Saturday, April 23, 2011

Topless Hot Chris Cayzer on the Centerfold!

Another hot and yummy rockstar on the block! He is the sexy singer Chris Cayzer!

Oh my gosh...he is so yummy! He is in the centerfold of a particular magazine! "Ang sarap-sarap niya!"

Since he is sizzling so sexy, Chris was recently became part of the Metro Body edition of the Metro magazine. He is one of those hot hunks who posed topless and naked in the said mag.

Thanks God, I found this very hot centerfold featuring the half-naked Chris! I love his body! Too sexy and tempting! Chris is also one of my crush whom I want to be with! "Gwapo na, masarap pa...!" And of course, "magaling pang kumanta!" How about in bed, "magaling din kaya siyang kumant***?" Definitely!

I want to take him out! I want to kiss and lick his nude body! I want to swallow his nipples! And I love his hairy face! OMG...he is such a real man! "Lalaking-lalaki!" I want to have a sex with you...ooohhh Papa Chris! C'mon, let's f*cK all night long! Aaaaaahhhh...!!!

I even love the music video of his current hit single "Drive"! It's because, I love seeing Chris there swimming topless! Aaaaahhhhh....aaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhhh...Chris...Chris...Chris....I want to taste your hot body! I was to eat your mala-pandesal' na abs! So delicious!!! Ooohhhhh...!!!! c",)

A Sexy Black Sam Milby on a Black Saturday!

Sam Milby is my ultimate crush in showbiz! Yeah, I really, really love him very much! He is my prospect boyfriend and hubby to be! Ooh-lala!

I like Sam since he is a man of complete package! Cute, wholesome, and ooohhh...has a great sexy, hot, and yummy body all is dying for! And I really love his voice! I love the way he sings. It seems that he is serenading me whenever he sings with his acoustic-rock voice! Oh Sam...oh Sam...oh my Papa Sam!

This is the sexy hot billboard of Papa Sam Milby way back in 2008 for Bench! Yeah, he is still a Bench endorser during that time. And this is his big billboard for the previous Bench Blackout campaign. It was posted in EDSA and in big malls before! Do you know what, I got starstruck seeing this big billboard of Papa Sam Milby! It seems that my underwear is falling down seeing it! "Hindi na'ko makaalis sa kinatatayuan ko" because of this very yummy billboard of Sam!

It's black, it's hot, it's too sexy! "Grabe sa sarap ang katawan ni Papa Sam!" As eyes keep on looking at him! "Tinutunaw ang puso at kaluluwa ko...!" My gosh...I want to take him home na! "Grabe...ooohhhhhh...ooohhhhh...!!!"

Ooh yeah...if Sam Milby is my boyfriend, I will really, really not leave my bed! "Araw-gabi, sa kama kaming dalawa...!" "Lalasapin ko ang napakasarap na katawan ni Papa Sam!" As in, I won't left any! "Mula sa kasuluk-sulukan, titikman ko...aaaaahhhhhh...!!!"

Sam...Sam...Sam...oh my Papa Sam...."kelan ba magiging tayo...?!" c",)

A Sexy Hairy Joe Jonas in Details Magazine!

Here's another hot, yummy, and hairy hunk! Yeah, he is Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brother! He's very cute, I'm starting to love him nah!

Joe Jonas is in the cover of Details magazine! Oh, he is alone?! Is he lonely?! Can I''ll be with you?! Promise, I will make you happy specially in bed!

I love how Joe Jonas look! It seems that he's seducing me with his great look. I love his eyes! And of course the hair in his face! "Mukha palang, ang sarap-sarap na...!"

Here are other more photos of Joe that can be seen inside this magazine. Start feeling hot over him:

Oh my gosh...what more if Joe Jonas takes off his clothes?! "Face pa lang ang sarap na...!" What more if he exposed his sexy hot and yummy body?!

Oh, Joe..Joe..Joe...take off you clothes! I want to touch and lick that yummy body! I want to taste your hotness! Aaaahhhh...aaaaahhh...aaaahhhh...!!! "Face pa lang na-aarouse na'ko!"

Joe, can we sing together?! Yeah, I will sing with you...I will sing using your 'manhood' as my microphone! And I will take all your milky 'juice!' Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhh...aaaaahhhh...ang sarap...!

But promise me Papa Joe, you will kiss me, you will rub your hairy face all over my body! Aaaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...!!! I'm feeling hot now because of you! Joe...Joe...Joooooohhhhh...!!! Joe-cool...aaaahhh!!! Joe Jonas is my new new Papa! c",)

Phil Younghusband in the 'Summer High' Issue of Garage Mag!

It's the hottest AZKALS member on the cover of Garage Magazine! Phil...Phil...Phil...oh my Papa Phil!

Phil Younghusband is the cover guy of Garage Magazine for their summer issue called "Summer High"!

Oh, we failed to see the sexy, hot and yummy body of Papa Phil in this cover! As you can see, only his face was shown!

But still, even though only his face was shown, he still hot and sexy! His looks, his eyes were very seductive! "Sa tingin pa lang matatakam ka na...!!!" It looks like, "parang hinuhubaran ka na niya sa kanyang mga titig!"

Phil...Phil...oh my Papa Phil! It seems that I'm loving you nah! I love to have sex with you! Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaahhhhh...!!!

What if Phil Younghusband takes off his clothes infront of you?! As in, totally nude...!!! My gosh...I didn't know what to do...!!! I won't hesitate the chance to have him in bed. And we will will play his 'ball' all night long! Ooohhh...!!! c",)

A Hairy Jake Gyllenhaal in Men's Journal Mag!

Hollywood hunk actor Jake Gyllenhaal is in the cover of Men's Journal magazine!

In my recent post last March, I shared with you his nude magazine cover for Entertainment Weekly mag. Today, he graces another cover. But this time, he is not nude anymore! "Sayang!" But his face is very sexy enough to see!

Yup, Jake is hairy! His face is wrapped with sexy hair! Oh, I love it! I love guys with 'balbas'! 'Balbas-sarado' guys are my type! They look very hot and sexy. "Ang sarap-sarap nila sa kama...nakakakiliti!"

Jake Gyllenhaal is very papable! Yummy! I want him to kiss me special in my genitals! The hair in his face is so arousing! It seduces me...aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh....aaaahhh!!!! Jake...Jake...Jake...come with me here and let's have fun together in bed! Ooohhhh...!!! c",)

'X-Men: First Class' on the Three Covers of Empire Mag!

The upcoming movie "X-Men: First Class" is featured in the latest cover of Empire Magazine. And it's not one, but three!

Yeah, Empire Magazine has three covers featuring this exciting movie. So, let's check out now these three covers of Empire mag featuring the new X-Men. Here they go:

The covers feature film stars Michael Fassbender as Magneto, James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier, January Jones as Emma Frost, Jason Flemyng as Azazel, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, and Nicolas Hoult as Beast.

Well, which of these three covers you like and love the most?! Hmmmm...for me, I love the red cover since my favorite color is red! And of course, I love the hunk! He's so hot! Hehe... Hope that he will take off his jacket and expose his abs and sexy chest! Ooh-lala...!!! c",)

'Beyond Twilight' Robert Pattinson in the Entertainment Weekly Mag!

He is still looking good, cute, and handsome in the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine! Our favorite vampire, Robert Pattinson graces the cover of this Hollywood magazine.

With the banner main feature story of "Beyond Twilight", "Twilight Saga" star Robert Pattinson is very handsome while wearing a formal attire in the cover. He is very neat and gorgeous!

Oh my, I truly love his smile! And look at his face, I love the hair! Very sexy! His 'balbas' around his face is very seductive! I super like it! It can arouse you and put you on top or in peak of orgasm! "Ang sarap...!"

Robert Pattinson is a perfect boyfriend! Is he looking for a girlfriend?! Can I be your one and only?! If he's a real vampire, I will let him bite me! "Hihilata pa ako ng todo-todo para lang sa kanya...!" Ooh-lala Papa Edward! Ooh-yeah...!!!! c",)

A Glam Erich Gonzales in the Summer Issue of Chalk Mag!

Summer is really felt! Even in the world of magazine covers, summer is always a topic!

Chalk mag already released their summer issue for this year. And in this said issue, the cover girl is no other than the Pinay Maria La Del Barrio, Erich Gonzales!

Erich is very beautiful in this said cover. Her attire is opposite of summer. Instead of wearing swimsuits or bikinis, Erich then is wearing a dress. And take note, she had a formal makeup!

Erich truly looks very wholesome and awesome in this magazine cover! Her looks perfectly fits the idea of this magazine.

Goodluck Erich! Wishing for more magazine cover featuring you in the cover! c",)

AJ Perez' Billboards and Last Photos in Gold's Gym!

AJ Perez is a member of Gold's Gym. This is his workout place together with the other Kapamilya stars.

Just recently, Gold's Gym pay tribute to this young actor through launching a photo billboard showing AJ Perez. But actually while he is still alive, AJ got many billboards for Gold's Gym. And here are some:

These are some of the portions of Gold's Gym billboards. AJ was together with the other Kapamilya hunks. On my next post, I will share with you the complete version of the said billboards showing all the Kapamilya hunks who were working out in Gold's Gym.

Actually at exactly one week before the tragic death of AJ, he worked out in Gold's Gym. It was April 3, 2011.

Here are some of the last photos of AJ Perez in Gold's Gym. Credit to the owner. Let's take a glance on them:

As you can see, AJ was looking great him! He was so awesome and gorgeous here! No one even predicted that he will be a victim of a tragic vehicular accident week later.

AJ Perez' remains is currently residing at Christ The King Parish. He will be buried this coming Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at exactly 10am in Manila Memorial Park. ABS-CBN, his home network will give us a live coverage of his burial.

Once more, condolence to the family, friends, and fans of AJ Perez. May you rest in peace sweet and gorgeous AJ! :(

Gold's Gym Pays Tribute to AJ Perez!

The teen actor AJ Perez is a regular member of Gold's Gym. This is where he worked out together with the other fellow Kapamilya hunk stars.

Just recently, Gold's Gym released their tribute photo for the late young actor. And above is how it looks like!

The tribute photo says "In Loving Memory". And a very jolly AJ Perez was in the photo showing not only his great smile but also his great sexy abs.

Seeing AJ Perez here in the photo tribute of Gold's Gym, he really had a resemblance with the other late young actor Rico Yan. Their smile as well as their eyes truly have a resemblance!

Aside from their looks, the other similarities of Rico and AJ were: both of them were from La Salle Greenhills, both from Star Magic, both died young, both died while asleep, both died during Lenten season, and both buried in Manila Memorial Park. Hmmm...what a coincidence!

May you rest in peace lovely AJ! Condolence to your family and friends! :(

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Nude Photos of Mikael Daez!

You ask it...then I will give it to you!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Here are two of the nude photos of the newbie actor-model Mikael Daez! This is his 'napakasarap' photos showing his sexy upper body! Ooh-lala...!!! Very hot and yummy!

Mikael Daez is the new leading man of Kapuso star Marian Rivera. He is paired with Marian in the upcoming epic-serye "Amaya" and already paired with the actress in the horror-comedy "Spooky Nights Presents: Bampirella"! And Mikael is also one of the leading men who replaced Paulo Avelino in the sexy movie of Regal Films called "Temptation Island"! 'Wow...kainggit ka Marian!' Seems that Marian Rivera is very, very lucky to have Mikael as her leading man! Marian is also the one who chose Mikael to be her onscreen partner! 'Nice...galing talagang pumili ni lola!'

"Ang sarap-sarap niya...!" OMG...I want to lick and wet his sizzling yummy body! "Ang sarap kagat-kagatin...!!!" If I were you Marian, I won't miss a chance to have an intercourse with this steamy yummy guy! Ooohhhhh...!!!!

Mikael...Mikael...Mikael....aaaahhhhh...aaahhhh...aaaahhhhh!!! "Sige pa...sige pa...hubarin mo pa...!!! "Sa baba paaahhh...Papa Mikael"!

Everybody is now salivating and mastur****** because of this hot guy! Our wildest fantasies were all awaken because of you Papa Mikael! "Ang sarap-sarap mo...aaah!!!" "Mikael, sige pa...sige pa,,,sige pa...ipasok mo na...aaahhh!!!" "Lalabasan naaahhh...!!!"

Look at him in his first picture above, sobrang nasarapan at basang-basa na...!!! Aaahhhh...!!!! c",)

May You Rest in Peace AJ Perez!

The whole country as well as the different social networking media were in great mourn about the sudden lost of the teen actor AJ Perez. On the 12 midnight of Sunday yesterday, he was reported dead on arrival after a vehicular van accident!

AJ was first known being a commercial model. He already appeared in different TV commercials before starring in different movies and TV series.

In terms of print media, AJ already had many billboards and magazine covers. His latest billboard was the Bench Return to Temptation with "Sabel" co-star Joseph Marco. This said billboard is still up in the major roads!

In terms of magazine covers, he last appeared on the last month's edition of Garage Mag together with Steven Silva, Ivan Dorschner, and Enrique Gil. I already shared with you those said last billboards and magazine covers of AJ in my previous posts!

AJ is also one of the cutest and favorite teen heartthrob of the teen magazine Candy Mag! And I have here with you (above) the said mag!

Well to the whole family and friends of AJ Perez, please accept our warmest expression of sympathy. And of course, wishing AJ Perez to be rest in peace together with the Lord! :(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Very Handsome Photographer Piolo Pascual!

Oh my...his looks can easily makes my underwear drops! He is truly the ultimate hot and handsome guy! "Partida pa, nakadamit pa 'yan ha...!"

This is the cover of Papa Piolo Pascual's photography collection. This is called PJ which stands for "Pursuits Journal", Sunpiology 2011!

The cover is very plain and simple. A cute handsome guy who is Papa Piolo Pascual wearing a jacket is holding a high definition photo camera! He is looking somewhere which seems like his target!

The background is just a plain white with a rounded small yellow circles similar to the Sun Cellular logo!

I super like and love Papa Piolo here! He is very wholesome yet very handsome! He will let your heart melt! "Sa tingin palang, ang sarap-sarap na...!" I wish he's my boyfriend, my hubby, and my partner in life and in bed! Promise, every hour, every minute, every second...I will always have a sex with him! Oooohhhh...oooohhhhh..sige pa, sige pa, Piolooohhhh!!!

If my photographer is as hot and as handsome as Papa Piolo, I will not hesitate to pose totally nude for him! And of course, he is also totally nude while taking photos of me! Aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...!!! And we will end together in bed!!! Aaaaahhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhhh...ang sarap-sarap mo talaga Pioloooohhhh...!!! Sige na, take your clothes off..hubad mag-picturan na tayo together sa sarap...!

A Good-Looking Joem Bascon for Ego Jeans!

Before, I shared with you how hot, sexy, and yummy Joem Bascon is in Ego Jeans. His topless and half-naked billboards really made us feel hot and increased our libidos!

This time, let me share with you a wholesome version of Joem's billboards for Ego Jeans. Check this out guys:

Though Joem is wrapped with clothes, he is still looking very hot and yummy! His looks can easily seduces you! He is a one hot guy! "Lalaking-lalaki at mukhang ang sarap-sarap...!" My gosh...!

Joem is one of my crush and dream guy! "Parang napakasarap niya sa kama...!" What more if he removes his clothes, you will easily reach orgasm! Oohhh...!!! I like his sexy body! His abs, his chest, his biceps, and his intact muscles all over his body are truly seductive! "Mapapa-ungol ka talaga...!"

What else, his 'bigote' adds sexiness to him! Oh my, I love to be kissed with Papa Joem..."makikiliti ka at lalong mapapaungol sa sobrang sarap...!!!" Aahhh...aaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...Joemmmm....!!!! "Lalabas na...aaaahhhh...!!!" Jooooohhhhhhhhem...ang saraaap...!!! c",)

The Angel Locsin's Billboard for Suzuki!

The Primetime action-fantasy superstar Ms. Angel Locsin is the newest endorser of the famous motorcycle brand, Suzuki. And her billboard is already up and posted in major roads!

Well, if you didn't yet seen her new billboard, here is it! Let's take a glance with the beautiful Angel Locsin in black for this amazing action-packed billboard for Suzuki!

As you can see, Angel is truly perfect for this said endorsement! Her looks speak not only of beauty, but of action and stunts! She really depicts a true-blooded action star!

Now that Angel is the newest endorser of Suzuki, another rivalry arises between her and Marian Rivera! Marian endorses Yamaha while Angel is for Suzuki! But between these two stars, many really love Angel more than Marian! Angel really has the guts and action!

It's such another accomplishment for everybody's idol, Ms. Angel Locsin! Keep up the good work and more power to "Imortal!" c",)

Angeline Quinto in the 'Stop, Look, Shine' Issue of Mega Mag!

After winning in the Megastar's search for the next singing superstar called "Star Power", Angeline Quinto had her first magazine cover. She is in the cover of the Mega Magazine for this month of April 2011!

Seems that Mega is very lucky for Angeline! Do you noticed...Megastar and Mega Magazine?!

"Stop, Look, and Shine" is this month's featured topic of this said mag. And as you can see, the topic is very much fitted for Angeline! Her pose in the said mag is like a policewoman saying, "Stop, Look..."!

Many say, at first look at this magazine cover, Angeline was mistakenly identify as Vice Ganda! In the cover and in other angle, it seems that Angeline has a resemblance with Vice! Do you agree?!

The color theme of this magazine is a combination of yellow, light blue, and light green! It's very light that can actually drives stress! c",)

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Sexy Yummy Abs of Piolo Pascual in Another StarStudio Sexiest Stars Edition!

OMG, it's Papa Piolo Pascual once more...!!! Ooh-lala! His sexy hot yummy abs is once more exposed in another Sexiest Stars Edition of my favorite StarStudio magazine!

Actually, it's the second time around that Papa Piolo was chosen as the sexiest star! For two consecutive years, last 2010 and this 2011, Papa Piolo Pascual is hail as the sexiest male celebrity! And therefore, his sexy yummy abs and body are once more exposed in StarStudio!

I know "takam na takam ka na makita ang abs ni Papa Piolo...!" So, here we go! Here are the two April editions of StarStudio magazine featuring the ultimate hotness of Papa Piolo Pascual:

2011 StarStudio Sexiest Stars Edition

2010 StarStudio Sexiest Celebs Edition

Started in April 2010, the StarStudio magazine launches their list of Top 3 hottest celebrities both male and female! This is based on the poll survey chosen by fans and visitors.

It's surprising to see that nothing has change for the two hottest male and female celebrities! For the male star, Papa Piolo Pascual is the hottest while for the female star, it is still Ms. Angel Locsin! Yup, both Angel and Piolo reign the list of the hottest stars for two consecutive years! Nice!

Aside from Angel and Papa Piolo, other more hottest and yummiest celebrities were featured in the magazine. For this April 2011 issue, the other hot stars were Diether Ocampo, Derek Ramsey, Jericho Rosales, Kim Chiu, Maricar Reyes, Anne Curtis, Enchong Dee, Matteo Guidiceili, and Papa Gerald Anderson! Sarap...!

Yeah, I already bought this year's sexiest issue of StarStudio mag. "Ako ata ang pinakaunang bumili ng issue na'to pagkalabas na pagkalabas pa lang...!!!" And just like the previous year's issue, I added it in my collection! I really want to see, touch, and lick the hot abs of Papa Piolo even only in the magazine!

Piolo...Piolo...Pioloooooohhhhh....aaaahhh...aaaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhh....ang sarap mo talagaaahhh....!!! c",)

A Sexy Toni Gonzaga in the Colorful Preview Mag Cover!

It's indeed a very colorful cover of the Preview magazine comes out this month of April 2011! As you can see, the background color is divided into three colors: violet, light blue, and orange! What more, the dress of the cover girl adds more color in the cover!

Ms. Toni Gonzaga is the cover girl of this said mag for the month of April 2011! And wow, look at her...she's very sexy and beautiful! She is wearing a very sexy black short with a violet dress! And look, Toni almost show her cleavage! OMG!

This is the very first time that Toni poses so sexy for a magazine! In her previous magazine covers and even in her billboards, Toni is very wholesome! But in this magazine, she is very sexy! Take note that this magazine is not a men's sexy mag with full of sexy girl. Rather, it is a fashion magazine! And Toni is truly sexy in this said cover!

Is Toni now ready to pose sexier in other daring mags like FHM, Maxim, and Playboy?! c",)

Sam Pinto in the Summer Issue of Cosmo Mag!

It's pink, blue, and yellow..! In other words, it's colorful!

Cosmopolitan magazine also launches their summer issue for this month of April 2011. And the Kapuso hot actress Sam Pinto graces the cover!

Sam is simply plain and beautiful in the cover! She is wearing a yellow sleeveless blouse paired with a white mini-skirt. Her attire truly reflects the summer heat!

Since it's a summer issue, expect more summer related topics in this magazine like the beauty heat. And of course the much-awaited part is the topic feature called "The 2011 Steamy Summer Studs"! Who do you think will be on the list?! Exciting! c",)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wet and Sexy Regine Angeles in FHM Cover!

She is truly wet and wild! The Bench hot babe Ms. Regine Angeles is in the cover of FHM Magazine for this month of April 2011!

As we are now in the season of summer, different magazines feature summer, swimming pools, beach, or other topics pertaining to water. In the cover of FHM, Regine is truly wet and wild in the pool!

FHM truly depicted water and swimming pool in this cover. The background of the cover as well as the title font showed a swimming pool. What more, Regine is standing from a blue pool water!

The cover story of this issue featuring Regine is called "Jump Into Love Pool"! Water definitely ease the hotness of this sexy lady! Nice! c",)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Billboards Near the Hotels!

Do you know that I really feel very hot seeing these two sizzling billboards erected somewhere in EDSA?! Yup, these were up years ago. And these images created a remarkable heat in my human body!

These said billboards were posted near luxury hotels! Oh my, it seems that they were really tempting us to check-in in these luxury but cheap hotels. Gosh, it these hot yummy men were with me, go, go, go...!!! Let's go together! Let's go bidding on hotel rooms with the three of you! It's gonna be sooohhh irresistibly hot!

I imagine myself being with them for one, two, three, or more nights in a luxury hotel. A five star hotel which serves a luxury service, giving us an elegant ambiance, and good foods for the hungry stomach perfectly fitted me with these three yummy guys! Yup, we will stay in a hotel with one bed in one bedroom! We will having a three-some with the cool ambiance unleashes our sizzling flesh! One by one, while we were all lying in a soft bed in the luxury hotel, I will pull down their briefs using my mouth and my tongue! Ooohhh...ooooooohhhh...yeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!

I didn't exactly knew the two guys in the first billboard! But the only man in the second billboard is no other than Bruce Quebral! I like him specially his hot sexy yummy body! I want his abs and muscles! Their slowly seduce you...ooohhhh!!!!

And if time permitted, we will live altogether in that said luxury hotel! We will never rest...time to time, minute by minute, second to second...we will having a three way intercourse! Ooh-lala...! c",)


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