Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Almost Nude Borgy Manotoc and Georgina Wilson in the Preview Mag!

Yeah, there were almost nude! They wear nothing! Nothing covers their bare skin except one another!

The latest cover of Preview magazine for this month of March 2011 seems so sexy and daring! The hot couples Borgy Manotoc and Georgina Wilson were nude in this magazine cover! Borgy Manotoc wears nothing. Georgina Wilson covers him! "Sayang...alis dyan Georgina!"

Georgina on the other hand also wears nothing except for a tiger-like socks! Borgy Manotoc hugging her in her upper part of her body covers her breast! Wow, Georgina is very lucky to have Borgy! "Swerte mo girl!"

The theme of Preview mag for this month is very animalistic! Their banner title is written using the skin of a tiger! What more, the sock or the shoes of Georgina is also a skin of a tiger which blended with the Preview mag's font! And the background color of this said mag is dark green!

The hotness of Borgy's body was hidden at the back of Georgina! seems that Georgina is greedy! She didn't want to share the sexiness and yumminess of her boyfriend!!! Better luck next time guys! Luck is already in the possession of Georgina! Grrrr...!!! c",)

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