Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sam Milby Gone Wild in the 2010 Cosmomen Mag!

The hottest Acoustic Heartthrob and the Prince of Romance Sam Milby is this year's Cosmopolitan Centerfold! Sam Milby leads the 69 hot bachelors in the annual Cosmomen issue of the Cosmopolitan magazine!

"Gone Wild" is this year's theme of Cosmomen! 69 hunk bachelors were all shirtless hot in a jungle-type background! And all of them has an animal in their sides! hot! You will really going wild seeing them! It seems that you're inside the wild forest with the gorgeous hot hunks in this year's edition! Uhhh...!

Sam Milby is really hot and wild in this cover! Tiger is the wild animal in his side! But it seems that Sam Milby is wilder and hotter than the tiger!

The abs and muscles of Sam Milby in this cover is sooo hot and really looks harder! It's so very nice to touch! Your hands will really got burning touching it! Uhhhh...uhhh...Sam...ahhh! He's body is like a wonderland! Too tempting...irresistible...uhhh soo yummy!

Even his body is blended with the wild forest! It's tan and shinny! You will easily notice Sam's very, very hot body! The tiger in his side adds more hotness and wildness to him! What more, the chain around the body of Sam will tempts you more! Our body temperature will really rise the fullest seeing this very hot Sam!

Sam Milby in terms of career (besides his gorgeous body) and fame is really very hot! He is truly one of the popular and in-demand actor today! He is also an effective billboard model and magazine cover hunk! These maybe some of the reasons why Cosmopolitan magazine chooses Sam to be their Centerfold hunk for this year! In other words, Sam Milby is the hottest male star for this year!

Personally speaking, Sam Milby is my favorite model-actor! He's perfect! He is truly a complete package! He got a good look and ohhh sooo yummy hot body! I really love Sam! He's so gorgeously hot! We can't live without this ultimate sexy hunk! More Sam...moooore...mooooooore....uhhhhh...Sahhhhhmmmm...!!! You are totally hot and wild! Good people gone wild because of you! C",)

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