Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Yummy Jericho Redrico of 'PBB Unlimited' in the Cosmomen Mag!

Sh*t, he is one of my crush in the latest edition of "Pinoy Big Brother" called "Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited."  He is so yummy that I can't resist him! I want to lick, own, and taste his body! Aaaaaahhh...aaaahhhh....aaaaahhhh Jerichoooohhh...!!!

Aside from being yummy, he is also handsome! "Putya, laglag ang panty ko sa kanya...!!!" Aaahhh...kangkangin mo na ko Jericho!!!

But did you know that he is also one of the 69 Bachelors of this year's Cosmomen mag?! Yup, here he is:

Actually, in the said mag, his name is Sean David! I don't know if that is his real name! But, I really care for him specially his body...!!!

Aaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...!!! "Gwapo na, masarap pa! Pootah, mapapamura ka talaga...!!!"  He is a perfect boyfriend material everyone is dreaming of...!!!

"Churvahin mo na koooh Jerichoooohh...!!! Angkinin mo na ang katawang tao kooohhh...!!!"  c",)

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