Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Topless Hot Rafael Rosell in Men's Health Magazine!

For the first time, I saw a fully topless guy posing as a cover hunk for the Men's Health Philippines magazine!'s the 'Dukot' King Mr. Rafael Rosell on the cover of MH mag for this month of March 2011 issue! Look at him, his body is totally uncovered! OMG...aaaahhhhhhh....his sexy chest and sizzling abs were exposed! Ooohhhhh...oooohhhhh...Rafaell!!!!! "L na L na kami sa'yo Rafaell"!

In Rafael's previous sexy series called "Kristine", majority of Rafael's scenes were all topless! He didn't mind showing his hot yummy body! He loves to see people and viewers salivating on him! Uuuhhhh....!!!!

Oh Rafael, Rafael, Rafael...I want to touch your body using my bare wet tongue! I will make your sexy chest and abs fully wet! Ooohhhh...!!!! And we will sizzle together! Ooohhhh....your body is now causing my body to reach my climax! Aaaaahhhhh...aaaahhh....aaaaahhhhhh!!!

Aside from your topless body, now show me your skill...your trademark 'dukot' trait! Oops...this time you will not make 'dukot' your own glory! I will be the one who will 'dukot' yours...!!!! Ooohhhh...."ang sarap...ang sarap...aaaahhhhhh!"

Rafael...Rafael...oh my me....!!!! "Ipakita mo ang iyong galing sa kama....!!!" Aaaaahhhhh....aaaaaaahhhh...aaaahhhhh.....f*ck me more...f*ck me mooooor...ooooohhhhhh! "Ang sarap-sarap mong 'dukutin' Papa Rafael! Aaahhhhhh....!!!! We will have fun all night long Papa Dukot! Ooohhhh!!!! c",)

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