Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sexy Jason Abalos Exposes His Yummy Abs in Men's Health Mag!

Another hot yummy guy on the block! Oh my gosh...I want to take this man on my bed! I want to have an intercourse with him!!! Ooohhhh...ooohhhhh...oooohhhh..!!!

Papa Jason Abalos is so yummy in the cover of my favorite Men's Health Magazine! In their August 2011 issue, Papa Jason exposes his sizzling six pack abs!!! Aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh...aaaahhh..I want to taste his abs! It's like a hot pandesal!!! Ooohhhh...!!! "Ngunguyain ko 'yan sa bunganga ko!"

I like him! I want him to be my hubby! I love his oozing look beside his sexy yummy body! And his hair on his face is my desire! "Ang sarap niyang pambrotsa! Nakakakiliti! Titirik ang mata ko sa kanya..!!!" Oooohhhh...!!!

Jason...Jason...Jasooooooohhhhh...!!! Come and take me!!! We will having fun all night long in my bed! We will play.....oooohhhhhh...!!! I will taste all your 'pandesal!' And yeah, I will put butter on own white, 'malapot', and 'mainit-init pa' butter !!! Aaaaaaahhhh...sarap!!! Ooohhhhh...!!!

Look at him, he is wearing  gloves in his hands! He is really preparing for our fight - our fight in bed!!! And in our great fight, both of us will truly "titirik ang mata!" "Titirik sa sobrang sarap...!!!" Aaaaaahhhh...aaaahhhh..aaahhhhh...!!! "Nilala***** n'ko s'yo Jasooooooohhhhh...!!!!" c",)

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