Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Men in Nursing Uniform!

Do you find men hot when wearing a particular uniform?! What kind of uniform makes a guy sizzling hot and attractive?! Well for me, it's a nursing uniform!

Nowadays, nursing course is very in-demand. So many students are taking the said course. Nursing is even in needs overseas so many students who want to work outside the country pursue it!

Almost everyday, I see many people wearing a nursing uniform. I was so attracted specially to the guys wearing a mens labs coat. They were so neat and pleasant with that said attire. They look very hot!

Actually, there is a certain website that provides different men's scrubs or nursing uniforms for men. A site called gives us a complete collection of nursing uniforms. All the designs, colors, and accessories that you all want are there! Nice!

Before when talking about nursing uniforms, we always think of a white uniform. But actually today in the modern age, nursing uniforms vary in colors. We can now find green, blue, brown, and combination of colors in nursing uniform! These new designs really make the persons wearing them so cute! Love it!  

How about you, do you also love men in nursing uniform?! Do you find them hot wearing such clothes?! What type of uniform do you want your man to wear?! c",)


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  2. In most American hospitals today, you'd be hard-pressed to find even one nurse wearing a cap or a white uniform.
    Nursing uniform



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