seductive! "Sa Kanilang mga tingin pa lang...mag-iinit ka na!" Their faces were all seductive, lalo na si Papa Dong..oooohhhh...!!!

Well, even though they were wrapped with clothes in their billboards, in my eyes and in our minds, they were both naked! Hahaha..."hubad na hubad kayo sa aming mga pantasya...!" And both of you are with me in bed...ooooohhhh...sarap.... having a three-some! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh....aaaaaaaahhhhh....aaaahhhhhh..Dong...Dong...
Doooohhhhhng...Chard...Chard...Chaaaaahhhhhrddd...!!!! Aaahhhhh.... c",)

The Passion and Temptation of Zanjoe Marudo!

Termed as the "Prince of Passion" in the world of TV series, the Kapamilya hunk actor Mr. Zanjoe Marudo also have a billboard for the latest campaign of Bench called "Return to Temptation".

Papa Zanjoe got two billboards for this campaign. One is very wholesome since he is wrapped with clothes while the other one is half-naked since he is topless and wears only jeans.

Well, let's first see these two billboards of Papa Zanjoe for Bench. Here they go:

Even though wrapped with clothes, the hotness and sexiness of Papa Zanjoe is still exposed! Yup, "bakat na bakat pa din ang mga masasarap niyang muscles kahit naka-damit...!"

I love his balbas and bigote, pandagdag sarap! "Nakaka-kiliti! seems that you can easily reach your climax because of these masarap na balbas at bigote ni Papa Zanjoe! Ooohhhhh....Ooohhhhh...!!!!

On his other billboard, aaaaaahhhhh....aaaahhhhh...heto na...heto naaaaahhhhh..... Ang sarap-sarap Zanjoe....sige pa...sige pa....aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! He is half-naked in his other billboard! As you can see, his sexy yummy body is exposed! Aaaaaaahhhhh...!!! Ibaba mo..ibaba mo Zanjoe...aaahhhhh...ibaba mo ang pantalon mo...uuuhhhhhh...!!!

Sarap na sarap talaga ako sa chest at abs mo Papa Zanjoe...!!! Lalaking-lalaki! Aaaaaahhhhh....aaaahhhh...!!! Oh Zanjoe, Oh Zanjoe...Zanjoooooohhhhh...!!! Ang sarap mong i-kama!

Zanjoe Marudo will also star in the next ABS-CBN TV series, "Hiyas". In this new teleserye, more nude and naked Zanjoe marudo will be seen! Uuuuhhhhh...I can't wait and see..!!!

Zanjoe...Zanjoe...Zanjoooohhhh...come with me! I wanna touch and taste your own 'hiyas'! Aaaaaaahhhhh....aaaaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhhh...!!!! Zanjoe is truly a very, very hot and yummy guy whom I want to sex with! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh....!!!! c",)

Borgy Manotoc is the New Endorser of Bench Body Underwear!

Oh My Gosh... another sizzling hot Papa is the now the new endorser of Bench Body underwear! I'm starting to get hot now! Ooh-lala!

My, oh's the sexy yummy hunk actor model Borgy Manotoc! Yup, Borgy is the newest endorser of Bench body! And being a model of Bench, what will you expect?! Of course different hot, oozing, and daring billboards scattered around EDSA!

I'm now reaching my climax because of this very hot hunk son of Rep. Imee Marcos! He is now feeding my sexual fantasy! Ooohhhh...oooohhhhh...!!!

So before we start drooling and jerking, let's first start now taking a glance with these very hot billboards of Borgy Manotoc for Bench underwear. Look at him, oooohhhhh...he is really naked! He only wears brief! Aaaaawwwwww.....

Bench is really seducing us! After exposing to us the hotness of the yummy hunk models like Jake Cuenca, Rafael Rosell, Jon Avila, Aljur Abrenica, Zanjoe Marudo, Jay-R, Dingdong Dantes, Wendell Ramos, Christian Bautista, Franco Daza, and Benjamin Tang, here's another sizzling hunk to jerk with!

I love his body! Too hot and sexy! It is oozing with great charm! I want to touch and lick his sexy six pack abs! I want to wet his chest and biceps! are too hot! I can't handle you! You're burning so hot! Aaaaaaaahhhhhh.....!!! Booooorrrrgyyyy...!!!!!

So sad that he is already taken! Yup, he already have a girlfriend in the name of Georgina Wilson! Oh Georgina, you are too lucky to have my Borgy! If I were you, I wouldn't missed any chances of having him on bed! Oooohhhhh...!!!!

Borgy...Borgy...Borgy...can we have an orgy?! Love it! Uuuuhhhhhh...."sarap..."! c",)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zac Efron Shows His Sexy Hot Body!

Oh My Gosh...he truly shows off! He's a yummy foreign guy! Ooh-lala Zac, Zac, oh my Papa Zac!

Hollywood hunk actor Zac Efron shows his sexy body recently during his skateboarding. As you can see, his sizzling hot yummy abs and chest were exposed! Awwww...!!! "Pagkasarap-sarap!" I super like it! I am now salivating with his body! Ooohhhh...ooohhhh...ohhhhh...Zaaaahhhccc!

Oh my gosh abelgosh...I want to touch and lick that body! Can you come with me Zac oh Zac?! And we will play 'skateboard' in my bed! Uuhhhhh...!!!

Here's more! Here are some of the sexy half-naked photos of Zac Efron that will truly feed your fantasy and will let you reach your climax! Let's start jerking now with these photos:

From head to foot, Zac's whole body parts were awesome! "Sulit na sulit...sagad na sagad sa sarap!"

I love the hair in his abs! I want to wet it with my bare tongue! Even the hair in his armpit, I want to kiss it! Uuuhhhhhh...!!!!

I want to live in California now together with Zac! If my boyfriend will be as hunky as him, then I will have no time for rest! "Araw-araw, gabi-gabi...dyug-dyugan 'to!"

Hope that Zac will visit here someday! Then I will hug him too tight and will undress him using my mouth! And we will have sex all night long...!!! Ooohhhh...ohhhhh...ooohhhh...Zac!!!! Aaahhh...aaahhhhh...aaaaahhhhhhh!!!! "Madali akong lalabasan pagod" because of your ultimate hotness Zac! c",)

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Half-Naked Billboard of Phil Younghusband with a Ball!

Oh my God...this is it! Ooh-lala...!!! A very yummy papa! Phil...Phil...Phil...oh my Papa Phil!

As I told you, I will share with you the topless or the half-naked billboard of this yummy AZKALS player Phil Younghusband for Handford underwear. And this is it! Look at his perfectly gorgeous body! Oh my Gosh Abelgosh...ang sarap!

I really love his body! Too hot and sexy! It is perfectly sculpted with muscles! Aaaahhhh....look at his abs and chest, too daring! I love to lick it! It's very yummy to touch and hug! Ooohhh...ohhhh...Phil...Phil...I want to have a one night stand with you and play all the way with you all nigh long...! Oooohhhhh...oooohhhhh....saraaaappp!!!!

As you can see in his topless picture, Phil is with his soccer ball! He really depicts even in his billboard his enthusiasm in playing his soccer ball! Me too...I also love to play his 'ball'! I want to touch it...hold it using my mouth! Aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhhh...!!!

Phil in this billboard owns two balls! Of course the first one is the soccer ball placed in his upper body part (in his shoulder). And the other one is his own 'ball' or better say a 'pair of ball' inside his yellow boxer short! Gosh...look at it! It's very big! I'm getting more and more sizzling right now! I'm gonna reach my climax because of you oh Phil...!!!! Uuuhhhhh...uhhhhh...uhhhhh...!!!! Papa Phil...let's start our game now using your own ball! Aaahhhhhh...!!!! c",)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sexy Phil Younghusband in Hanford Underwear Series!

Who wants to see the AZKALS' hottest member Phil Younghusband in underwear?! Me, me, me, and WE...!!!! We want Phil, we want Phil!!

Before being one of the hottest AZKALS member, the cute and handsome hunk Phil Younghusband already endorses different clothing brand. And one of these is the Handford underwear! Yeah, yeah, yeah, Papa Phil already had many different billboards in Handford!

Let's feed our fantasies with some of Papa Phil's billboards for Handford undwear series! This is called Handford Ice which shows different underwear for men! Here they go:

Hahaha! Papa Phil Younghusband is very wholesome here! "Konting bitin muna guys. Tiisin muna ang pananabik!" On my next post, I will share with you the naked body of Papa Phil! Ooh-lala!

In these billboards, Papa Phil is wearing different undergarments like t-shirts, briefs, and boxing shorts. "Sayang hindi pa naka-topless si Papa Phil!" But it's ok, he's cute naman eh! Hehe!

Do you wonder why it is called Handford Ice?! Well, it's because, the colors of the underwear were all light and neon! So relaxing to the eyes! What more, seeing Papa Phil!

Phil, Phil, Phil...will you be my husband?! Ooohhhh...he's so yummy! Love him! If I were Angel Locsin (which is talaga namang ako!), papatulan ko na'tong si Papa Phil! Go...go...go! We will play 'soccer' all night long...I mean I will play his 'ball' all night long! Uhhhh....!!!! c",)

Fresher and Angelic Look of Angelica Panganiban in Look Magazine!

It seems that another beauty and fashion magazine was born! This is called the Look magazine!

As the title of the mag suggest, it is another magazine that will tackle fashion and beauty. And in this month's issue, Ms. Angelica Panganiban graces the cover!

As you can see, Angelica is very fresh and beautiful in the cover. She really looks like an angel! She got the so-called Angelic Face! And she truly fitted for this month's topic, "Fresh and Natural"!

Angelica Panganiban is again very controversial these past few days. It's because, she had a twitter war with the AZKALS fans! This is because of the issue involving her boyfriend Derek Ramsay and the AZKALS member. Well, hopefully this issue will be solved! Keep up the good work Angel! c",)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Heartthrob Temptation of Gerald Anderson!

Could it be I'm falling in love?! Catch me Gerald, I'm falling in love with you! Ooh-lala!

These are some of the billboards of the Action Drama Prince and the Golden Boy Mr. Gerald Anderson for Bench Return to Temptation!

Unlike the other hunk men who posed nude or half-naked for the said Bench theme, Gerald Anderson is very wholesome! He is wrapped with clothes! He seems so young and innocent in these billboards!

Though not nude or topless, Gerald really depicts his heartthrob appeal! Seeing him, you will truly fall in love with him the way he did to me! Oohhh!!!!

Well, let's fall in love over and over again with Papa Gerald Anderson with his more behind the scene photos for Bench Return to Temptation. Here are some:

Oh his face...his face...his face is so lovely! Very cute and handsome! I like to kiss it! My heart is now falling...falling...falling in love because of you Papa Gerald!

Gerald Anderson is my dream boyfriend! He is my prospect! What more do you need on him...he got it all for you! He is a complete package! He got a handsome cute face and a perfect hot sexy yummy body! What more can we ask?! Oh Gerald, Gerald, Gerald...can I have you now?!

Though Papa Geh is not nude here, still he can captivate our hearts! I want to kiss your lovely face! Even though your wholesome here, you still have a very strong appeal! Catch me, catch me, catch heart and my panty are falling! Hehehe....!!!!

Aside from his many different endorsements and billboards, Papa Gerald Anderson is currently starred in the latest Star Cinema movie called "Catch Me...I'm Falling In Love" together with the Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo! "Gosh Abelgosh...Ang swerte mo naman Sarah! Nahawakan mo na ang nagsasarapan at nagtitigasang abs at katawan ni Papa Gerald"! Ooohhhh...If I were you, I will take home Gerald! Let's go Papa Geh, let's have fun together in my bed! c",)


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