Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cosmopolitan's Red Issue Features Andi Eigenmann!

It's red and beautiful...!

This is how we can describe the September 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine! Red is Cosmopolitan's color and flavor of the month! The background is in light red while the cover girl is in sexy dark red! Oh so red...!

And of course, Ms. Andi Eigenmann is the cover girl for this Cosmopolitan issue!

Yup, every September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine is very special! It's because every September, Cosmopolitan Magazine gives us the Cosmomen, the supplemental male magazine containing 69 hottest bachelors! This is in accordance to their annual Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash! Andi Eigenmann is the cover girl for the regular Cosmopolitan issue while the hot hunk Sam Milby is this year's Cosmopolitan Centerfold!

Definitely, the color theme for this month of Cosmopolitan mag really suits for it! It's really burning hot! Cosmopolitan mag as well as its Cosmomen supplement were both burning to the highest level as Andi and Sam grace the two covers! Uhhh...!

In this cover, Andi is really sexy and beautiful! She is wearing a glossy sexy red dress! Her lipstick is also red! Red background, red dress and red lipstick of the cover girl...perfectly hot red for the sexy sizzling month of September!

Personally speaking, I like this month's color theme of the magazine. All were red! The font color of the text for the Cosmo title and for the main story titles were in yellow that perfectly fits the red background! Very nice! Yeah, I already got a copy of this September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine though I didn't yet read it! I collect every September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine! Hehe...!

This magazine completes the fourth magazine wherein Andi Eigenmann is the cover girl! Yup, Andi is the cover girl of the four magazines for this month of September namely StarStudio, Metro, Chalk, and Cosmopolitan! Indeed Andi is really an in-demand young star today! She is really burning hot just like the cover of this magazine! She's one of the brightest star today! Keep it up Andi and more power to you! You're one of my inspiration young actress today! Nice one! C",)

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