Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eula Valdez Sizzles on the Cover of FHM!

Eula Valdez is very hot and sexy in this July 2011 issue of FHM magazine. She once more proves that she is really a 'one hot momma'!

As you can see, Eula almost wears nothing! Her upper blouse is widely open almost exposing her boobs! She really defeats the sexy young stars today! Wow!

The background color of the magazine for this month is gold. Hmmm...is the color depicts the age of Eula?! It doesn't matters! Who cares! Even though Eula is already on her mid age, she's still hot and sexy! Nice one Eula! How do you maintain your ageless beauty and sexiness?! Hope that when I reach that age, I'll be as sexy as you!

Eula Valdez is currently playing the main kontrabida role Selias Matias in the remake of the hit TV series "Mula Sa Puso" on ABS-CBN! c",)

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