Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sizzling Hot Sam Milby in Folded and Hung!

Have you ever looked in the big billboard along EDSA Guadalupe?! Have you feel hot seeing the billboard?! Or even hold your underwear before it drop seeing the sizzling hunk above you?!

Yup, this is the current big billboard of the sexy hot hunk Acoustic Heartthrob and the Prince of Romance Mr. Sam Milby! Topless in the said billboard, the very hot and sexy body of Sam is exposed! Ohhhh...yeah! Winner!!! He really got a too hot, sizzling, and steamy abs and muscles! Everyone is captivated by him!

Sam Milby is endorsing a Folded and Hung jeans in this billboard. That's why he is topless to show or to emphasize the jeans he is wearing! But an inverse thing happened! What is emphasized, what attracts the attention of the crowd, what the people always see, and what they want is not the jean...but the oh so yummy body of Sam! Uhhhh....I agree!

Actually Sam Milby is one of the hunk model I like most! He's a perfect billboard model! With or without clothes, he's really tempting! He's like a magnet that attracts everyone's eye. Specially when he's topless, everybody got crazy! Oh yeah!

I love every billboards of Sam. It's a true work of art and desire! Even before during his Bench times, his billboards were truly awesome! How I wish I could take them home! Even all the magazines wherein Sam Milby is in the cover, I can't resist to buy!

Oh your so great Sam! You're like a god! Your body sizzles like a hot wild fire! Evey photos, billboards, and magazines of Sam Milby is an attraction to everyone! I completed those! Haha! He's such an idol! A model, singer, actor...all in one in the name of Sam! How everybody wishes to have Sam as a partner! I'm sure the one who could got Sam is the luckiest person on earth! C",)

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