Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Want to Taste the Big 'Banana' of this Nude Man!

Yeah, I really want to! I want to taste...I want to eat the big 'banana' of this nude man! Sh*t...ang sarap! "Ang dami niya namang saging!" But definitely, I will prefer to eat his banana below his abs in between of his legs! Oooohhhh...!!!

Yup, this is another very hot and yummy billboard of AussieBum male underwear! This time, it features a very gorgeous, sexy, sizzling hot, and yummy hunk carrying a bunch of banana! He's so cute with a six-pack abs! Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh....!!! I'm feeling L right now!!! I want his 'banana!'

Hey Papa, can I taste your banana?! Yeah, I will swallow it using my mouth! "Isusubo ko 'yan nang buong-buong!" And I will never leave a leftover! "Lulunukin ko 'yan ng buong-buong!" Ooooohhhh...oooohhhh...!!!

Oops...take note, I will eat his big 'banana' after peeling it! Yeah, "mas masarap lamunin ang banana ng isang hunky guy na walang balat noh!"

I love the bananas of foreign guys like him! They were really huge! Oh yeah, "pagkalaki-laki daw nito at ubod ng sarap!" And I will make it more hard! "Patitigasin ko pa ito ng bonggang-bongga!" As in...!!! "Di's so yummy to eat an ice-cold banana!" As in 'banana con yelo!' "Ang saging na lalong pinatigas!"'s so yum-yum!!! I love it!!! "Lulunukin ko talaga ito!" "At syempre...lulunukin ko din ang katas nito! I mean the milk in the 'banana con yelo!' Hehe...c",)

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