Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fabio Ide: The Hot Hunk in a Bathtub!

How do you feel taking a bath in a very hot bathtub like this? A bathtub containing a very hot top Brazilian model in the name of Fabio Ide! Will you still feel the cold water?! Or definitely, no more hot water to add to make the condition hot since a hunk like this really makes the water steam!

This is the previous billboard of the clothing brand called Oxygen. This is in accordance to their 2010 summer campaign. But though summer already passed, this billboard as well as the others were still seen on the stores! What more, every clients' eyes were captivated by these hot, hot, hot billboards! yummy Fabio!

Oh Fabio, you really, really, really making the environment so hot! AS you can see, he was not totally nude or topless! But still his appearance, his physique and muscular body drive everybody craze! "Oh Fabio can I take you out..."?!, uttered by many! Fabio, Fabio,, la...we are losing our own oxygen because of you?! C",)

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