Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Hunky Richard Gutierrez in Pink!

I'm really wishing that Papa Richard Gutierrez will take off his pink shirt! Yeah, I want to see and lick his body!

As you can see, although Papa Chard is wearing a pink shirt, he is still looking so hot and yummy! "Masarap ah at gusto ko talagang tikman at patira...!!!"

Oh yeah, Papa Chard is going yummier again! "Ang sarap na namang dilaan ng katawan niya...!!!"  Aaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...!!!

As they say, tough man wears pink! "Kaya nagmukhang lalaking-lalaki si Chard na sobrang sarap...!!! Papachurva na naman ako dito!" c",)  

Remember the Hairy Yummy Gerald Anderson in StarStudio?!

Yes I remember! And I still keep a copy of that said mag inside my closet!

That was the first time that I feel so horny over Papa Gerald Anderson! His body is soooh yummy and hairy! That was during their mini-series "My Only Hope!"

Here are some of the yummy "makalaglag-panty" photos of Gerald Anderson in StarStudio:

"Putya...ang sarap!" "Mapapamura ka talaga sa mabalahibong katawan ni Gerald...!!!"*t! "Gustong-gusto ko nang magpabrotsa kay Gerald nito!"

Gerald...Gerald...Gerald..."ikaskas mo na ang balahibo moooooohhhh...!!!" c",)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Yummy Jericho Redrico of 'PBB Unlimited' in the Cosmomen Mag!

Sh*t, he is one of my crush in the latest edition of "Pinoy Big Brother" called "Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited."  He is so yummy that I can't resist him! I want to lick, own, and taste his body! Aaaaaahhh...aaaahhhh....aaaaahhhh Jerichoooohhh...!!!

Aside from being yummy, he is also handsome! "Putya, laglag ang panty ko sa kanya...!!!" Aaahhh...kangkangin mo na ko Jericho!!!

But did you know that he is also one of the 69 Bachelors of this year's Cosmomen mag?! Yup, here he is:

Actually, in the said mag, his name is Sean David! I don't know if that is his real name! But, I really care for him specially his body...!!!

Aaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...!!! "Gwapo na, masarap pa! Pootah, mapapamura ka talaga...!!!"  He is a perfect boyfriend material everyone is dreaming of...!!!

"Churvahin mo na koooh Jerichoooohh...!!! Angkinin mo na ang katawang tao kooohhh...!!!"  c",)

Slater Young Features in a Magazine!

Slater Young is one of the hottest and yummiest hunk in the recent "Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited!" His body is really oozing... "Ang sarap niya..!!!" "Pati ako ay natatakam...!!"

But did you know that Slater was already featured in a magazine?! Well, take a look at him, below: 

Oops...nakadamit pa 'yan! On my next post, huhubaran na natin sya and we will feast with his yummy body!!! Ooohhh...ooohhhh...ooohhh...!!! c",)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Two Yummy Hunk Men Video in Gregg Homme ABC Underwear!

I am now on my highest*t I can't really resist them!!! They were really pushing me on the top of my climax! I am now sooohhh horny!!!

This is another hot behind the scene video of Gregg Homme ABC Underwear. This time, it features two sizzling yummy hunk that I want to take home!

Hold your breath, tie your underwear before it goes down as you watch this video!!! Aaaaaaahhhhh....

I love the guy in with a long hair! He is so perfect! "Gwapo na, ang sarap pa!" His body is truly a work of art!! Oh, I want him in my bed! I love his chest and his abs!!! I will lick them!!! "Didilaan koooohhhh....!!!"

That man with a long hair is my dream guy! I want to take him home!!! "Talagang wala kaming sasayangin na sandali,,,!!!" Night and day, 24/7, we will be f*cking all day all night long!!! "Tsarap...!!!"

"Sige pa...sige pa...papa..!!!" Aaaaaahhhhhh.... c",)

The Behind the Scene Video of Gregg Homme Underwear!

I am really feeling so hot! And this behind the scene of the foreign underwear brand called as the Gregg Homme makes me feel so horny!

Well, I'm sure you will really feel the same seeing this! Right now I'm on my arousal stage because of this:

Sh*t, if the yummy hunks here in the video only wear underwear, in my case, I have no underwear at all! Yeah, nalaglag na lahat...!!!

And I'm waiting right know to be f*cked by them...!!!! Aaaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh....ang sasarap nila...!!! c",)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Manny Pacquiao Covers Men's Health Mag for the Third Times!

Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao is currently fresh from winning against Juan Manuel Marquez via majority decision. His fight against this Mexican boxer Pacquiao versus Margquez III was just recently concluded and once more Pacman secured his WBO welterweight title through his victory.

The Pacquiao-Marquez match is already in its third part! Yeah they already fought for the third times now! And inline with this, did you know that Manny Pacquiao also covers the men's magazine called Men's Health mag for the third times now?!

Yup, Pacman is the recent cover of Men's Health magazine for the month of November 2011. And above is his said magazine cover!

As proofs, here are the two magazine covers of Manny in the said mag:

Men's Health Magazine January 2010

Men's Health Magazine July 2006

Now do you see how Manny's covers evolved?! Just like him, he also becomes better and better! Yeah, "pasarap din ng pasarap si Pacman!"  And it seems that "parang gusto ko na ding magpatira at kumabit sa kanya!"

Well, it's a win win for both of us! "Panalo na din ako sa kanya, maganda naman ang katawan, mayaman ba!" "Bongga!!!" c",)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Very Hot Body of Henry Cavil!

Go on Papa Henry...put your sword on me...aaaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhhh...aaaahhhh..!!!

Henry Cavil is our new superman! Yeah, yeah, yeah, this Hollywood actor with a sexy hot yummy body will sooner fly as the man of steel!

Actually, Papa Henry already appeared in the Greek Mythology-themed movie! And this photo of him showing his sexy hot body with a sword is a proof from the said movie!

"Gosh...sobrang sarap niya!" He is a matured looking guy! Hot Papa as they say!

Aaaaahhhh....aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh....Henry, Oh Henry, "itarak mo na ang sandata mo sa looban ko...oooohhhh...!!!"  I know that your sword is really, really, very angry! "Ano pang hinihintay mo Papa Henry, itarak mo na ang nangangalit mong sandata sa'kin...!!!" Aaaaaahhhhh....aaaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...!!! 

"Ang sarap...oooohhhhh...basang-basa na kooohhhh Papa Henry...basang-basa naaaahhh...!!!" c",)

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Cool Cute Face of Gerald Anderson in Preview Men Mag!

He is not anymore "Budoy" in this current magazine cover! Instead, he is a very cute handsome man that I love to kiss!

The Golden Boy and Action Drama Prince of Primetime Gerald Anderson is in the cover of Preview Magazine Men Edition for this month of November 2011. 

The cover is simple and plain! The cute face of my Papa Gerald is focused with a banner title of "Cool Like That." Papa Gerald seems lying in a soft feather pillow! So cute, so cool...I want to kiss him!

Papa Geh is wholesome in this magazine! But gosh, he still look hot and sexy! "Binubuhay na naman ni Papa Gerald ang katawang lupa ko...!!!" Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhh...aaaaahhh...!!! "Tingin niya pa lang nakakatakam na...!!!" Ooooohhhh.....!!!

Gerald...Gerald...oh my Gerald, can I take you home?! I want to have you in my bed! "Kangkangan tayo all the time!": Aaaaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...!!! Oh Gerald, titig mo palang nilalabasan na'ko ng init!" Ooooohhhh...!!! c",)

Bea Alonzo's Most Revealing Interview Ever in StarStudio!

Bea Alonzo is the cover girl of the hit entertainment mag StarStudio for this month of November 2011. The banner title for her is "Bea's Most Revealing Interview Ever!"

Hmmmm...what do you think will be the secrets Bea revealed in this magazine?! Well, it's for you to find out! Hehe... c",)

A Milk or A Chocolate Hunk?!

"Sa puti or sa itim...?!" Oh yeah, they were both hot and yummy! They sizzle my body! "Binuhay nila ang katawang lupa ko...!!!"

Two yummy hot men were blow jobbing a lollipop! Hmmmm...who do you prefer between them?! The white hunky or the black yummy?!

Well, "daanin na lang sa pagsubo!" "Kung sino ang mas magaling...siya na!" It's he already!

But if you were to ask me, I will take them both! Yup, "pagsasabayin ko sila...!!!" We will having an orgy all night long!!! Oooohhhhh...oooohhhhh...oooohhhhh....ang sarap! c",)

I Love His Tattoos and His Pubes!

OMG! He is so yummy! "Katawan pa lang ulam na..!!!" What more if he shows his pubes?!

Oh sh*t, I want to have this man in bed! "Patitira talaga ako...!!!" He got a body like god everyone is dreaming of! "Potah, luluhuran ko 'yan araw-gabi ng walang belo!"

What adds more hotness to him are his tattoos! As you can see, tattoos were spreading all over his biceps and triceps! Tattoos of him seduce me more! Oooohhhh...oooohhh...oooohhhh..."kangkangin mo na kooohhhh...!!!" 

Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaaaahhhh....ang sarap papa...!!! Oooooohh....sige...sie paaahh!!!
Hey, can you pull your brief a little lower...lower...lower please...!!! Then I will swallow your 'manhood' in deep throat...!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhh.....!!! c",)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Sizzling Yummy Naked Billboards of MIchael Trevino for Bench Body!

Sh*t...these are the billboards which really captivate my senses! "Punyet*...wala siyang kasing-sarap!" "Gustong-gusto ko na siyang ikama!" "Churvahin mo na kooohhh please...!!!"
Tell me, who will not feel arouse seeing this almost nude billboards of "The Vampire Diaries" hunk actor Michael Trevino?! "Puncha, bato na lang ang hindi titigasan!" '

And take note, he even got a big bulge! His 'birdie' is so big! "Dakota...bakat na bakat!" "Mapapamura ka talaga sa sarap....!!!"

Let's go, let's take a glance now to the Bench Body billboards of Michael Trevino! "Tara, silipan na natin siya...!!!"

Aaaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhhh...."sige pa...sige pa...sige paaaahhhh....!!!" "Tirahin mo na ako Michael....aaaaahhhh...ang sarap...!!!"

"Talagang titirik ang mata mo sa sobrang sarap niya!" "At kanina pa talaga tirik na tirik ang alaga niya...!!!"  Oooooohhhh....

I really want to take home this guy! If he's really a vampire, "magpapakagat talaga ako sa kanya!"  And yes, "kakagatin ko din at ilulunok  ang alaga niya ng bonggang-bongga...!!!" "Aaaaaahhhhng saraaaapppp...!!!"

Michael...Michael...Michael....c'mon and f*ck me in my bed...ooooooohhhh!!! c",)

Hey Ely, What's On Your Head Now?!

That is the latest campaign of Bench Fix! Their latest endorser is no other than the Eraserhead lead vocalist Ely Buendia!

The billboard campaign says, "Ely What's on your Head Now?!" His billboards were already launched and up in the different Bench outlets!

At first, I couldn't easily recognized that he is Ely Buendia! "Sobrang gwapo na niya kase!" He has a resemblance with Enchong Dee! I just knew that he is Ely Buendia upon seeing the campaign slogan!

Now, Ely looks like a hunk! His face is now seductive! "Naku Papa Ely, baka magkagusto na'ko niyan s'yo!" Please don''re not my type! Hehehe... But yeah, Ely is really hunky looking! 

Hey Papa Ely, can you please show us your naked half body?! Please...? c",)

I Love Ed Westwick's Penshoppe Billboard!

I really love him! He is so hot and handsome!

Every time that I'll pass by in any Penshoppe outlet, I can't resist to see the big billboards of Ed Westwick! He's so cute! "Ang gwapo at ang sarap niya!" His eyes, his face...can totally melt your heart!
Hey Ed, can you be my boyfriend?! A guy like him is my prospect! I like a guy just like him na gwapo na...masarap pa! What more can you ask?!

Even in EDSA Balintawak, I can't help but look up from the bus I'm riding to see this very handsome Gossip guy!

Ed, Ed, ooohhh my Ed Westwick, can you marry me?! I will give you my heart and soul just take me...take my body and I will take yours!!! Oooohhhh...!!! c",)

The Bruno Mars Bench Billboards!

Bruno Mars is now dominating the major road of EDSA Guadalupe! Look, all the four big billboards were all him! Gosh!

Well, let's take a look to the many billboards of Bruno Mars up and posted in the major roads of EDSA. Here they go:

Bruno Mars didn't only conquer the music scene! Even the billboard world is now handle by Bruno! Great one Papa Bruno!

Oh my gosh, it seems that I'm falling in love na  with him! His songs, his music were all captivating! What more his poses in his billboards?!

Go, go, go Papa Bruno! One more request we all hope you will granted...! Can you take off your clothes next time?! We want to see your abs! We want a naked sizzling yummy Bruno Mars next time! Hehehe... c",)

A Boy Next Door Type Edward Eddie Benosa!

He's so cute and nice! His look will simply captivates your heart! So cute, so nice...!!!

Yup, he is Edward Eddie Benosa! He is one of the Starstruck 5 alumni. And rumors before spread that he will be one of the "Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited" housemates!

I don't know why this cute guy has not given enough exposure! "Sayang gwapo pa naman at mukhang masarap!" He is another boy next door type! you think he is also hot and yummy?! I want to see his naked body! Can you share some of his naked photos?!

Well, seems that I like him! If I'm not a slut who prefer to have hunky yummy guys, I will request him to be my next boyfriend! Hehe...!!! c",)

A Now Hairy Yummy A1 Lead Ben Adams Captivates My Senses!

Oh my gosh...I didn't expect that he will turn to be a yummy hairy guy like this! Sh*t, seems that I want pa-churva na sa kanya all night long...!!!

Yeah, he is Ben Adams, the lead vocalist of the early 2000 hit boyband A1. Before, he is like a boy next door type. So innocent, so ignorant-looking, so cute during those years. Yeah, "crush ko pa nga siya noon " when I was in fourth year high school. But now, I really, really want  pa-churva na sa kanya! "Patitira talaga ako sa kanya ngayon" in any other position!!! Aaaaahhh...aaaahhhh...aaaaahhh..!!!

Take a look at his yummy naked photos:

Oh sh*t, "gusto ko nang dila-dilaan ang dibdib niya!" "...At susuhin ang nipples niya!!!"  Aaaaaahhh...aaaaahhh...aaaahhhhh....."sobrang sarap mo na Papa Ben!!!"  Ooooohhhh...!!!

"Put*ng Ina...I'm so horny na!" I am now reaching my climax!  "Sa sarap ba naman ni Papa Ben, sinong hindi mag-iinit at lalabasan!" I am now arousing..."buhok niya pa lang sa dibdib titig**an ka na...!!!"

Ben...Ben...Ben...marry me now na! We will having a full honeymoon every hour, every minute, every second! "Grabe, tirik na tirik na mata ko sa'yo...!!!" Aaaaaaahhhhh...!!!! c",)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mario Maurer's Videos in the Penshoppe Philippine Fashion Week!

Mario Maurer's visit here in Manila is really a huge phenomenal hit! He came to Manila primarily for Penshoppe since he is the newest endorser of the said clothing brand.

Well, if you failed to see how Mario ramp during the Philippine Fashion Week, worry no more 'coz I have here different video clippings showing Papa Mario Maurer. Let's watch these:

Papa Mario Maurer appeared on the stage during the turn of Penshoppe. He represented the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012 collection!

Oh my gosh! "Nakadamit pa lang ang sarap na...!!!" "What more maghubad pa siya!" Gosh, I really can't resist him!

Oh Mario, oh Mario, oh Mariooooohhhhh...!!! You are truly seducing me! You are putting me in the height of my climax!!! Aaaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...!!! c",)

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Fashionissimo 2011 Swimwear Parade - Part 2

And here is the second batch of the oozing yummy hunks in swimwear of the recently concluded Fashionissimo 2011 Male Model search.

Aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...!!! I'm feeling horny right now! But before we releasae our heat, let us first watch the second set of the video clippings! Here they go:

I really don't know what to feel right now! I'm on the height of my climax! "Wala na akong suot na panty right now since kanina pa nalaglag...!!!"

Oooohhhh...oooohhhh...oooohhhhh...I love to take home these hot sexy guys! C'mon men,  let's have a fashion walk here in my bed! I want to touch, lick, and taste your bodies! Oh my goodness...aaaaahhhhh....!!! "Sabik na ako sa inyong lahat!"  F*ck me guys...ooh yeah!!! c",)

The Fashionissimo 2011 Swimwear Parade - Part 1

This is really awesome! Oh my gosh, sizzling, yummy, hot hunks were in one night of fashion! This is called the Fashionissimo 2011 Male Pageant wherein different gorgeous male models ramp!

Well, I'm bringing you today the swimwear portion of the said male model search. My God, I love their abs, their chest, their bodies! Sh*t, I want to take all of them! Oooohhhhh....

So before we get horny like I'm feeling right now, let's first watch these video clippings of the said swimwear portion. Here they go:

"Punye*ta, laglag na ang panty ko sa kanila...!!!" "Pwede na, pwde nang magpa-churva sa kanila!" Since hubad na sila, hubad na din ako...!!! Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh....aaaaaahhhh....!!!! I love to have an orgy with them!!! Oooooohhhh....!!!

Ooops...hold your horses guys! This is only my first part. In my next post, I will share with you the second part of these videos! "Di ko na kaya...ang sasarap nila!!!" c",)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Randy Ortiz Bench Billboard!

A new huge billboard of Bench was already up and posted in EDSA Balintawak. The said billboard is called ROB or Randy Ortiz Billboard.

Randy Ortiz is one of the country's famous fashion designer. And why it is called as ROB billboard?! Well, it's because his designs were worn by the stars in the said huge billboard!

The featured stars in the billboard were Dingdong Dantes, Rayver Cruz, Sam Concepcion, and Kim Chiu plus the other hot models!

All of they were in formal attire! So cute and formal suited for the different cocktail parties! Great one Randy! We love your creation! c",)  

Jake, Rayver, and Enchong Groove to the Right Move in Bench Twisted OJ!

"Groove to the Right Move"  is the previous theme of the Bench Twisted OJ billboard! In the said billboard, different young stars were featured in a black and white background.

One of the featured stars in the said billboard is the billboard of Jake Cuenca, Rayver Cruz, and Enchong Dee. Yup, they were all in one billboard dancing in the beat of music!

Oh, so sad that the billboard is very wholesome! Yeah, all of them were wrapped with clothes! They hide their sexy abs and muscles! We all know that Jake, Rayver, and Enchong were sooh hot and yummy! But in this billboard, they hide their sexiness making us so disappointed!

Well next time, I'll share with you their full naked billboards! "Pagbigyan na lang natin muna sila ngayon...!!!" Hehehe... c",)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Erich Gonzales in Sexy Short in Women's Health Mag!

Our very own Pinay Maria La Del Barrio Erich Gonzales is in the cover of Women's Health magazine for this month of November 2011.

Erich shows her sexiness in the said cover. She is just wearing a sexy sando-like blouse and a short maong shorts! Her hair is brown and slightly curly depicting her character as Maria La Del Barrio.

Seeing the magazine at first look, we can't easily identify Erich! Yeah, she has now a different look and yup, pretty!

Great one Erich! Looking forward for your new movie with Papa Mario Maurer! "Kainggit ka day!" "Haba talaga ng hair just like me...!!!" Hehe... c",)

Shamcey Supsup in Purple for Sense and Style Mag!

This is another magazine cover featuring the 2011 Ms. Universe Third Runner-Up Shamcey Supsup. Shamcey graces the cover of the fashion mag Sense and Style for this month of November 2011.

Shamcey is in all-purple attire from blouse to skirt in this cover. Her lipstick and eye-lashes were also in the shade of violet.

After winning the said prestige pageant, Shamcey is now seen in different magazine covers! Nice one Shamcey! c",)

Shamcey Supsup Cover MOD Magazine!

Miss Universe third runner Ms. Shamcey Supsup is now seen in various magazine covers. One of this is the MOD magazine.

Take a look at that said cover. It is a casual and simple cover with a white background!

Great one Ms. Philippines! Go, go, go...!!! c",)

The Face of Manny Pacquiao Covers the Newsweek Magazine!

People's Champ Manny Pacquiao is featured in the latest edition of Newsweek Magazine. His face is the full cover of the said mag! This is the Latin American edition and it's the same with the current Philippine edition.

Manny Pacquiao is known as the Pambansang Kamao, World’s Best Pound for Pound Boxer, Saranggani Congressman, an actor, a host and a singer.

In this latest Philippine and Latin American editions of Newsweek Magazine, Pacquaio got another title – The Godfather!

Titled as “Pacquiao: The Godfather”, this cover story for Newsweek Philippines and Latin America is about our very own Manny Pacquiao, who is described as the Filipino boxing champ and lawmaker as the “pound-for-pound greatest fighter on earth” and “an almost religious figure, whose following is ecstatically cult-like.”

Great one Manny! Aside from you, we are also excited for your hot yummy body! Your body is fit and perfect! Seems that I also want to have an intercourse with you! Hehehe... "Mayaman na...masarap pa!" "Pwede na din akong pakabit syo...!" c",)

Mario Maurer for Penshoppe!

Thai hunk yummy actor Mario Maurer just recently came to the Philippines primarily for Penshoppe. Yup, he is the newest endorser of the said clothing brand after the "Gossip Girl" hunk Ed Westwick. 

Mario did pictorial for Penashoppe. But his much awaited photos for the clothing brand was not yet revealed! So exciting. Just an initial photo of Mario with a label Penshoppe just like above was seen.

I can't await for Mario's billboards for Penshoppe! I know it will be another yummy one! I can't wait and I'm so excited to see his sexy body!  Gosh...oh my gosh Mario, "ngayon pa lang laglag na panty ko s'yo..! Sh*t ka...!!!"

I like Mario! I started to get addicted with him! Ooooohhhh...!!! I hope I will be the one to taste his oozing sexy yummy body! Aaaaahhhh...!!! c",)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Nude Pageant Model Gianni Sennesael with a Big Ball!

OMG...his ball is too big!!! Gosh...I want to play it...!!! I will play it will my hands and with my big mouth!!!

Oooohhhh...oooohhhh...oooohhhhh...!!! Hey Gianni Sennesael, can you put your ball on me?! Yes insert it to all parts of my body so I can be relaxed!!! Aaaaaahhh...aaaahhh...aaahhh!!!

I feel so horny and seduced seeing Gianni Sennesael in this kind of position! He is totally nude. Only the big ball he is holding hides his real 'balls!'

C'mon Gianni Sennesael, I will help you! I will be the one to hold your 'ball.' And promise, when I hold it, it will become harder and harder...!!! Aaaahhhhh...

Gianni Sennesael is one of the 2011 Manhunt International model. He is from Belgium! Oh sh*t...Belgium has so many hot, sizzling, and yummy men like him...!!! Oooohhhhhh...!!!

Take me...take me...take me Gianni.....!!! Aaaahhhh.....!!! "Put*ng I*a...lalabas*n na kooohhhh...!!!" c",)

A Topless Hot Bruno Santos in Latin Runner's World Mag!

He is running in half-naked. And I am also running...running out of breath!

Yeah...gosh I'm feeling horny now because of this sizzling yummy man in this cover of Runner's World Mag Latin edition. Yup, he is Bruno Santos, a yummy Latin pageant model. He joined the Mr. Brazil 2011 pageant!

I like his body! I want to lick it! His abs and muscles were fit and perfect! "Gusto ko siyang brotsahin pataas at pababa!" "Palalabasin ko ang init niya sa bunganga ko..!!" Aaaaaaahhhhh...aaaahhh...aaaahhh...

And sh*t...!!! Look at his face! He is hairy! I want to be s*ck by him! "Makikiliti ako niyan...!!!"  Uuuuhhhhh...uuuuhhhhh...uuuuhhhh...!!!

Bruno...Bruno...Brunooooohhhh...!!!! F*ck me 'till we drop...!!!! Aaaahhhh....aaaahhhhh...aaahhhh...!!! Let's run together topless and nude...!!! Ooohhhh...!!! c",) 


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