Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Stylish Sam Milby Billboards for Folded and Hung 2011!'s not yet enough! "Madami pa!" More sizzling billboards of Papa Sam Milby for Folded and Hung 2011 Summer Collection.

This is our second to the last set of panty drooling billboards! But this time, "nagdamit muna si Papa Sam!" "Pahinga muna after todo-todong labasan!" Aaaaahhhh....aaahhhh...aaahhhh...!!!

Ready, get set...let's stare at him now:

Ooooohhhhhh...oooohhhhh...oooohhhhh...he is still hot even though with clothes! "Nakadamit nang lahat...ang sarap-sarap pa din!"  Aaaahhhh...aaaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhh...!!!!

His sando makes me reach my orgasm! Papa Sam Milby is wet and wild while in sando! "Pati ako ay nabasa din ng sobra-sobra...!!!"

Sam is now wearing stylish clothes! But even though with clothes, "bakat na bakat pa din!" "Bakat na bakat pa din ang masasarap niyang muscles!" Oooohhhh...Oooohhhhh...Oooohhhh...!!! "Gusto ko nang kapain 'yan Papa Sam!" "Dadakmain ko na 'yan...aaaaahhhhh...!!!" 

Watch out for the last batch of this Sam Milby Folded and Hung 2011 collection! Oooohhhh...!!! c",) 

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