Monday, March 7, 2011

Phil and James Younghusband in Collezione!

The cutest, the hunkiest, and the yummiest Younghusband brother is now the endorser of Collezione! As you can see, they were both handsome in these pictures!

On the first picture above, still they portrait their favorite sports as they wear their colorful sports attire! They show their 'kulit' side on the said photo!

Then on the second picture, they seem serious as they wear their semi-formal clothes! They were hot and yummy!

Individually, here are they cute pictorial:

Phil Younghusband

James Younghusband

Phil Younghusband is simply in red! His cuteness is exposed as he smiles! Yeah, he truly captivates our heart! Oh Phil, oh you!

Meanwhile his brother James Younghusband is playing a soccer ball even in the picture! A soccer ball is in James' head! Still James is looking cute and handsome in his pictorial! Oh James, oh James...can you be my date?!

Though both Phil and James were wrapped with stylish clothes, they still very attractive! Their hot bodies fit their shirt! So cute, so handsome, so hot and sexy! Ohh-lala!

Phil and James were two of the reasons why Team AZKALS is very popular today! They really turn our hearts upside-down! If one of them courted me, rest assure that they will become my boyfriend! Oh yeah!

Who between Phil and James you like and love the most?! If you were to ask me the same question, I will ask you back..."pwede ko ba sila pagsabayin...?" I will be a two-timer then because of them! Sarap! c",)

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