Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cutie AZKALS on the Health Today Magazine Cover!

Today's hottest heartthrob football players were really hot! They were really the topic of any aspects! Right now, they were in the cover of the Health Today magazine!

The AZKALS graces the cover of Health Today magazine for this month of June 2011. This is the magazine's special Men's issue.

In the said magazine, five AZKALS members are on the cover including the cutie yummy hunks Phil and James Younghusband. They were wearing their uniform in the cover.

Below are two of the AZKALS pictures featured on the magazine:

In this issue of the said mag, we will learn more about these five AZKALS members. They will share some of the things we didn't yet know! Ooh-lala! Exciting! time, we're expecting for a topless or nude AZKALS in a magazine cover! Hehehe...ooohh!! c",)

A Fabulous Anne Curtis on the First Anniversary Issue of Blush Mag!

So gorgeous...very fabulous! That's how we can describe the 'nag-iisang Dyosa' Ms. Anne Curtis. Yup, Anne is the face of the first anniversary issue of Blush Magazine. Take a glance on her beauty above!

With a light and plain make-up, Anne's true outside beauty truly comes out!

"Crazy, Beautiful, and Drop Dead Gorgeous" are the words which describe Anne in this magazine. That's their feature cover story!

The said magazine will also gives us tips on how to become fabulous at every age! Great! Happy birthday Blush! c",)

The Empress on Celebrity Living!

"Celebrate Success!" That is the main feature story in the latest edition of Celebrity Living magazine which features the so-called Empress of  Drama on the cover!
Empress Schuck or simply Empress graces the cover of the said magazine for the June/July 2011 issue.

The magazine cover is simply pink! The background is painted with pink color. It's very much suited for an Empress! So light, so cool! c",)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Xiam Lim Sizzling Billboards for Mint!

Here are two more panty drooling Xian Lim's sizzling hot billboards for Mint Denim.

Let's take a quick glance on them. But before you do, hold on your underwear before it drops! Ooh-lala!

Xiam Lim is so yummy! It seems that I like him! My gosh...I want to take him home and have sex with him all day and all night long!

Look at his abs, "sobrang sarap! Nakakagigil!" Ooohhh...ang sarap dilaan! I'm arousing right now because of this sexy hot yummy body of Xian! Take note, "topless pa lang 'yan ha!"  What more if naghubad siya ng todo-todo?! It's a total global warming na!

Xian...Xian...Xian...oooohhhhh Xian! Can you be my man?! Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhhh....aaaaahhhhhh...Xiaaaahhhh...!!! c",)

Behind the Scene Teaser of Sam Milby's New F&H Billboards!

I am now fully in love with him! "Grabe, patay na patay ako lalo sa kanya ngayon...!!!" Papa Sam Milby has new billboards for Folded and Hung!

Yeah, yeah, yeah guys! My yummy hubby launches his new sexy billboards for his endorsement Folded and Hung. And I will share it with you his complete billboard collections on my next post!

For now, I want you to take a look on a sexy hot teaser of his behind the scene video. Here is it:

Sh*t, "teaser pa lang ulam na!" I really love the abs and muscles of Papa Sam! It's so seductive! My underwear is now dropping! Ooohhhh...oooohhhhh...I can't resist the heat!

Right now I am reaching my climax because of the hotness of my Papa Sam Milby! What more seeing his sizzling billboards! I'm sure "mag-iinit ka ng sobra-sobra!" Aaaahhhh....wala siyang kasing-sarap! Ooohhh....!!!

Sam, Sam, my hubby Sam...! Let's have an intercourse! I want to play with your balls in my bed! Ooh-lala..!!! c",)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Hotties of "One Big Show", the Boardwalk's 20th Anniversary!

Direct-selling company Boardwalk recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary thru a 2-hour fashion and music show called "One Big Show" held in Araneta Coliseum.

The event featured over a hundred models, including its celebrity endorsers who made hot appearances in the show.

Here are some of the models' very hot photos! Let's check them out below:

Derek Ramsay

Jake Cuenca

Victor Aliwalas

Coco Martin

Bangs Garcia

Justine Gabionza

Matteo Guidiceili

Rich Asuncion

On the said show, Derek Ramsey, Jake Cuenca, and Victor Aliwalas really showed their yummy bodies! Ooh-lala...I love their sexy oozing chest and abs! "Ang sarap!"

Hope that other hunk models like Coco Martin, Matteo Guidiceilli, and the two Rich, Rich Hardin and Rich Herrera will also expose their topless bodies on the crowd! Ooohhh...!!! c",)

Ed Westwick for Penshoppe Online Posters Released!

Penshoppe has released the online posters featuring their newest endorser – Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick. Check out his cute and handsome posters above!

Ed Westwick, better known as Chuck Bass, an overly confident and sexy bad boy in the popular television series “Gossip Girl” is the newest face of local apparel brand Penshoppe. The British young actor visited the Philippines first week of June to headline the brand’s 2011/2012 campaign.

Expect that these billboards of this hot yummy hunk will soon be posted in the major roads and malls of the Metro! I'm so excited! But I want to see him in topless or in half-naked! I want to see his yummy hairy chest! Aaaahhhh...!!! I'm sure my underwear will drop once more for him! Ooh-lala! He's so yummy! I want to taste him! Ooohhh...!!! c",)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Behind the Scene of Bench Twisted Overhauled Jeans and Knitwaist Overhauled Jeans!

Bench launches their newest Twisted OJ and Knitwaist billboards and TV commercials featuring their hottest yummy hunk models and sexy babes.

How they make it?! Well, let's check it out!

Here is the behind the scene video of the latest Bench Twisted Jeans and HerBench Knitwaist campaign. Let's check this out:

So hot and sizzling! The models were all gorgeous! I love the hot hunks specially when Rocco Nacino turns off his clothes. I even love the hot body of JayR exposed! Hehehe...

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Nude Ernesto Calzadilla in Climax Mag!

He's so hot and yummy! I can't resist his sexiness! Aaaaahhhh...aaaahhh...aaaahhhh...!!!

What can you feel if a sexy hot and hairy guy like him will pose nude in front of you?! Uuuuhhhh...uuuuuhhhhh..."ang hirap pigilin ang sarap...ooohhh!"

Male pageant model Ernesto Calzadilla go nude in Climax Magazine! Look at him, he is totally naked! His body covers with nothing! Just a hair all-over his body from top to bottom covers the sexiest part of his bod! Aaaaahhh...aaaaahhh...aaaahhhh...ang sarap!!

Ernesto...Ernesto...Ernestooohhh...I want to taste your body! I want to hug it very, very tight! And I will wet it using my bare-naked tongue! Oooohhhh....!!! "Buburotsahin ko ang lahat ng buhok mo sa katawan..!" Aaaaaahhhhh...

Ang sarap...ang sarap-sarap Ernesto! Ernestooohhhhh...!!!! Come and let's have a sex all night long!!! Uuuuhhhh...uuuuhhhh...uuuuhhhh...!!! I'm reaching my climax now because of this very hot Climax Magazine cover! Aaaaaahhhhh....!!!! c".)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Nude Body of Rich Herrera in Cosmopolitan Centerfold!

Oh my...oh my...I'm getting hot right now because of this super yummy guy! Uuuhhhh...uuuuhhhhh..shit!

Yup he is the athlete model who just recently won in "Amazing Race 4!" He is so yummy! He is a complete package! He is a man of good face and a gorgeous body! "Gwapo na...masarap pa" as they say! Yeah, he is my dream boyfriend!

Actually Papa Rich already appeared in different magazine covers. And one of these is this Cosmopolitan magazine. Look at him above, he is totally naked! "Walang saplot!" Awwww...ang sarap haplusin!

Aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhhh...aaaahhhh...I'm reaching my climax now because of you Rich!!! Oooohhhh...ooooohhhh...oooohhhh...yeah!!!!

Here's more! Here are more of the sizzling hot magazine shots of Papa Rich! "Pampadagdag l*b*g!"

Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...I'm getting wet now because of you Papa Rich! You're the man! I want to touch, lick, hold, and hug that yummmy body! Oooohhhhh...oooooohhhhh...I want to have a sex with you Rich!

Uuuuuhhhh...uuuuuhhhhh...uuuuuhhhhh...!!!! "Ang sarap-sarap mo" which I can't resist! And it seems that you're also a great performer in bed! Let's go Papa Rich, let's play amazing race in my bed! "Sinong unang lalab*sa*n sa'tin?!" Ooohhhh...!!! c",)

Matteo Guidiceili and Kim Chiu in Zee Lifestyle Mag!

"My Binindo Girl" stars Kim Chiu and Matteo Guidiceili grace the cover of the Zee Lifestyle magazine. And here is how they look like:

It's red, it's formal! That's how we can describe the said magazine!

The magazine is total red! The background of it is a total elegant red! Kim and Matteo were also in formal attire for the said magazine cover!

Their banner story says "Rendezvous with Kim and Matteo"! So are you ready to have a date with them in your meeting place?! c",)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Behind the Scene of Xian Lim's Mint Denim Billboard Shoots!

He is really cute, handsome, hot, and yummy! What more can you say about Xian Lim! As they say, "kanin na lang ang kulang!"

Xian Lim is the newest endorser of Mint Denim. His billboards were part of the Mint Denim Fall 2011 campaign!

In my two recent posts, I already shared with you how hot and yummy Papa Xian is in these billboards! Now we will look deeper! Yeah, join me as we see the behind the scene video of his billboard photoshoots! Exciting!

Here is the said hot video! Let's take a glance on Papa Xian:

I love him body! "Sagad sa sarap"! I want to lick and kiss it! I want to hug him very tight! Ooohhh...ooooohhhh...ooooohhhh...Xian!

Hmmm...pwede na si Xian! Yeah, pwede na siyang maging boyfriend ko! He looks so mature with hair on his face! And he truly becomes so yummy with a hairy face!

But as revealed with this BTS, that hair in his face were only make-up! Haha! But still, it's so effective! "Sarap pa din naman ni Xian!"

Aaahhhh...aaaaahhhhh...aaaahhhhh...Xiaaaaannn!!! I'm getting wet now because of your extreme hotness! Ooohhhh...!!! c",)

More Sexy Hot Xian Lim Billboards for Mint Denim Fall 2011 Campaign!

Here are more of the billboards of Papa Xian Lim! Papa Xian is the newest endorser of Mint Denim. And these billboards are part of the Fall 2011 campaign!

Let's stare, let's feel hot, and let's be inspired with the cutie Xian Lim's billboards for Mint. Here they go:

Unlike the first two billboards of Papa Xian which I shared with you in my previous post, these succeeding billboards were wholesome. Yup, Xian is wearing stylish clothes here!

But though wrapped with clothes, his sexiness and hotness were still exposed! "Ang sarap-sarap pa din niyang tingnan...!" He still looks wet and wild! "Basang-basa na din ako sa kanya..!!!" 

I like the hairy Xian! His hair in his face makes his more hot and sexy! He seems so seductive with hair on his face! Xian...Xian...ooohhhhh...Xian! I want to take you in my bed!

Aaaahhhh...aaaahhhhh....aaaahhhhh....!!! Can we have a one-night or two-night or nth-night stand Papa Xian?! "Gusto kong magpa-brotsa sa masarap mong balbas at bigote...!!!" Ooooohhhhh... !!! "Walang kasing-sarap...!!!" Aaaaahhhh.....!!!! c",)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Xian Lim Go Sexy for Mint Denim Fall 2011 Campaign Billboards!

Kapamilya young hunk actor Xian Lim is now the new endorser of Mint Denim! And he really goes sexy for its billboards!

OMG! He is so hot and yummy! I really want to lick, touch, and taste his sizzling hot and yummy body! Ooohhhh...!!!

Let's check out this two of his many billboards for Mint Denim Fall 2011 campaign! Let's feel hot now in the rainy season! Ooh-lala...

Xian really looks mature in his billboard on the top. I like his hairy face! He truly becomes yummy! I can't resist him!

His body is so seductioe! Seeing it, your temperature really rises! Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhh....aaahhhh...oh my Xian!

His chest is so gorgeous! It's too hot and sexy! I want to hold it! I will wet it using my tongue! Aaaahhh...aaaahhh...aaaahhhh...!!! "Ang sarap himasin at brotsahin ang chest mo Xian..!!!" Uuuuuhhhhh... "Sususuhin ko 'yan...!!!" are now grown into a yummy man! Aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...aaaahhh..!!! Oh I want to have a sex with you all night and all day long...uuuuhhhhh...!!!

On my next post, I will share with you more of Xian Lim's Mint Denim billboards! Yummy to the max!!! c",)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cutie Hot Aljur Abrenica in Bench Fix Salon

Oh My's Papa Aljur Abrenica over and over again! Love it! Love, love, love Papa Aljur! Oh yeah!

Aljur Abrenica's newest billboards now for Bench Fix Salon were now launched! And they were already erected in major roads and in different malls! 

In this newest billboards, Papa Aljur is somewhat wholesome! Yeah, he didn't exposes his sexy hot yummy body the way he always do! Rather, he wears a black fit sando! His hair and his face were focused on these said new billboards!

Well, above and below are the three billboards of Papa Aljur Abrenica! Let's take a glance on them! Here they go:

I like the hair of Kuya Aljur in these billboards! It's very stylish! So cute for a handsome hunky man like him!

And look at his face, yeah, he has a make-up! His true beauty was enhanced because of his light make-up!

Though very wholesome in these billboards, I still see the yumminest and sexiness of this Papable Kapuso young actor! Ooohhh Papa Aljur, can you take off your clothes now?! I'm getting hot over you! "Ako na ang maghuhubad ng sando mo gamit ang mga bibig ko!" Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhh...!!!! I can't really resist your hotness Papa Ajur! Tsarap! Ooh-lala...!!! c",)  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who Wants to Taste the Milk of the Sexy Hot Marvin Agustin?!

Oh My Gosh...he is so 'masarap' to the max! I want to taste not only his milk but all the parts of his body! Yummy...yummy...ooohhhh!!!
Yeah, that is Mr. Marvin Agustin! He is drinking a bottle of fresh milk while being topless showing his sexy hot yummy upper body! The milk flows done from his mouth, to his chest, then to his abs, down inside his jeans! Ooohhhh...ang sarap dilaan! Aaahhhh...aaahhhh...aaahhh..!!!

You wonder why Papa Marvin acts like this?! It's because for endorsement! Yup, Marvin Agustin is an endorser of that said fresh milk! And he endorses it very sensually! The way he drinks the milk really seduces us and put us in the peak of excitement! "Nasasarapan ako sa kanya...!!!"
And as you can see, Marvin is too hot! He really got a gorgeous yummy body! I want to taste his hot body! I want to lick his yumminest! I want to bring him on bed and have a sex with him all night long! Oooohhhh...oooohhhh....oooohhhh...!!!

Marvin is really a hunk hot papa! His body is so yummy that it can rise your temperature! "Makita ko pa lang siya dito, basang-basa na ako..!!!" Aaaahhh...aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh..!!! Marvin, Marvin, Marvin....oohhhh Marvin can you f**k me?! Let me remove your jeans and I will sip the milk inside it! And I will swallow your birdy! Oooohhhh...ooooohhhh...oooohhhh...!!! I'm also getting wet now because of you! Oooohhhhh...!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Totally Nude Mario Maurer Showing Pubes on a Magazine Cover!

Oh My Gosh Abelgosh...he totally shows off! A very hot and naked Thai actor! He's super yummy!

Oh yeah, he is my newest crush! He's my new apple of the eye! He is the Thai actor heartthrob Mario Maurer! Yup, he is the very cute and handsome young actor in the 2010 Thai hit movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" who portrayed the character of Shone! And of course, who can forget him as he star in an M2M Thai movie "Love of Siam" wherein he played the character of Tong!

If in his movies he is so young, wholesome, and innocent, in this magazine he bares all! He is totally naked with no underwear at all! His two bare hands only cove his 'manhood'! And take note, his pubic hair was exposed! Oooooohhhh...oooohhhhh...ooooohhhhh Mario! I'm getting hot over you now!

Mario is not only cute and handsome guy, he is even yummy! Oh yeah...I want to have a sex with him! Oooohhhh...ooooohhhhh...ooooohhhhh!!!!

This magazine is called The Boy Models! And the cover story is entitled "Boys Angel"! Definitely because he is like a fallen nude angel since he has an angel's wings on the back!

Mario...Mario...Mariooohhhhh...I want to take you now! Oh c'mon let's have an intercourse here in my bed! I will lick your body! I will bite your yummy chest nipples! And I will swallow your 'manhood' with thick pubes using my mouth and my bare naked wet tongue! Uuuhhhh...uuuuuhhhhhh...uuuuuhhhhhhh...Mariooohhh!!! Let's reach the's reach our climax together! "Sarap to the max....!!!" c",) 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daring Hot Victor Aliwalas in Sensual Position on the Black Book!

Oh My Gosh Abelgosh! It's the Kapuso yummy hunk model-actor Victor Aliwalas going too sexy and daring! Yeah, ooohhh...yeah, this is his Black Book photoshot! And it's too sexy making my underwear drops!

GMA Artist Center launches their so-called Black Book which features their talents on their stylish and sexy photo shots. On my previous two posts, I have shared with you Papa Aljur Abrenica and the couple Papa Paulo Avelino and LJ Reyes in sexy shots! If Paulo and LJ were sexy in their photo, what more Papa Victor Aliwalas!

Yummy Victor Aliwalas is topless wearing only a too short boxer short! He is paired with a sexy lady (whom I didn't know the name) in a very seductive pose! It seems that they are portraying a kamasutra! A very sensual sex position in standing ovation! Wow, that's my favorite!

Victor...Victor...Victoooohhhhh....!!!! Now it's my turn! "Ako naman! Hey Miss, alis!!!" I will take the place of that b*t*h lady! Move away to Papa Victor please!

Now I have you Victor! Ooohhh...Oooohhhh...Ooooohhhh...c'mon! Yeah, yeah, ooohhhh...yeah! Do it...aaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...aaahhhh...!!! Make me your b*tch Papa Victor! Aaaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh!!!!

"Ang sarap...p*ta!" I am reaching my climax now! Ooohhhh...oooohhhh....ooohhhh...!!!! Go...goooo....goooohhhhh!!!! OMG! It's so sarap to have a sex with you Victor! He is such a great performer! A f*ck*ng hot guy! Now, one more..aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhhh...!!!! c",)

A Yummy Muscular Dingdong Dantes on the Back to Back Cover of Men's Health!

"I Heart You Pare!" Oh yeah...I Heart You Papa Dingdong! Aaahhh...aaaahhh...aaaahhh...!!!

Dingdong Dantes once again is in the cover of Men's Health Magazine! If I'm not mistaken, this is his second time to become a cover hunk of this Men's mag. The first one was in 2009 wherein he wore a black sando! And I already have it! Belat...! This June 2011, he is also on the cover! This time he is wearing a white sando! And take note, he is in the back to back cover!

Take a quick glance on this very hot and yummy Papa Dingdong on the two covers of Men's Health (front and back). Yeah, I decided to split the cover into two to emphasize the yumminess and sexiness of Papa Dong!

Ooohhh...oooohhhh...oooohhhhh....I really heart you Papa Dingdong! You are so yummy! I like your muscular body! Aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...!!! I am now reaching my climax by just seeing your yummy muscles! "Sarap to the max!"

Yeah, Dingdong is very masculine in this magazine cover! I want to touch and hug his body too the fullest...until we get wet! Aaahhhh...aaaahhhh...aaahhh..!!!

"Swerte mo Marian for having Dingdong Dantes in your life!" Can you share him to me since napagsawaan mo na s'ya! Promise, "araw-gabi akong magpapa-kangkang kay Dingdong!" Aaahhh...aaaahhhh..aaaahhh..susulitin ko ang malalaman niyang braso, dibdib, abs, pati ang kanyang 'alaga' sa ibaba...!!! Aaahhh...aaaahhh...aaahhhh...!!! Sh*t, ang sarap! I'm getting wet right now because of your hotness Dingdong! I heart you...I heart you...oh I heart you Dong...dong...doooonnnnggghhhh!!! Now, f*ck me 'till you want! Aaaahhhh...!!!! c",)

Sexy Hot Couple Paulo Avelino and LJ Reyes on the Black Book!

GMA Artist Center launches their so-called Black Book which features their talents in stylish photoshots. In my previous post, I have shared with you the yummy hunk actor Papa Aljur Abrenica! This time, I will share with you another hot Kapuso talents!

Real life couple Paulo Avelino and LJ Reyes were very hot and sexy on their photo! Look at them, they were both topless or half-naked! Paulo's sexy abs and chest were exposed! His girlfriend LJ on the other hand is also topless! She covers her breast with her arms and with her long hair!

Both of them were wearing black maong pants! And their sexy hot attires blend the's black and gray!

LJ, can we request you to move away from Paulo?! Can I take your place?! I want to solely have Paulo! I want to touch and lick his upper body from his yummy chest to his creamy abs! Oohhhh...ooohhh...oooohhhhh...Paulo!

"Kainggit ka LJ, pinagsawaan mo na ng todo-todo ang masarap na si Paulo"! Paulo...Paulo...Paulooohhh...ooohhhh...!!! "Pwede ako naman! Anakan mo ako Paulo...Ohhh!!!" Don't be greedy LJ, share your blessing...share your man! "Naanakan ka na niya, ngayon ako naman...!!!" Aahhhhh...aaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...!!! Let's start now Paulo! I will remove now your pants and underwear using my mouth and tongue! Uuhhh..uuuhhhh...YUMMY!!! c",)


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