Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bench Goes to Mars!

That is right! Bench is already on Mars since the famous half-Pinoy half-foreign singer Bruno Mars is their latest endorser!

"Bench on Mars" is the title of Bruno Mars billboard. On the said billboard, Bruno Mars is being pulled by the gravity of the Mars planet! His shades and hut fall down. The liner of his brief with the label Bench was half exposed from his pants!

OMG! Do you imagine what if Bruno Mars turns off his clothes?! Ooh-lala!!! Do you think Bruno Mars is sexy and yummy?! Do you want him to be with you on bed! Oooohhhhh...oooohhhhhh....oooohhhh....my gosh!!!

Bruno Mars is Bench's answer to Penshoppe's Ed Westwick! Hayz...hope that these two guys wear nothing so that we can fantasize their yummy sizzlinh hot body! "Ang sarap!" c",)

1 comment:

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