Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh What a Hunkier Gerald Anderson!

Tell me who's underwear would not fall seeing the Primetime Action Drama Prince and the Golden Boy Gerald Anderson in the recent ramp event of the Bench Uncut Fashion Show?! Uhhhh....uhhh...ohhh Gerald!! Maybe you'll be one of them shouting like that!

Definitely hot, handsome, hunkier! It's now the new image of Gerald Anderson! With a tougher and a sexier body now, Gerald is truly the dream of everyone! Who could tell, a 21-year old boy like him is now one of the hottest, brightest, and sexiest hunk actor today! It's Gerald and only Gerald! Irresistible! Tempting! Can we take you home Gerald?!

Gerald Anderson is today's dream boyfriend and sex partner! With his very hard sculpted, and steamy hot muscles and abs, you will really die for him!

Besides his muscles and good looks, what more that adds to his sexually attractive appearance is his hair around his face! Oh so hairy face Gerald, really tickling! It's everybody's desire! How we wish Gerald would kiss us from head to toe! How does it feels?! to the max!!!

Keep it up Papa Gerald! Your body is really a wonderland! As they say, "ulam na ulam...!" Love it...! C",)

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