Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cutie Chris Evans on the Cover of GQ Mag!

OMG...It's another hunk guy on the block! This time, it's a Hollywood actor! Yum-yum!

Hunk Chris Evans is on the cover of GQ Magazine for this month of July 2011!

Just like the other hunky sexy guys, Chris looks so hot and yummy even though wrapped with clothes! His eyes when looking at you seduce you! He really melts your heart and makes your underwear drops! Ooh...yeah!

Chris is my other type of Hollywood actor! When he is nude or half-naked, his body is gorgeous! It's like a body of god! Too yummy! And take note, it's hairy! Ooohhh...ooohhhh...oooohhhh!!! "Ang sarap to the max!" I'm starting to drool again and again! Aaaaahhhh....aaaaahhhh...aaaahhhhh...!!! I love his hairy chest!!!

Chris...Chris...Chris...oh my Chris Evans! Let's have a one night stand! I want your dick! Oooohhhh...oooohhhh...oooohhhhh...!!!!

Chris Evans is today's "Captain America"! Hey Captain America, can you save my heart?! Can you quench my thirst for love and lust?! Ooohhhh...!!! c",)

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