Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo Supah Hot in Emporio Armani TVC!

The Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo is sizzling so hot in the latest Emporio Armani TV commercial!

In this TVC, Cristiano is topless! At first he is wearing only brief. Then he slowly wear his jeans. He is undress in his own room with a maid!

The young lady maid is busy cleaning the house. But she secretly looks at the uhhh sooo hoot abs and muscles of Cristiano. Cristiano is topless. He didn't know that the maid keeps on staring on his ultra sexy yummy body!

Then Cristiano is looking for his Armani shirt! He keeps on looking around the room for his shirt to wear . But he didn't know the maid inside already found it!

The maid is so naughty! She likes to look at the topless body of Cristiano. So, she hide the shirt Cristiano looking for under the sofa pillow! Yeah she hides it to keep or maintain the shirtless hunk! Hahaha...!!!

Uhhh, Cristiano is really very, very, very burning hot! If I were the maid, I won't do the same! I will do more! Haha...! I will even keep Cristiano inside the room and do whatever I want to do on him! Hehe...! Uhhh...Cristiano...uhhh!

So, above is the complete TV commercial of Armani clothing brand featuring the supah dupah hot, hot, hot body of Cristiano Ronaldo! Like it! Uhhh...! C",)

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