Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Phil and James Younghusband's Billboard for Kenny Rogers Roasters!

These two hottest AZKALS brothers were really in demand in terms of commercials and endorsers. Even in the fast food brand, they were the flavor! Well, "ang sarap atang kumain if sina James and Phil ang kakainin mo...!" Ooh yeah!

Brothers Phil and James Younghusband were also the new endorsers of Kenny Rogers Roaster. They were endorsing the latest theme of the restaurant saying "for deliciously healthy food!"

Let's see their individual shot for the billboard:

If Phil Younghusband is the Food, I won't Stop Eating 'Til Drop!

James Younghusband Kicking a Ball!

Hey James, Can I Play your 'Balls'?!

The background of the billboard photo is all back! It fully fits the background color of Kenny Rogers which is a pure black! And of course, if you check out the color combination of Kenny Rogers Roasters logo, it's a blend of red, white, and yellow. Therefore James and Phil wear a combination of red and white in a black background! Yummy just like the roasters! Hehehe...!!!

Even though Phil and James were wrapped by shirts, they still look hot and yummy! "Parang isang mainit at masarap na inihaw!" Sh*t, I want to taste them! "Ang sarap-sarap...!!! I'm starting to drool now! Ooohhhhh...!!!

Hey waiter, I want Phil and James! They are my orders! I want to take them out! "Paulit-ulit n'yo silang i-serve s'kin! Hinding-hindi ako magsasawa! Promise...!"

If James and Phil were foods, I bet you...wala nang magugutom sa mundo!  Ooooohhh...oooohhhh...oooohhhhh...sarap! "Naglalaway na talaga ako...!!!" c",)

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