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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot, Wet, and Wild, Derek Ramsey on a Bathtub!

Another hot, hot, hot, and yummy hunk in a bathtub will sizzle your day! This time, it's the Universal Leading Man Mr. Derek Ramsey will definitely arouse your senses to the fullest!

Besides the Brazilian hunk Fabio Ide who was previous featured as he posed for the Oxygen billboard, Derek Ramsey on the other hand bares his sexy abs, tough muscles, and body to-die-for in a clear, blue watered bathtub! So hot, wet, and yummy Derek was seen on this billboard! Ohhh...!!!

I don't know why Derek on this billboard was so relaxed and comfortable while the people looking at him were already going crazy for his body! They were definitely salivating for a yummy stud like Derek! "Oh Derek, can I take you out?! Can I taste your yumminess??...uhhh!!", words of the desires from all the eyes who already saw this topless half-nude Derek!

It's truly irresistible! It's tempting! It's climax to the max! What more can you feel seeing a very sexy billboard of a man like this?! "Oh Derek, oh Derek, uhhh...we were also getting wet like you...", words from the lips of temptation!

Uhhh...hoooohhhh...so very hot! But it's not only hot, it's definitely ultra hot, wet, and wild Derek Ramsey on a bathtub! How everyone wishes to have a bath together with you in this bathtub!!! We didn't know what we will feel...it's an ultimate burning sensation in a cold blue crystal clear water! C",)


Anonymous said...

saan po makikita ung totally nude na pics nia? ung kita po ung junjun!!!!

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