Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Sexy Yummy Abs of Rich Herrera in Men's Health Magazine!

Oh we're really feeling so hot this cold December! It's sizzling! What kind of abs is this?! It's too sexy and yummy! We really want it!

Richard Herrera from the Amazing Race Asia Season 4 is on the cover of Men’s Health Philippines for this month of December 2010!

31-year-old model Richard Herrera, together with his buddy Richard Hardin, represented the Philippines in the Amazing Race Asia Season 4.

Ooh la-la...Rich is very hot! He is so cute and sexy! Looking at him on top, he's handsome! Looking down below, he got a sizzling yummy abs! What more lower than his abs...! What do think?! Did he also got a big 'property'?! Uhhh...

Richard...oohhhh...Richard.....uhhhhhh! We really want you! We really want your sexy abs...! We want to taste that six-packed abs! We want to taste it with our tongue! Oooohhh...ohhhhhh...c'mon Richard...ahhhh!!!! Riichaaaaaardddhhhh....! We can't resist you! Your body and abs is really amazing! Can we have you in bed?! Oh please, we really want you! Oohhhhh...!!!

By just seeing your sexy hot yummy abs, we eventually reached our climax! See how arousing you are! Your ultimate...aaahhhhhhh!!!! We're getting wild and wet because of you! Oohh yeah!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh....aaahhhhhh...Richhhhhh....Richhooohhhhh....!!!! You're really an amazing winner! Ohhhh!!! C",)

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