Monday, July 11, 2011

The Yummy Nude Philippine Rugby - The Volcanoes Billboards!

This is my favorite billboard today! My underwear really drops whenever our MRT train passes in Guadalupe Station!

The Philippine Rugby Team or The Volcanoes exposed their sizzling hot yummy bodies on the latest billboards of Bench Body! It's not one, but more than five nude billboards were posted. Uuuuhhhh....!!!

And of these hot billboards of Rugby team, this is my favorite:

Well, it's obvious because these two guys were not only hot and yummy, they were really handsome! Specially the guy on the left side, OMG...I will die for him! He is Jake Robrigado Letts. I am now reaching my orgasm because of him! Oh my god, I want to have a sex with him! Ooohhhh...!!!

Oops...don't worry guys, this is only a teaser! Yes, I will share with you the complete sizzling yummy billboards of these football men on my next posts. And I will introduce them to you one by one!

Below is a tiny thumbnail of their said billboards. Let's take a peep on it:

Ooh-lala...though it's raining outside, I'm getting hot! I'm arousing right now.!!!! Ooohhh...ooohhh...ooohhhh...!!!

Aaaahhh...aaaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhh...Jake Robrigado Letts...I want to have you now in my bed! I want to play with you! I will play with your balls! Ooohhhhh...!!!!

The other man on the right side of the first billboard above is Ned Plarizan Stephenson. He is also cute and handsome! Aaaahhhh....aaahhhh....Jake and Ned, can we have a threesome! Ooohh yeah...ooohhh yeah...!!! "Ang Sarap...!!!" c",)

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