Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Goddess Sprinkles Fragrance in Folded and Hung!

The so-called "nag-iisand dyosa" Ms. Anne Curtis joins her bestfriend Angel Locsin and her ex-boyfriend Sam Milby in Folded and Hung!

But unlike Angel Locsin and Sam Milby, Anne Curtis is too wholesome in her billboard. She is not endorsing a clothes or a jeans in Folded and Hung. Nope, not even an underwear! Anne Curtis is endorsing a Folded and Hung perfume!

The Folded and Hung Fragrance is called the A Series wherein the name was derived or got from the name itself of Ms. Anne. "A" is obviously for Anne!

Too wholesome yet very beautiful! This is how we can describe the billboard of Anne Curtis for this clothing brand! Her black clothes really fits and blends in the black theme background of the billboard. The green sofa wherein Anne is sitting added an artistic attraction to the billboard! So elegant, so sozy, so classy...this is how we can describe the 'dyosa' Anne Curtis for her new billboards! Very beautiful! C",)

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