Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mario Maurer Shows His Nude Yuminess in Volume Mag!

Oh my gosh he really shows off! I love his body! He sizzles!!! Ooohhhh...oooohhhh..ooohhh...!!!

This is the naked Mario Maurer on the hit Male magazine Volume! As you can see Papa Mario wears nothing in the said cover So disappointing that we fail to see his lower part! But his upper body is enough! It fulfilled our satisfaction!!!

Mario...Mario...Marioooohhh..!!! I want your body! I like your yummy abs and chest! I will kiss them down below to your birdie! Aaaaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaahhhh...!!! I have no underwear now because of you Mario! I'm ready! Let's have fun here in my bed!!! Aaaaahhhhh...aaaaahhh..aaaahhhh...!!!

Mario is my latest apple of the eye! After he played Shone in the hit Thai movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", I got crazy over him! I want him to be my boyfriend and my hubby! "Paliligayahin kita Mario mula umaga hangang gabi...!!!"

Mario...Mario..Marioooohhhhh...c'mon and mag-churvahan na tayo!!! I want to taste your yumminess! "Sususuhin ko na 'yang nipples mo at lalapain ang mga pandesal mo!"  What more on your lower part...!!! Sh*t...sarap!

"Hindi ko na mapigilan! Sarap na sarap na'koooo...!!!"  I'm reaching my climax now!!! Ooooohhhh...ooohhhhh...oooohhhhh...Marioooohhhhh...!!! c",)

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