Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Now Hairy Yummy A1 Lead Ben Adams Captivates My Senses!

Oh my gosh...I didn't expect that he will turn to be a yummy hairy guy like this! Sh*t, seems that I want pa-churva na sa kanya all night long...!!!

Yeah, he is Ben Adams, the lead vocalist of the early 2000 hit boyband A1. Before, he is like a boy next door type. So innocent, so ignorant-looking, so cute during those years. Yeah, "crush ko pa nga siya noon " when I was in fourth year high school. But now, I really, really want  pa-churva na sa kanya! "Patitira talaga ako sa kanya ngayon" in any other position!!! Aaaaahhh...aaaahhhh...aaaaahhh..!!!

Take a look at his yummy naked photos:

Oh sh*t, "gusto ko nang dila-dilaan ang dibdib niya!" "...At susuhin ang nipples niya!!!"  Aaaaaahhh...aaaaahhh...aaaahhhhh....."sobrang sarap mo na Papa Ben!!!"  Ooooohhhh...!!!

"Put*ng Ina...I'm so horny na!" I am now reaching my climax!  "Sa sarap ba naman ni Papa Ben, sinong hindi mag-iinit at lalabasan!" I am now arousing..."buhok niya pa lang sa dibdib titig**an ka na...!!!"

Ben...Ben...Ben...marry me now na! We will having a full honeymoon every hour, every minute, every second! "Grabe, tirik na tirik na mata ko sa'yo...!!!" Aaaaaaahhhhh...!!!! c",)

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