Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Tougher Hot Enchong Dee for Men's Health Magazine!

"In the pool You are competing for yourself, your family and your country..." This is according to the hot young actor Enchong Dee as he features in the cover of Men's Magazine for this month of September 2010!

If a singer Lea Michele is in the cover of Women's Health mag, then a swimmer Enchong Dee is in the cover of Men's Health! Nice!

Enchong Dee is one of the hottest rising star today! He's such one of the promising leading man! Definitely because he's really so hot! Aside from being a good actor in many of the Kapamilya TV series, his body is really tempting and oozing with charm! He is blessed with a gorgeous body!

As you can see in this cover, even though Enchong is not in topless, his hot body can also be seen! As they say, "bakat na bakat ang kaseksihan..." Oh yeah! With or without clothes, Enchong is soo sexy!

I like the body of Enchong! It's really inspiring! It will lead you to become health conscious and sports minded like what Enchong did! The cover story of this magazine perfectly fits for Enchong since it says "Build The Body You Want"!

So let's all get healthy as Enchong shares with us his helpful tips on how to become healthy and sexy! Actually, I already grabbed a copy of it even though I didn't yet read it! Nice! So hard and yummy...! Hehe! C",)

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