Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Totally Nude Derek Ramsay!

I'm reaching my orgasm now because of Papa Derek Ramsay! Shit...look at him! Aaahhhhh...!!!

Yeah, the Universal Leading Man posed nude for a billboard. And this is how it looks like! It's super duper hotness 100 times! Ooohhh..!!!

As you can see, Papa Derek is 100% total nude! He wears nothing! His sexy hot yummy body is truly exposed! My gosh abelgosh! "Kulang na lang ibuyang-yang niya ang kanyang ari sa madla...!" But since he's in a side view position, we failed to see his penis! "Sayang"! Hey Derek, is this your favorite position in bed! Oohh...oohhh...I love it too! Let's go and have an intercourse! "Gaano ka kaya kasarap tumira...!"

Did your very lucky girlfriend Angelica Panganiban allows you to pose totally nude in this billboard?! You are now seducing us! If your body is tempting us...what more is this billboard?! Uuuhhhh...uuuuhhhhh...uuuuhhhhhh...Derek...Derek...aaaahhhh-ng sarap-sarap!

I want to take you out from this billboard! Hold and hug your hot yummy body too tight! And I will lick that...ooohhhh...ohhhh....I will lick and touch your body with my wet tongue! And we will get wet together...!!!! Aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhhh....aaaahhhh..Dereeeeekkkkkkk!

I am now burning sooo hot here Papa Derek! C'mon...c'mon Derek...ipakita mo naaaahhh..!!! Yeah...yeah...ooohhhh...yeahhhh...ooohhhh...shit...aaaahhhh...aaaahhhh!!!! Ang galing mo Papaaa Derek....aaaahhhh...!!!! Next time frontal nudity naman...!!!! We will wait for that! c",)


  1. Ayaw ipakita baka maliit..HAha

  2. no malaki ang titi ni derek ramsay nagenjoy talaga ako nung ng sex kmi

  3. Ppaano mo siya na sex



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