Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Hot Guys of X-Ray's Folio Magazine!

We already saw the two very hot and sexy cover hunks of the special Folio Magazine from X-Ray. Joross Gamboa and Luis Alandy were the back-to-back cover hunks of this mag. But did you also see the other hot hunks inside it?!

Yeah you are really so lucky! I will share with you the other featured sexy hunks inside this magazine! There were eight! Yes eight!

Eight gorgeous hunks were featured in this magazine! And they all showed their steamy, sexy, and seductive bodies! Are you ready?! Excited?! I know you are!

So, let's get to know the eight featured men in X-Ray's Folio magazine! They were:

Besides Joross Gamboa and Luis Alandy, the other men were Rodjun Cruz, Marco Alcaraz, Rainier Castillo, Tutti Caringal of 6-Cycle Mind, Kean Cipriano of Callalily, and Edgar Allan Guzman! What more can you ask?

These men were really hot! They were very sexy! They really showed-off the body everybody wants!

Actually in the pictures above they were in white sando. But as you turn the pages of the magazine, you will see the shirtless, the topless bodies of these eight hunky men! Awww...!!!

I took all my chances! After I bought the magazine, I patiently took photos of them through my cellphone! And these what we have now! Hahaha...!!

Sharing you my own experience about this magazine, did you know that my former officemate saw me buying this mag! Awww! And it was very embarrassing! I didn't know what to do. I immediately put this big mag in the cashier. And she's looking into it! I think she already saw the naked body of Joross exposed in this mag! If she would ask me what is it, I would say, "I just bought an underwear...!" Haha!

So grab all your chance now to see these eight hunks of Folio mag. In my later posts, we will discuss them one by their nude and in their very sexy photos! Ohhh...It's getting hot, hot, hot! Awww...! C",)


  1. great blog! i hav been visiting ur blog for some time now. do u have an email may request po sana ako.

  2. may mabibilan pa ba ako nito ngayon? saan? and saan ka nakabili?



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