Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Very Hot Men's Health Coach Edition Cover!

OMG...ooh-lala! The featured body in this special edition of Men's Health magazine is very hot! The body is wonderful! My gosh...I'm feeling so very hot now with this cover!

For this month of March 2011, the famous Men's Health magazine releases their special package edition called Men's Health Coach. This is a special reference material with a VCD inside giving us instructions on how to have a sexy fit body! Owning this, it seems that you already owns a workout trainor in your home!

But the thing that truly caught our attention is the cover guy. Though his face was not shown, he seems so cute. But look at his body! Oh my gush...oooohhhhh...ohhhhh...he has a perfect six-packed abs! Aaahhhhhh...!!!! And his chest...his chest....too sexy! It's too daring! His body is tempting us!

I'm feeling so very hot now! I want to touch the body of this very hot guy! I want to lick that! I want to kiss and taste his abs, his chest, his biceps, his body! Oooooooohhhhh....ooooohhhhh...!!!! "Katawan at larawan pa lang...pagkasarap-sarap na...!"

I didn't exactly know who's that guy! Do you know who is he?! But seeing his body...I was tempted to have a sex with him! Uuuuhhhhh...!!!! Promise, I will make his abs and chest fully wet! Aaaaaahhhhh....aaaaaaahhhhh....aaaaaaahhhhh....!!!! "Ang sarap-sarap mo Papa!" F*ck me please...ohhhhh!!!! If ganito kasarap ang katawan ng boyfriend ko, patitira ako gabi-gabi...oras-oras, minu-minuto!!!" Ooohhhh...!!!! c",)

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  1. Thanks! That's a very sweet compliment coming from you. I didn't that one would make a blog post about this! Much appreciated =)



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