Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Hot Edward Mendez Flawless Billboard!

Are you feeling so hot right now?! Well, I'm sure that hotness will double seeing this big sizzling billboard of the hunk model actor Edward Mendez posted in EDSA Guadalupe!

Yup, that is Edward Mendez' billboard endorsing the Flawless Body Shop! At first look, it seems like he is the other hot hunk actor Jericho Rosales since these two have a resemblance! But actually, that is Edward! So hot, so hunky, so yummy!

Here's more:

Edward, Edward, oohhh Edward...!!! We're getting hot because of you! Uhhhh...!!!

Edward or Eddie Mendez is currently seen on the daytime drama series "Alyna" opposite Shaina Magdayao! On that said TV series, Edward always appears topless! Ooohhhhhh....!!! Very yummy! He sizzles!

Edward return on the showbiz world in the recently concluded fashion-serye "Magkaribal"! He is even the author of the famous fitness book!

Edward is truly appreciated by many fans! His acting and his looks were truly awesome! What more his body...?! OOhh's really a body to die for! Too hot and very seductive! "Ang sarap-sarap..."! c",)

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