Thursday, September 30, 2010

The 12 Cosmopolitan Centerfolds of 2010 - Part II

Now let's go to the top hottest male centerfolds of Cosmomen 2010! As we're going on top, the climax always increases! Uhhh...!

These were the remaining 6 of the top 12 hottest famous hunk bachelors of Cosmopolitan! Yup, the acoustic heartthrob and the Prince of Romance Mr. Sam Milby is on the top! But since he already got many exposure here, I decided then to not include him here to give chance for the other!

So c'mon and let's start drooling! Awww...!!!

Christian Bautista

Fabio Ide

Marco Mañalac

Matteo Guidicelli

Tom Rodriguez

Bryann Foronda

I really, really like Christian Bautista now! If I already liked him before, what more now! He already got a very sexy, yummy, hot, seductive, oozing, and no words to define body! Because of his body now, I like him to the nth level! Wow...Uhhh Ian...uhhhh...!!!

Then of course Matteo Guidicelli! Oh...ohhh...uhhh!!! I really love the body of this guy! He's so hot, gorgeous, yummy, sexy, uhhh...uhhhh...uhhh...!!! Matteoooohhhh...uhhhh...!!!! I really like you! He's the dream boyfriend of many...mine too...uhhh..yeah...!!!

And of course, there is Tom Rodriguez! Tom oh Tom...uhhh!!! He's my PBB Double-Up in bed...!! Uhhh...yummy!!!

And then Fabio Ide! Fabio...Fabio...uhhh...sarap mo!

Now who among these hottest bachelors is your choice?! Or will you take them all! Awww...uhhhh...!!! 'Till next year of this ultra hot September of Cosmomen! Ahhh...ahhh...ahhhh...!!! C",)

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