Friday, July 29, 2011

Captain America Conquers the Empire Mag!

The mighty and handsome this generation's "Captain America" is on the cover of Empire Magazine! And the said mag really looks like a movie poster of this exciting new Hollywood movie!

The hot, hunky, sexy, and yummy (ooh-lala...tsarap!) actor Chris Evans reprises the role of Captain America! He looks more gorgeous as he transforms into this famous American superhero!

Even since, I really like Chris Evans! Oh god, I love his body! He is too yummy that I want to have sex with him! Ooohhhhh...oooohhhh...oooohhhhh...!!! And take note, he has a hairy body everyone is dying for! Aaaaahhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...!!! Chris, oh Chris save me please! Transform now to Captain America then hug me too tight! I'll appreciate if you will hug me using your bare naked body! Aaaaahhh...'ung hubad sa sarap! Ooohhhh...!!! 

Actually on the said film, Chris has many topless scenes! And yeah, I reach my climax seeing his sexy chest and abs! Sh*t Papa Chris, I really want to taste your chest! I want to swallow your nipples!!! Aaaaahhh...aaahhh..aaaahhh...!!!

On my next post, you will drool over the sexy yummy body of this guy as I will share with you a full naked body of Chris!!! Chris...Chris...ooooohhhh....ooohhhhh...!!! "Sarap na sarap na talaga ako s'yo!" "C'mon Papa at hubarin mo na ang mga saplot mo mula taas hanggang baba! Promise, "paliligayin kita at patitirikin ang mga mata sa sarap...!!!" Aaahhhhh...aaaahhhhh...aaaahhhhh..!!! c",)  

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