Friday, August 12, 2011

Steamy Yummy Players on Garage Mag!

I really love the previous issue of Garage mag! Their June/July 2011 issue last month is oozing! Yeah, "Ang sarap ng cover!" The steamy yummy hunk players were make your panty drops! Aaaaaahhhh...aaaahhhhh...aaaahhhhh...!!!

I really feel hot with Azkals’ Mark McMahon, Philippine Volcanoes’ Ned Stephenson and new model Miko Raval! "Ang sarap nila sa cover! Nag-iinit na naman ako!" Oh my gosh abelgosh..gusto kong magpa-churva sa kanila!" Aaaaaahhhh...aaaaaahhhh...aaaahhhhhh...!!!

Sh*t...palakihan ng abs! I want to touch and lick them!!! Ooohhhhh...oooohhhhh...ooohhhh..!!! How about their dick?! "Malaki din kaya...!!!"  I want to see!! Ooh-lala...!!!

Oops...the cover is not yet over! Here's more! "Heto pa ang magpapainit sa inyo:"

"Grabe! Gusto ko na talagang magpakangkang!" I want these football players! If they were my boyfriends...pu**ha, araw-gabi akong hihilata sa kama! We will play 'balls' every hour, every minute!!! Ooohhhhh...oooohhhh...ooohhhh...!!! "Ang sarap!"

And I'll really play with all of them! Yeah, "sabay-sabay!" "Orgy baga...!!!" Uuuhhhhhhhh...uuuhhhhhh...uuuuhhhh...uuuuhhhhh...!!!

Ned, Mark, and Mico...sarap na sarap na'ko! I'm ready...!!! I'm waiting for you three guys!!! We will having fun! We will play your 'balls'! Promise after our game in bed, you will forgot playing soccer! You will not play football anymore! "Tatalikod na kayo sa football at tayo na lagi ang maglalaro gabi-gabi. sa kama...!!!"  Aaaaaaahhhhh...aaaaaahhhhh...aaaahhhhh...!!!! "Ang sarap mga Papa!" c",)

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