Thursday, September 30, 2010

The 12 Cosmopolitan Centerfolds of 2010 - Part I

Sam Milby is this year's Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash Centerfold hunk. He is in the centerfold or in the main cover of this very hot male magazine supplement of Cosmopolitan. But did you already know the other 12 men?

Well let me introduce them to you one by one! Here is the first batch:

Joross Gamboa

Rocco Naccino

Carl Guevarra

Prince Stefan

Guji Lorenzana

Nico Ibaviosa

Yup, there were 12 hotmen! I decided to divide them into two part. And this is the first part! Did you enjoy? Who's the hardest of them? Did you start drooping?!

As you can see, this first batch were mainly part of the reality show or artista search. Joross Gamboa, Prince Stefan, Rocco Naccino, and Carl Guevarra were the sample of these uhhh soooh very yummy hunk products of these artista search! Awww...!

Can you resist them?! I know you can't! Hehe... My hands now were really burning hot! My temperature is really rising to the utmost climax! And I already have them in my collection! Ohhh yeah...!!! C",)

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