Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Body of The Last Prince!

So hard, sculpted, sexy, hot, yummy, sizzling...!!! Ohh...! Oozing to the nTH level...!

What more can you say about this ultimate hot body of the last prince?! So sexy, so yummy...it seems not enough! It's too hot to touch! Though it will burn our hands touching it, we love it and we will satisfy with it!

Aljur Abrenica really sizzles in the recently concluded Bench Uncut Denim and Fashion show. The Last Prince seems like a very hot god! A god of sex, god of desire, god of temptation, the god all the way! Aljur truly looks like a 'sex symbol'! He's a yummy apple in eveyone's eye!

His outfit fits for him. His sexiness is very much expose! Like an Egyptian of the ancient period is reflected with his yummy looks! How everybody wishes to have a sex or a one-night stand with you Papa Aljur! His body is really tough, hard, and uhhhh...irresistible! We couldn't resist to commit a sin because of you Aljur...oh Ajur...ooohhhh...more..uhhhhh!!! C",)

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