Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Sexy Hairy Darren Criss in Out Magazine!

My Gosh..it's another hunk on the block! He is now a popular "Glee" star!

Yes, he is Darren Criss! He's everybody's favorite! And I'm also one of his avid fans! I super 'Like' him now!

Darren Criss is now the cover guy of Out Magazine! His cute handsome face is emphasized in this said magazine! He's cute, very lovable, and has brown eyes and curly hair! Love him! How I wish he's my boyfrirnd! Uhh!!!

Ooops...if you think that's all for that said mag, wait there's more! That cover is not the main stuff! If you will open the magazine, you will see a more sexy, hot, daring, and yummy Darren Criss!

Here are more of the Darren Criss' titillating photos inside the magazine! Start feeding your fantasy with this yummy guy! Ooohhhhh....

The Hairy Hot Body of Darren Criss

Good-Looking Darren Criss

Sh*t...Darren also possesses a great sexy hot body to die for! He didn't only have an abs and a muscle, but hairs with it! Grabe...mabalahibo pala si Darren! OMG...from his chest down to his abs, its full of hair! Very hairy Darren...ooohhhhh!!!!

"Ang sarap-sarap nya...!" Yeah, I love his hair on his chest and on his abs! Truly, nakaka-L! I truly love this guy na! And I like his 'karug'!

Ooohhhh...Darren...ohhhhh...Darren....now I love to lick more your body! "Ang sarap dila-dilaan ng kanyang dibdib at karug!" "Sobrang lago!" I am now getting crazy over this guy! Super hooot...!!!!

Darren, Darren, Darren...can we have a one night stand?! I will kiss and lick all the pat of your body! Aaaaahhhhh...!!!!

Is Darren now my dream guy?! Oohhh...!!! Did you know that I love a guy who is 'balbas sarado' and full of hair surrounded his chest and abs?! And of course a yummy hot guy! And in the case of Darren, he is sexy, hot, and hunky plus hairy! Ooohhhh...!!! 'Nakakakiliti sya..."! I'm starting to reach my climax now because of you Darren! Oooohhhhh...!!! c",)

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