Sunday, July 3, 2011

Behind the Scene of the Philippine Rugby Team - Volcanoes Ultra Hot Bench Bilboards!

Sh*t another hot billboards posted in EDSA Guadalupe really make my underwear drops! And they are another hunk football team! Sooohhh hot that I can't resist!

After football superstars the Philippine Azkals, another stars in the making are the Philippine Rugby Team - the Volcanoes!

Yeah the Philippine Volcanoes team is now the new endorser of Bench Body! And their yummy billboards now create controversy in EDSA Makati! "Sino ba namang hindi mag-iinit makita ang mga masasarap na lalaking ito na nakahubad sa gitna ng kalsada!" Aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...even me right now is starting to drool! Oooohhhhh....!

Let's go and feel hot! Before we fantasize their sizzling actual billboards, let's first watch this another hot behind the scene Bench Body billboards. Here is the Philippine Rugby - Volcanoes Team on their ultra hot BTS video of their controversial yummy billboards. Let's all watch this:

Among the rugby players who were featured on these Bench billboards are Francisco Bagis Guerra IV, Chris Alamil Everingham, Oliver Joseph Abalos Saunders, Jake Robrigado Letts, Michael De Guzman, Ned Plarizan Stephenson, Nicholas Ergina Perry, Daaran Seeto, and Arnold Aninion.

I want them all! "Walang itulak kabigin!" I want to play all their balls! So hot...! Can we have an orgy guys?! Ooohhhh...oooohhhh...ooooohhhh...!!!

On my next post, get ready to feel the temptation as I will share with you their actually naked billboards in Guadalupe! Sooohhhh hot...!!! They really made this rainy cold month hot and wet! c",)  

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